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Migrate EVST101 Part-time online classes from moodle to Ms Team

EVST101 Part-time students request for online classes to be migrated from moodle to Ms Teams as it one of DUT's recognised online platform it is easier to engage with the class and Lecturer and can acoomodate a whole class at once. We can get clarity and feedback easier and they can interact with us more unlike now. Moodle can continue being used for reflections and submission of assignments. 

Created: 2020-06-22

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CBI investigation needed on Sushant Singh Rajput's death

Sushant Singh Rajput's death is now becoming a mystery which needs a thorough and honest investigation. For more facts which might support the suspect of a murder is in the following link -  link -

Created: 2020-06-22

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A call to all governments and the states to Address gender based violence

Help us to stand by the victim and fight for this together 

Created: 2020-06-20

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Reopening of gyms affected by the Covid-19 Lockdown in South Africa

  On behalf of all gym owners, athletes, weekend warriors and those that just love living a healthy active lifestyle. I encourage you to fight to reopen our gyms and fitness facilities during this COVID-19 lockdown. It goes without saying that exercise has numerous benefits but let us list some for you anyway. Firstly, exercise is known to have a profound impact on the normal functioning of the immune system. Performing regular exercise of moderate to vigorous intensity has been proven to improv

Created: 2020-06-19

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Spectrum FM

SPECTRUM FM intends serving communities in the NELSON MANDELA BAY area including the town of UITENHAGE. sPECTRUM Radio is a project that was identified as important in the process of enhancing social cohesion, local youth development and local economic development in the NMB district. We as the steering committee ask for your support in making sure that we get the license from ICASA.

Created: 2020-06-19

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Eastern Cape Government Departments awarded Tenders to companies from other provinces instead of busting local business in the province. The local business who are under incubation of Chemical manufacturing products are not considered by EC Goverment when they awarded Tenders of supplying Sanitizer and other chemical products to companies outside the province, leaving local businesses behind.  Local businesses are furious and want Government to consider them first before go outside the province

Created: 2020-06-19

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Our Forefathers, Fathers and Mothers, Brothers and Sisters fought and died for us so we can have better lives and equal opportunities but Our leaders only notice us while they are campaigning. As soon as we PUT them on the POST, we are an angry and ungrateful mob/youth to THEM. We have the power to change the LEADERS. LET'S SHOW THEM WHAT THEY DON'T SEE, PICTURES OF WHAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED OR WHAT WE NEED. 

Created: 2020-06-18

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We wish to comfort the Peni family and friends by sending warm heartfelt condolences for the loss of their, daughter, sister, mother, aunt and friend.  However this petition is to mobilize support and security to those who are close to the deceased, this is to assure you that you are not alone  and everyone will support the family with all they have.  Heaven could not wait to have an angel as angelic as your daughter, sister, mother and friend. We are all affected , June 16 will never be the sam

Created: 2020-06-17

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For some time now, we as residents of Msunduzi,have been receiving very poor service delivery. Recently in most cases no service delivery. We as residents are now saying NO MORE! We are paying customers and are now demanding service from Msunduzi. We are aware that Msunduzi is under Administration; however this has got nothing to do with the residents. The primary reasons that Msunduzi finds itself under administration are as follows:- • Looting by comrades. • Very poor and pathetic management

Created: 2020-06-16

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This petition is being written to make the country and the department of Education aware that schools should be closed. Our lives matter and our lives come first ,the reason is that in some schools children have tested positive for the coronavirus and we currently don't know who else has it. Secondly we don't feel safe as learners in the school and we fear for our lives, thirdly we would like exams and assignments to be postponed because we cannot attend school due to the circumstances that we a

Created: 2020-06-15

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