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Urban Hens for Coalhurst

We are hoping to get a bylaw to allow residents to have a few hens in their yards for eggs! Here is some info from an organization in Edmonton ( that can explain the benefits and bust some myths about Urban Hens. This petition is to show support for the bylaw to go forward so that residents can have the choice to raise hens on their personal properties. Why Hens? Hens (vs. roosters) are quiet (way less noisy than your neighbour's dog).  In

Created: 2020-05-11

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آزمون کتبی گواهینامه رانندگی در آلمان، به زبان پارسی Die theoretische Führerscheinprüfung in der persischen Sprache (Farsi)

حمایت کنندگان و خوانندگان گرامیدرود بر شما ما پارسی (فارسی) زبانان ساکن آلمان، خواستار آن هستیم که آزمون کتبی گواهینامه رانندگی در آلمان، به زبان پارسی نیز برگزار گردد بسیاری از پارسی زبانان مهاجر (ایرانیان، افغانستانی ها، تاجیکستانی ها و ...) در کشور خود حرفه و شغلی داشتند، که مبتنی بر رانندگی بوده است. آزمون کتبی گواهینامه رانندگی در آلمان، به زبان پارسی، این امکان را به آنها می دهد تا حرفه ی قبلی خود را در آلمان ادامه دهند علاوه بر این، سؤالات به روشی بسیار پیچیده تنظیم شده اند و باعث ایجاد م

Created: 2020-05-09

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Allow Alberta Tattoo Shops to Open

I am the owner of a tattoo studio in Lacombe, Alberta. I am petitioning you get our studios open at the same time as hairstylists and Barber shops based on my knowledge of my studio and the safety protocols we ALREADY have in place to protect our clients from cross contamination and blood borne diseases. We are required by the province to undergo specific training in this area, due to the nature of our work. We are required to have adequate insurance for this type of work. I am utterly appalled

Created: 2020-05-08

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cancel funsho

funsho doesn't like tall girls (cuz he's short) there for should be cancelled. sign this petition if you think funsho deserves to be cancelled. 

Created: 2020-05-08

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SSSS Outdoor Graduation

The title speaks for itself. Outdoor Grade 12 Graduation.  I am going to get straight to the point.  1. Our graduation is already held in the summer, so why not enjoy the weather? 2. We should be allowed to have more than 2-3 family members there. Some students have large families who want to see them finish this chapter of their lives! 3. Why cram in a gym right after a PANDEMIC. Atleast if we are outside we can have fresh air surrounding us. There are many places we can hold this outdoor gradu

Created: 2020-05-03

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Fans issues/concerns that need to be heard

Final fantasy 7 fans have waited years for a final fantasy 7 remake, some have lasted the wait and some have not. Its clear square enix has done a good job with this remake trying to innovate with the battle system,storytelling and reinventing their most acclaimed game.  The game released was not what fans originally petitioned for, and the quality/polish was not up to par with current late gen 2020 games. Fans were ok with some minor changes that benefitted the overall game but as it was market

Created: 2020-04-22

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Stuzy on Insta

Time to bring Stuzy into the 21st century, fyi 100 signatures and I get to make the first post 

Created: 2020-04-20

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It is our ABSOLUTE and UNALIENABLE RIGHT  to  PERSONAL LIBERTY under the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS which supersedes all other unnatural "laws".  We have been lied to but We will not be violated any longer. We do not stand under any authority but our own; free to live and move on this land as we please. Trade, barter, or purchase without unconstitutional or unconsentual taxation. Enough is enough. We have the right to freedom and to defend ourselves and our families. We will not hand

Created: 2020-04-10

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Golf is an essential of well being and mental health

Dr. HINSHAW states:    "Golfing is considered a non-essential" without underlying the facts that this recreational activity creates not only a healthy exercise but also a positive one for our mental health. We are encouraged from our Government to go outside, enjoy some Vitamin D and exercise as well as follow social distancing policies. However Golf does not seem to follow this protocol which in my mind does not make sense. With simple changes to how we communicate, it is easily altered with th

Created: 2020-04-09

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Activision Blizzard Games back to Ge Force Now

Hi GeForce Now and Activision Blizzard,   This petition would ask you to return Activision Blizzard games to Ge Force Now. Because there are many fans of your great games in this world and many of us are not allowed to play these games on their PC, they use streaming services like Ge Force Now, which currently brings us the greatest stability and support in the market. So please try to talk again about the possibility of reuniting your amazing companies.   #letsbefriendsagain   Thank you

Created: 2020-04-08

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