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Unnecessary loans to beneffitts him and his cronies. He failled to deal with covid19 corruptions because its involved circle of his friends. He failled to address high number of unemployment even if SSA raise the red flag of high level of inniquality in South Africa. Poor decisions made about lockdown.

Created: 2020-07-29

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Sign this petition for Bolt SA protect its drivers

Bolt SA have been exploiting its partners for quite some time now and here are some of the concerns that drivers and partners complain about 1. Bolt SA allow  riders access use to the app without screening, e.g credit card information , therefore putting the lives of drivers in danger on a daily basis, it takes only a new email address to access the app, a system that has now been figured out by criminals, in some areas, they now request this service to go conduct house robberies, using the app

Created: 2020-07-28

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Stop South African Governemnt Corruption

The Current South African Governemnt has failed The South African Public. During the Covid pandemic Mis appropriation of funds Illegal tenders Unfair restrictions Wasted millions of rands        

Created: 2020-07-25

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Maths3 rewrites request

Online learning was foreign to us, so much struggle we encountered during the E-learning. There are students who never recieved the promised data, they couldn't download any material provided on BB. The department rushed us without any study week, in prepation for the final exams.We were pressurized with load of assignments submissions and online test same time.We reject the 40% they require for a student to qualify for a rewrite, because that normally occur under no interrupted semester.  The s

Created: 2020-07-25

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Objection Petition against application from Michael Lekhuleni Trust (TT4677/2014) to amend the Marloth Park Town Planning scheme ,2000 for Erven 138, 139,124,125 and 137 Marloth Park Holiday Township

We as owners and rate payers of Marloth Park hereby strongly object against the proposed application to consolidate the abovementioned ervens and to rezone from residential 1 to residential 2 to allow for building of a two storey block dwelling units. The basis of the objection is that:   1. The notice which was dated the 26th June 2020 was only placed and saw by residents on and about the 22nd/23rd July 2020. This is totally unacceptable as Interested and affected parties have 30 days to

Created: 2020-07-23

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Give Slovo Power

A call to empower Slovo is being issued. Stand with us and help give our community the basic services as enshrined in our constitution. Let's aim to resolve this issue and in helping each other we empower our community 

Created: 2020-07-22

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Kwamagxaki residents against crime

We as the people of Kwamagxaki would like to lay our grievances of High Crime Rate to the South African Police.We have tried our outmost best to follow procedure and protocol in addressing our issues with the Rising Crime Rate in Kwamagxaki. We wrote a letter to the Councillor and introduced ourselves as the voice of the Community.The letter stipulated a number of serious Challengers and one of them was Crime in our Community. We then held a meeting inviting the Community and the Councillor to g

Created: 2020-07-22

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People of Noupoort, Tax payers, service payers, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! We have tried everything in our power regarding the water problem in our town.   We are presently in a "hot spot' midst Covid 19 pandemic.....WITHOUT WATER THROUGHOUT the day.   Health workers cannot shower or bath after their shifts....personal hygiene cannot be practised daily, children's hands cannot be washed and toilets cannot be flushed.   WITHOUT water NO household can function on a healthy basis.   Medical doctors have

Created: 2020-07-22

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Fix Mooikloof Electrical Infrastucture

The latest outage that left Mooikloof in the dark and cold for 3 days, highlights the poor state of electrical infrastructure in the area. This includes the Mooikloof Substation which was seemingly never fully repaired after the fire there a few years ago. We call on the Administrator to take the necessary steps, so that the Electricity Dept and Region 6, ensure that electrical infrastructure in the Mooikloof area meets required standards, and is maintained accordingly.

Created: 2020-07-22

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We demand Online tests

Guys as ya'll know that Corona isn't here to play, this is Gauteng, we're at a hotpot here, and some of ya'll use public transport that is now set to fill 100% capacity, think of your safety, think of your life, you can't get the damn degree when you're dead. Think about it online tests will do. We had been given one week to prepare for back to back tests? We're not grade 7s we're 3rd years, and as ya'll know that the setting of the paper is way different from 2nd and 1st year, the way we must a

Created: 2020-07-21

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