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Fire Chiarelli and Edmonton Oilers coaching staff

We, the Edmonton Oilers fans, can not accept that kind of performance. The blame rests mainly with Mr Chiarelli, who has destroyed this team with disastrous exchanges, and a team of coaches who do not seem to know how to make the most of their players. We therefore ask for the dismissal of Peter Chiarelli and his entire coaching staffThank you for considering our request.Oilers fans.

Created: 2018-01-24

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!! SZANOWNI POLACY-RODACY Z CAŁEGO ŚWIATA !! Petycja ta jest skierowana do przewodniczącego komisji do spraw zagranicznych przy kongresie Amerykańskim aby jednogłośnie wyrazić nasze poparcie dla Polonii USA w ogromnym przedsięwzięciu powstrzymania ustawy w sprawie roszczeń żydowskich dotyczących mienia bezspadkowego na terenie naszego kraju. Ustawa ta jest prawnie chwiejna i mamy wielką szansę wygrać. Polonia z Kanady utworzyła tą petycję i wyraża silny sprzeciw jej uchwalenia.  ‼️

Created: 2018-01-23

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Snow Removal In Toronto

Snow isn’t being cleared properly all over the city and sidewalks aren’t being salted properly either wich could lead to dangerous road conditions people injured or possibly even dead. 

Created: 2018-01-19

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Wait time in emergency rooms at Micheal Garron Hospital

Wait times vary on average between 6-11 hoursUnder staffed in emergency rooms 

Created: 2018-01-16

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Due to the recent increase in terrorist related attacks throughout our world, I am asking for your support regarding the enforcement of gun regulations in our society.

After an alarming amount of violence with the use of guns, rules and regulations regarding the use of fire arms are extremely important. It is crucial that these laws are put in place to reduce the crime rate, as well as suicides and homocides that involve the use of guns. This petition has been created to raise awareness about this critical issue and help support the use of gun control across the world.

Created: 2018-01-15

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Petition for annulment of all illegal entries of Serbian Orthodox Church over Montenegrin monasteries and churches and return them to the state of Montenegro

Dear Sisters and Brothers Montenegrins in Montenegro and Diaspora, regardless of religion and political affiliations,   I URGE YOU TO JOIN THE PETITION by signing it and striving to correct a century old injustice and that the religious buildings built by our ancestors finally return to the property of the state of Montenegro. "Independent and internationally recognized Kingdom of Montenegro was occupied and annexed by Serbia in 1918. In the same year Montenegro ceased to exist as an independent

Created: 2018-01-13

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( For Christie) To sustain the incarceration of individual that murdered our daughter in 1988...

Dear Family and Friends, The man, Donato Lombardozzi, who murdered our daughter Christie, in 1988, will come up for parole a 2nd time in August of 2018. We need your support once again. Please sign the petition "For Christie" Feel free to pass the information on to your family and friends. The 1st petition in 2008 garnered 13,000 signatures - a huge success in helping to keep that man in prison. We thank you now for your love and support.   Sincerly, the Montrella Family

Created: 2018-01-11

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Opposition to the proposed mandatory Refuse collection in the RM of St. Clements

This petition is for those opposed to the mandatory refuse and recyling pick-up that the RM of St. Clements is proposing to implement in 2018.  We do not want to be forced into curbside collection within the RM of St. Clements.  We would like to have a choice of opting in or out and not having it automatically deducted from our tax bill.  

Created: 2018-01-11

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Bring Missanabie Cree Back to Balance

We the voting members of Missanabie Cree First Nation call for Councillor Michael Nolan to be removed from Council and create a vacancy due to his inability to perform his duties over the last 9 months as council to Missanabie Cree First Nation. This impacts the decisions that are made on Chief and Council and creates an imbalance within our leadership. If you are a voting member of Missanabie Cree First Nation and agree with this petition, please sign to show Chief and Council what our members

Created: 2018-01-07

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Embrace Opportunity with Beckwith Street Redesign

We believe that the advent of the work to be completed on Beckwith Street presents a unique opportunity to create a vibrant, attractive, pedestrian friendly & cyclist friendly downtown core for residents, tourists and prospective business owners alike, while continuing to ensure ease of access by cars. As such, we support the key components of design option #2, the only option that leverages data and research to inform an evidence based design that creates an inclusive, multi-faceted downtow

Created: 2017-12-27

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