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Convince Teran to let his gf drive his car.

It is with great sadness that we report that his car has been washed and detailed but she still can't drive it. Sign this petition and with 100 signatures we can not only get him to sleep in the couch, but let her drive his car. (This has no bearing on real life and I have no life which is why I made this)

Created: 2019-09-12

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Let me live my life before I get old

I'm 18 and can legally get my nose pierced. My mom basically said if I did she'd kick me out of the house. This isn't a decision that I've had over night. I've always wanted to get my nostril pierced. So many of my friends tell me I should, and I totally agree with them. This has been an on going battle for years, and I will prevail. 

Created: 2019-09-08

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Save Track Fitness Boxing Club

Track fitness boxing club is an integral part of the community, providing a service to Beverley and the wider community.  We have over 400 members, between the ages of 4 and 60. On the 5th September 2019 East riding council served us with an eviction notice, giving us 6 weeks to vacate the premises offering us no support in finding a new building.  Please support the future of the club and make the council find us a suitable property.

Created: 2019-09-08

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Tczew Bridge like Westerplatte - petition to the Government to take over the bridge

Tczew Bridge - it was here 80 years ago that World War II broke out. The State Treasury took over Westerplatte, we urge the Polish authorities to take over the Tczew Bridge, complete its protracted reconstruction and create a branch of the Museum of the Second World War. Residents and local authorities support this idea. The petition is addressed to: the President of the Republic of Poland, the Prime Minister, the Chancellery of the Sejm, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Infrastruct

Created: 2019-09-08

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Lets all get together and get Kross the release he desrves this man is a top guy a great wrestler and from what im hearing everyone is on board with this.

Created: 2019-09-08

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Documentary of the lives of the band members Black Veil Brides

My friend and I were thinking how amazing it would be to see how Black Veil Brides has come to be. Who they were before, how they all got together and how they evolved throughout the years. We were thinking it could be one full length documentary with all the members in it. We asked The Legion Of The Black (BVB fans) on BVBARMY Amino, they all said they wanted to see it. So we are asking the rest of you, would you help us make this happen please? I reached out to Chris Biersack (the father of th

Created: 2019-09-07

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Support for opening a Middle Eastern UWC at Ras al Khaimah

To the International Board of the United World Colleges,  We are writing to you as members of the United World Colleges community – students, faculty, and alumni and other UWC supporters worldwide – to express our support for the project to open a UWC school in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.   We believe that forming the RAK UWC will help support the UWC’s core values of mutual responsibility and respect, intercultural understanding, respect for the environment, sense of idealism, compassion, and personal

Created: 2019-09-06

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Polokwane Water Petition

Many areas in Polokwane are without water for days and sometimes even weeks. The right of access to sufficient water is accorded to everyone in s 27(1)(b) of the Constitution, which states that everyone has the right to have access to sufficient water. This petition will be submitted by DA Ward Councillors Franco Marx and Frank Haas to the Polokwane Municipality.

Created: 2019-09-05

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Canadian Immigration for Victims of Xenophobia in South Africa/Immigration canadienne pour les victimes de xénophobie en Afrique du Sud

I recently addressed an opened letter to the Minister of IRCC pleading him to open an immigration program for the victims of xenophobia in South Africa. Please sign this petition in supprt of that. J'ai récemment adressé une lettre ouverte au ministre d'IRCC le priant d'ouvrir un programme d'immigration à l'intention des victimes de la xénophobie en Afrique du Sud. Veuillez signer cette pétition pour supporter cela.

Created: 2019-09-04

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Oppose Townhomes

We, the undersigned, hereby OPPOSE the proposed development of the 61 Townhomes on and around Moore Street.  

Created: 2019-09-02

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