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DeFibs for schools!!

Hi I've decided to create this petition so when I have as many names as I can, I will print it and deliver it in to Dail Eireann personally. I believe with the way the government wastes money they need to realize the importance of having defibrillators in every single school and a crew of people trained to use it and carry out CPR.  Please add your name and share, not just nationally, but internationally, we are multi-national society, in years to come you may have a family member in a school in

Created: 2018-02-05

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 6 6

Keep Irish horse racing on Attheraces

Please help us keep Irish racing on Attheraces. Where it is free to air under a Sky TV package. If Racing UK gets the rights for Irish racing, it could be a very damaging situition for the sport here in Ireland. If you love Attheraces please sign this petition.    Thank you. 

Created: 2018-02-03

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 29 7


!! SZANOWNI POLACY-RODACY Z CAŁEGO ŚWIATA !! Petycja ta jest skierowana do przewodniczącego komisji do spraw zagranicznych przy kongresie Amerykańskim aby jednogłośnie wyrazić nasze poparcie dla Polonii USA w ogromnym przedsięwzięciu powstrzymania ustawy w sprawie roszczeń żydowskich dotyczących mienia bezspadkowego na terenie naszego kraju. Ustawa ta jest prawnie chwiejna i mamy wielką szansę wygrać. Polonia z Kanady utworzyła tą petycję i wyraża silny sprzeciw jej uchwalenia.  ‼️

Created: 2018-01-23

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 411 7

Petition to get Adam re-invited to the christening

This is an urgent and drastic peition in order to get our favourite, bagmaster, the holy sniffer of white, the christening crasher, Adam "Sherbob" Sherwin re-invited to Luke's christening.   From the river to the sea, lukes christening will be free.

Created: 2018-01-08

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 6 5

Let helicopters land at beaumont

This petition is to attempt to reinstate/maintain Helicopters permission to land in the park beside Beaumont hospital in the event of a mesical emergency even if this goes against the beaumont residents association. Noise complaints should not hinder a persons right to emergency medical care.

Created: 2018-01-08

Time period All countries Ireland
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Ban The Cars Not The Races

Lads we are on the verge of having our sport banned for good.. We can't sit back and do nothing about it. The horses were on the road long long before cars and we all know it's not the horses that needs banning it's the cars that follow the races . I'm looking for a meeting with all the head men of each and every council up and down the country . We will accept a ban or a limit on cars at races but we not gonna accept a ban on what we all love and that's a good race .. I need help and I know ye

Created: 2018-01-04

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 67 57

Simon’s Gold Tie Rebellion

All I want is for him to wear a god damn gold tie to match my stupid dress for the stupid ty ball. Is that so hard to ask for? Apparently so. Sign this petition to help my demanding ass xx  Haters gotta hate, but he needs that tie. ❤️

Created: 2018-01-03

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 77 72

Bring Marcs facial hair back

Petition to bring back Marcs facial hair because it really suits him and looks cool af

Created: 2017-12-30

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 30 24

I call upon Dublin City Council and Ardmhéara Mícheál MacDonncha to award posthumously the Freedom of the City of Dublin that was recently renounced by Bob Geldof to Philip Chevron

Philip (Ryan) Chevron, whom I and so many of you will well remember for his great work with the Radiators, The Pogues, Agnes Bernelle, the Project Arts Centre and so much more. Philip wrote many great songs and created theatrical works that reflected Dublin so well - much more so than Bob I would suggest. The man who wrote Kitty Ricketts and Faithful Departed and Under Clery's Clock and The Ha'penny Place and so much more doesn't deserve to be a Freeman, even posthumously, then I don't know who

Created: 2017-12-14

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No pets policy

I am about to push city council in dublin to alow people to have an animal in the house, since they say that only 'thing' You can keep is a gold fish.  Those who are in need of getting the place from council, mostly already have a pet friend and are asked to give it away. My point of view - animal is for life.. If You agree with me, please.. Sign  Thanks

Created: 2017-12-06

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 17 17