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Proposal for Rainbow Crosswalks in the Short North, Columbus, Ohio

We, the people of The Short North and the city of Columbus, respectfully request the installation of one Rainbow Crosswalk at the intersection of North High Street and 5th Avenue... in front of where the newly renovated Stonewall Center will be located... and another at North High Street and Goodale Avenue (at each end of the Short North) to pay tribute to the artists, business owners, and the members of the LGBTQIA community who were instrumental in bringing life to a part of our city that had

Created: 2018-11-05

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Petition to WI Governor to Pardon Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery

  Brendan Dassey was 16 when he gave an unreliable, uncorroborated and inconsistent set of statements about a crime, details of which were provided to him by those interviewing him. His youth and cognitive and social limitations made him extremely sensitive to suggestibility, making his confession a text book example of a false coerced confession.   Steven Avery, already proven to have been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for a rape case, had a civil suit of $36 million for his wrongful con

Created: 2018-11-05

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Petition to bring back Clayne Crawford in Lethal Weapon

If you are fans of Clayne Crawford and fans of Lethal weapon, please sign this petition to try to get Clayne back into the game To get Riggs back Because there is no show and no Lethal Weapon  without Clayne Crawford and Martin Riggs

Created: 2018-11-01

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Save the Norwegian Institute at Athens!

(English version - scroll down for Norwegian) Petition: Save the Norwegian Institute at Athens! The Norwegian Institute at Athens has for the past three decades been of great importance for the teaching, research, publishing, and dissemination of the culture, history, archaeology, and languages of the Eastern Mediterranean. Now, the Norwegian Institute is facing the danger of becoming terminally shut down, or critically underfunded, due to the severance of its financial support from two of the p

Created: 2018-10-28

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اعتراض جامعه دامپزشکی به پذیرش بی رویه دانشجو در دانشگاه ها

جناب آقای دکتر لاریجانی رئیس محترم مجلس شورای اسلامی احتراما به استحضار می رساند باتوجه به موج گسترده پذیرش دانشجو خارج از ظرفیت قانونی و نیاز جامعه در رشته دامپزشکی و ادامه این روند مخصوصا  در دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی در اکثر واحد های آن بدون در نظر گرفتن شرایط کاری فارغ التحصیلان این رشته در حال انجام است. و ادامه آن ضمن به خطر انداختن سرمایه مالی و معنوی فرزندان این مرز و بوم ، در افزایش فارغ التحصیلان فاقد شرایط مناسب کاری و اضافه شدن به خیل بیکاران این رشته دامن خواهد زد.  با استناد به ماده 21 ق

Created: 2018-10-23

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Date : 17 October 2018In Support of Cheryl Zondi and many more victims of the foreign Prophetic Churches based in South Africa. As the citizens of South Africa, we therefore stand together in one voice requesting our government to please close down all these foreign prophetic churches based in South Africa with immediate effect to avoid more victimisation of our citizens whether sexually, financially, emotionally or otherwise in the name of miracles. We request that our government regulate our

Created: 2018-10-17

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End the One-Way Hallway

Even though this rule was made to help organize the flow of students, the rule forcing us to go one way in the middle hallways have only slowed us down. On top of that, it seems like the actual halls are more crowded since less people can go through the middle hall. Help us convince the RMS Faculty to change this rule.

Created: 2018-10-13

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Petition to Support the Motion of No Confidence in the Executive Mayor, Cllr Mzwandile Masina

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Ekurhuleni has submitted a motion of no confidence in the Executive Mayor, Cllr Mzwandile Masina, following the mass collapse of almost every level of service delivery. The debate is set take place at an Extra-Ordinary Council meeting on the 25th of October 2018. The DA has been raising the plight of service delivery issues affecting the communities throughout the metro. From crisis to crisis, the ANC-led coalition continues to act irresponsibly and recklessly. Pl

Created: 2018-10-10

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Reinstate Erwin D Jones back into the Arizona Association.

  Erwin D. Jones is currently a member of USATF. On September 1, 2018 a few Arizona Board members voted to suspend Erwin's membership to the Arizona Association. Erwin has devoted his life to track and field in Arizona for over thirty - five years. He has cleared his background check and SafeSport. Mr. Jones recently stepped down from his position as Vice-President of Operations due to the lack of transparency by a few of the Board members. He was also for all clubs, coaches and officials to be

Created: 2018-10-10

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درخواست در اختیار گذاشتن بخش ترمیمی

با سلامریاست محترم دانشکده دندانپزشکی ما دانشجویان دانشکده با توجه به حجم سنگین دروس عملی ترمیمی ( مشترک با دانشجویان ترم 5 و 9 ) و اندو 2 عملی و با توجه به قانون حاکم بر کلینیک که در تایم کلاسی هر روتیشن اجازه ی استفاده از پره کلینیک برای بقیه ی دانشجو ها نیست خواستار در اختیار گذاشتن بخش ترمیمی در عصر روز های شنبه یکشنبه سه شنبه ی هر هفته برای انجام کار های آموزشی هستیم

Created: 2018-10-04

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