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Adding a bus stop in front of / near 694C

The reason for this petition is because many residents of Admiralty Grove find it quite a far walking distance to 694C from where the current 904 bus stops are. This is challenging for the elderly or mummies with young toddlers, especially if they are also struggling with heavy bags of groceries and need to walk back in hot or rainy weather. For the convenience of all Admiralty Grove residents and our family and friends who visit, we hope to petition for a bus stop in front of / near 694C. This

Created: 2017-12-31

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Midas Management Disappoints

As shareholders of Midas Holdings, we need to stand together to DEMAND and Answer from management. As a listed company, the existance of the company is to be answerable to the shareholders and to safeguard the interest of the shareholders. If the management is not able to do so, as shareholders, we deem that that the management future salary or renumeration shall be tied to the share price performance, I urge all shareholders to come together to set a motion to include this in the next AGM

Created: 2017-12-26

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Adult Satoshi in Pokémon Anime

We Ask gently the staff of the pokemon anime to develop Ash's(Satoshi) in a worthy way: no more reboots, we would like to see Satoshi as an adult (it is preferable to avoid to specify the years of the timeskip, in order to not generate more mistakes with the series in which there was shown an effective temporal ongoing) and that he could reach his goal to be a Pokemon Master. Giving the Pokemon Master title doesn't necessarly mean to take it away from the anime and to conclude it. For us the sto

Created: 2017-12-20

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Suspicious Midas Share manipulation

I would like to seek everyone attention on that there is a possibilities of share manipulation of the Midas holdings that occurs during th period from 24th Nov till 8th Dec 2017. Till Date it was approximately that around $100million or around 60% has been wiped off from the company capitalisation We would like the relevant authority to do a through investigtion based on the following reason. 1) Midas Holdings is listed both in the Singapore and Hong kong Stock Exchange. Under todays pricing und

Created: 2017-12-08

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Help a Son, Husband and Father support his family

Dear Sir/Ma’am, This petition is filed by a group of GrabCar/Uber drivers on behalf of Mr Kee Hong Yong, Edwin. He made some bad errors of judgement during his younger days and paid a heavy price for it, culminating in him being in and out of jail for many years. Edwin is now married to a respectable lady and a recent father of 2 young and lovely kids, aged 1+ and 2+ years old. He is also the sole breadwinner of the family. Since his last brush with the law, and the birth of his 2 lovely childre

Created: 2017-06-29

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I think the produce 101 workers ragged the votes. Its bullshit i want to start a petition whose with me!!??

Created: 2017-06-17

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We are a group of fans, listeners, followers and supporters of Starship Entertainment (Korea)'s SISTAR.   We are demanding Starship to release a physical album of SISTAR'S Lonely and For You.  SISTAR disband is a blow to the KPOP Music Industry, their songs and performances are already missed by many.  Rated by many as a befitting finale song by SISTAR, it is a shame that there is no physical album released.  The album will miss the opportunity of rated as a Legend in the years to come. Starship

Created: 2017-06-05

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Analytic Philosophy Department in Zagreb to be closed down

Call for Supporting our Colleagues in ZagrebDear All, the bad news from Zagreb philosophy circles is that Croatian authorities intend to close down the analytic philosophy department in Zagreb, the one belonging to the Faculty of Croatian Studies.This department is a very efficient center for analytic philosophy, doing mainly philosophy of science and philosophy of language. Also, they have excellent scholars in ancient studies and early modern philosophy. The department has always operated on i

Created: 2017-03-21

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No to Singapore Water Fees hike

Water is Important. Saving water is equally important but now is bad times. Infrastructure for the good of all should come from our reserves not tax all the poor us common folk!

Created: 2017-02-08

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We are against the Emergency Decree (OUG) no. 13/2017 that modifies the Penal Code

(Versiunea în română a acestei petiţii aici) On Wednesday, the 1st of February 2017, the President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis sent the Romanian Prime Minister, Mr. Sorin Mihai Grindeanu, the letter below, in which he demands the  abrogation of the Emergency Decree no. 13/2017 that modifies and amends Law no. 286/2009 regarding the Penal Code and Law no. 135/2010 regarding the Penal Code Procedures. We, the undersigned, are requesting the repeal of this Emergency Decreed so that it is prevent

Created: 2017-02-02

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