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Freedom of expression and choice to decide who we travel with and what mode of transport too. The Phoenix taxi association has no right to force us to travel with a taxi!!

We will decide who we travel with!! We prefer traveling with an avanza lift club as we get fetched from outside our homes and dropped off at our homes, we get to work on time and reach home on time everyday . We feel safer to travel with an avanza compared to how wreckless, abrupt and rude taxi drivers and their conductors are. Not forgetting how almost 80% of all taxis are not road worthy. No one can force us or tell us who to travel with. We the people will decide!! 

Created: 2019-08-05

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Remove PETRICK MASHABA from the FEBE faculty

Since the arrival of Petrick as a faculty officer, our lives as students has been made impossible. He refuses to assist us even with the most mundane tasks. We would like to be assisted by someone more understanding and helpful since the course itself is not as straight forward as other courses. 

Created: 2019-08-01

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Mitchell's Fibre to continue with Fiber to the community

We are against MPIDF for delaying the installation of Fibre for the community...

Created: 2019-07-30

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SANLAM Refuses Disability Payout!

I had a life and disability policy with SANLAM, which was supposed to protect me and my family should anything happen to me.  Unfortunately I was diagnosed with epilepsy in February 2018.  I went for tests, scans different doctors, but no one could find the cause for the epilepsy.  In March 2018, I put a claim in by Sanlam for my disability cover, but they refused and said I should try to apply again in 6 months.  They always included the same line at the end of their letter to say that all cost

Created: 2019-07-28

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Plaasmoord Boshoff borg teenstaan.

Daar is n memorandum ter opponering die borgaansoek van die plaasmoord op Sakkie en Ina van den Berg opgestel. Ons vra soveel as moontlik mense om dit te teken. Die skrywe sal vanaf more 9uur by Suidwes Boshof beskikbaar wees vir onder tekening.Indien iemand graag op die skrywe wil reageer omdat die saak jou na aan die hart lê,maar jy kan nie in Boshof kom om te onder teken nie is jy welkom om n epos te skryf voor Woensdag 11uur. Die memorandum kan ook per epos aan gestuur w

Created: 2019-07-23

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Hi people of africa we created this petition is for  PUBG to create a AFRICA SERVER as players in Africa  are at a disadvantage because we have to play on other servers and we do not have a good ping rate when playing on other servers which results in other players with a better ping rate having an unfair advantage over players in africa. we as loyal players we spend money on this game and it is fustrating that we dont have our own server we have already tried different method like using a vpn b

Created: 2019-07-16

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Support the KhoiSan Peoples at Union Building

They have walked for more than 1300km from Port Elizabeth to Pretoria after government has broken their promise to the KhoiSan People where they said they will come back to them after staying at the Union Building in 2017. Their demands are clear 1)They fighting for recognition of the KhoiSan People as First Nation of South Africa. 2) They fighting for the language of the KhoiSan People to be official. 3) They fighting for landsrights as Aboriginal Peoples 4) They fighting for the word coloured

Created: 2019-07-13

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South African Parliament to allow the voters to vote on below recommendations. GIVE A VOICE TO THE PEOPLE AGAIN.

Let the public do a vote on all the below, also put this to the parliament.  But I can guarantee you won’t because this goes against your own and creates problem for your salaries.  As if the public votes these ideas in then parliament can not do anything about it.    Parliament has failed South Africa, so give the people a chance to vote for their everyday ideas.     Make the voting days on weekends.  You complain when we don’t all vote but you make these days on workdays when the public is at…

Created: 2019-07-13

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The Water Infrastructure of Kempton Park is 60 Years Old. Since the Establishment of the Ekurhurleni Metro there has never been a maintenance plan for the area. Residents of Kempton park are without water on a daily basis due to the lack of maintenance resulting in the infrastructure collapsing (Burst Pipes). We the Residence of Kempton Park demand that the Water and Sanitation Department of City of Ekurhuleni do the following• Urgently Upgrade the Water Infrastructure in the Greater Kempton Par

Created: 2019-07-07

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Free ASAP Rocky from Jail

Rapper ASAP Rocky has been arrested for suspicion of assault after getting into an altercation with two drug addicts who were provoking him and his crew, following them around and touching women without consent. Rocky was simply fighting him as self defence, but Swedish Police are viewing this an unwarranted attack. Rocky posted footage showing that he tried to keep the situation from escalating, proving his innocence.   ASAP ROCKY IS INNOCENT! #FreeRocky

Created: 2019-07-06

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