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We request that Ann Wagner, Josh Hawley & Roy Blunt meet with The People’s Convoy

We support The People's Convoy. We have had our voices suppressed for two years. The convoy is giving the people a voice, at a time when it is so crucial that we be heard. We cannot all come to Washington DC and meet with our representatives. We therefore request that our elected officials meet with the representatives from the convoy. We expect that our voices will be afforded due consideration, and that those who have come to Hagerstown will be granted an audience. Further, in alignment with t

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Indiegogo support regarding Micro Drone 4.0

Indiegogo has started a review of the "Microdrone 4.0" project. We as Backers would like to know the status of this review. Indiegogo indicates that we must request a refund from the Project owner.The project owner indicates that he is still in talks with indigogo and therefore cannot proceed with a refund. Who should we believe? We are now stuck and would like to move on to a good solution. In this, Indiegogo lets us down, and they continue to give the project owner a platform to lie further an

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Free Pooh

My name is William Ford known to my friends and family as Pooh I'm trying to get signatures to prove that I change I've been in jail for 18 years for a crime I committed when I was a youth that I'm deeply sorry for and wish it would've happened but now I'm trying to right my wrongs and give back to my community I need to show the board of parole that I have support in my community those who knew me then and know me now and how much I've changed and will continue to change once I'm a free man. I

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Preserve the Educational Mission of GCC (Grove City College)

As friends of Grove City College, we write regarding recent controversies over Critical Race Theory and conversations about race at the college.    UPDATE (4.28.22) On Wednesday, April 20, a report from the Ad Hoc Committee of the Grove City College Board of Trustees was released to the public. Since the release, reaction has been strongly negative from many who signed a petition we initiated in March of this year. John Inazu, Law Professor at the University of Washington at St. Louis read the r

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Fuel prices that are going too high

Just in California, the gas prices are over $5 per gallon. It is just too much for Truck drivers that have to pay for diesel. Prices should be at a good price not over $5 USD. There used to be a time when diesel was $3 per gallon. This problem should get fixed and help people, and the people that have low income it is also hard for them.

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we're tired of doing hw

im literally so done there are so many reasons why we shouldnt have to do so much homework like we already do so much work in class.. reasons on qhy there shoul dbe no homework: 1) it makes us stressed 2) we get tired 3) we shouldnt have to spend a whole week making a little sign 4) etc etc just no more homework it's abuse pls

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Petition to NOT do a presentation

We the students of AMS do NOT Want to do a presentation nor present it because of public speaking fear and anxiety and our 7th-grade teacher, Lisa Schillaci is trying to force us to do it when we will do the work, we just don't want to have to stand up and be embarrassed in front of our peers and my survey states that 23/26 students want to sign the petition and not present, but instead, do a project and not present it and have our own private thing that other students can't laugh at or judge. P

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Making A Sabrina x Reader book

Do i really need to add more? Sabrina said that we need 50 signatures for her to make a Sabrina x Reader and i plan to make that happen. 

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Stop the fill of the Mast Canal

Neighbors along the Mast Canal in Southeast Cape Coral do not want a portion of the Mast Canal filled to accomodate a Tommy's Express Car Wash. The manatees and dolphins that come up this canal may disappear along with other wildlife. There are already plenty of car washes in Cape Coral. The Tommy Express Car Wash wants to fill in 80 feet at the end of the Mast Canal. The use of chemicals create a potential for a dangerous spill into the canal.  This could cause great harm to the Mast Canal and

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We the students at Leaders of Tomorrow are interested in having an art elective added to the school program in Fall 2022.

 We the students of Leaders of Tomorrow are united in requesting an Art Program for the Fall 2022-2023 school year. Including an Art Program elective will allow students the opportunity to express themselves in a non violent way. Students will be able to build their artistic skills as well as communicate their feelings in a health way.  According to Riley, Shirley. " Art Therapy with Adolescents." Western Journal of Medicine, July 2001, art helps raise self esteem, improve social behavior, helps

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