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Harsher sentences for those found guilty of animal cruelty

Please help the Durban & Coast SPCA send a clear message to our community that cruelty to animals will not be tolerated. Too often, culprits get away with paying a small fine or receive a suspended prison sentence. It seems animals’ lives don’t matter – and nor does the suffering imposed on them, often by their own uncaring owners. Rango, a German Shepherd, was basically starved to death by his owner. By the time we got the tip-off from a concerned neighbour, Rango was just too far gone and,

Created: 2019-06-05

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Condition of the Roads - Welbekend Sector 1

We the residents of Welbekend Sector 1, hereby submit our URGENT request to the Premier of Gauteng, the Honorable David Makhura, to please assist with regards to the horrendous conditions of our roads.   Welbekend Sector 1 - Road Conditions The roads in the district consist mainly of gravel roads, these are all provincial roads falling mainly in the Tshwane municipal district, and sections in the Ekurhuleni municipal district. Upkeep on these roads have been sporadic, which has led to the seriou

Created: 2019-06-03

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Stop Deben Garbage Dump Crisis

We are petitioning the Environmental Management Inspectorate (Green Scorpions) to execute its mandate and criminally prosecute in court the relevant officials from Gamagara Local Municipality for purposely contravening legislation at the Deben Landfill Site. The criminality and complicity of the municipal officials, by breaking the law and ignoring most legislation as it relates to a landfill site, is now common cause. It is our opinion that Gamagara’s longstanding, blatant disregard of the law

Created: 2019-05-19

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Vumatel Fiber Installation Goudrand

Hi everyone ,   I'm attemting to get Vumatel to bring us fiber network to our area of Goudrand. Please sign this petition to encourage them to setup infustracture. Thank You!

Created: 2019-05-09

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MRKT Extension

We are advised that our assignment had been pushed back by two weeks. This would have allowed us enough time to complete it baring in mind the current work load. 48 hours before the original due date, we were told that there would be no extension. This has now caused us to not have enough time to complete the assignment without being under immense pressure while still having to fulfill our moral obligation to queue at voting stations in order to vote.    If you believe that this wasnt handled co

Created: 2019-05-08

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I have a huge concern in the safety of our Golden Arrow Bus Services (GABS) Commuters and drivers. THE BUS FOR US

I have a huge concern in the safety of our Golden Arrow Bus Services (GABS) Commuters and drivers. THE BUS FOR US

Created: 2019-04-15

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PETITION APPEALING TO PUBLIC INVESTMENT CORPORATION TO TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR OPEN PIECE OF LAND IN ERASMUSKLOOF. The Public Investment Corporation ( PIC) needs to urgently take control of the open piece of land on the corner of Solomon Mahlangu road and the Delmas Road , also bordered by Nossob Street in Erasmuskloof. If not addressed urgently the vagrant activity will get out of control risking another Plastic View settlement. The stakeholders of the PIC and the affected community deserve bette

Created: 2019-03-28

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Dear Mr President, We the collective creative industry of content creators through this petition, appeal to you Mr.President not to sign this Bill until a thorough review, more engagement and an adequate independent impact study and review process have been executed and amendments made on the findings. Whilst we welcome reform and updating of the Act to be functional and in line with the new world, the amendments do not protect the rights of content creators namely, Authors, Scriptwriters, Musi

Created: 2019-03-23

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We urge all responsible authorities, decision makers as well as institutions in charge of the urban planning and the protection of heritage in Belgrade and Serbia to take urgent steps to stop the construction of the cable car that would connect the Belgrade Fortress and Ušće Park. The Belgrade Fortress is the key historic urban site for understanding the development of Belgrade and the presence of the various civilisations from Prehistoric times, and must be safeguarded as a whole. We believe t

Created: 2019-03-19

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Petition to have a more visible and professional police service in Brackenhurst and Brackendowns

Crime in Brackenhurst, Brackendowns, Mayberry Park and Albertsdal is and should be seen as a serious issue, unfortunately lack of police resources and support for Brackendowns SAPS, Reservists and Community Policing Forum is putting the community at risk.  It is concerning that there is a lot of crime taking place and is affecting school children and the teachers. The community of Brackenhurst and Brackendowns believes it is high time Brackendowns SAPS is given the necessary support and resource

Created: 2019-03-17

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