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Petition to Reform Tobacco Tax System and Save Lives

PETITION TO REFORM TOBACCO TAX SYSTEM AND SAVE LIVES OF FILIPINOS We appeal to our dear legislators to support the proposal to reform the excise tax imposed on cigarettes and other tobacco products. This is long overdue as the cigarette companies have been enjoying favourably in the existing tax system making the average price of cigarettes in the Philippines as among the lowest in the region. It is thus, not surprising, that tobacco-related diseases, among which are cancer, heart ailments, hype

Created: 2011-03-29 Statistics

George's Tradition St Georges Day Petition

England is one of very few countries that doesn't have a public holiday to celebrate its national day.  St Patrick’s Day is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland, and St Andrew’s Day is a voluntary public holiday in Scotland.  We should be proud of our English history everyone who is part of England should be able to celebrate our traditions, our history, our heritage and the English way of life with a public holiday on St George’s Day. “We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to make St Geo

Created: 2011-03-21 Statistics

Mon droit de Vote !!! Je suis aussi Marocan !!!!

Je suis marocain et marocaine à l'étranger (MRE) !! J’ai le droit de voter et d’exprimer mon droit de citoyen ;Dans le but de rattraper le retard sur les communautés à l'étranger vivants dans des pays développés en matière de droits, notre tache consiste maintenant est d’adopter de nouvelles politiques et stratégies : efficaces, souples, dynamiques, et qui répondront aux attentes de tout le monde.La date butoir de 2012 pour les élections est imminente, et notre but est d'analyser, d’adapt

Created: 2011-03-18 Statistics


All veterans and all law abiding people in this country are  aware of when the poppy was introduced as a symbol of our fallen. After the 1st World War, when the young men of this Country died in blood soaked trenches, with poppies dancing in the fields around them. Many of us lost our grandfathers, and we owe it to them to fight for what is right. They did not give up their today so that we could spend our tomorrows letting their memory be burned by these evil people. it's not jus the fact of hi

Created: 2011-03-09 Statistics

No Mark Wahlberg in Uncharted Movie

No Mark Wahlberg in Uncharetd Movie. All you gamers out there that are fans of uncharted, SIGN THIS PETITION. Wahlberg is gonna screw this movie up. If you want you can make your own petitions on

Created: 2011-03-08 Statistics

Signature Campaign: Protest the Attack against Carlos the Jackal

    TO THE FRENCH MINISTRY OF JUSTICE THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF EMBASSY OF FRANCE IN TURKEYISTANBUL SUBJECT: THE ATTACK AGAINST ILICH RAMIREZ SANCHEZ (CARLOS THE JACKAL)1. Ilich Ramirez Sanchez (Carlos the Jackal), who dedicated all his life to the struggle against the imperialist and zionist attacks and raises the banner of “Palestine, one, indivisible from Jordan to the Mediterranean” from his cell in the French Prison of Poissy and demonstrates that the struggle should go on

Created: 2011-02-19 Statistics

Protest against the results of parliamentary elections

QEYD: Bu məktub AŞPA deputatlarına göndəriləcək ki, qış sessiyasında Azərbaycanda 7 noyabr parlament seçkilərinin müzakirəsi zamanı AŞPA deputatları yalnız "müşahidə" missiyasının deyil, Azərbaycan vətəndaşlarının da seçkiyə etiraz mövqeyindən xəbərdar olsunlar.   Dear Members of  PACE observation mission in Parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan,   We, citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, are deeply concerned about the massive fraud that took place in the last parliamentary elections in our

Created: 2010-12-03 Statistics


I created this petition to stop the airing of "WILLING WILLIE" tomorrow in TV5 for the reason that he is not deserving to appear again on public television. He is not a good example to the youth, he epitomizes the modern Satan. HE DOESN'T KNOW THE WORD RESPECT! ---  TV5 not airing ‘Willing Willie’ yet by Isah V. Red Willie Revillame has been reported earlier this month that he would finally make an appearance on TV5 hosting the show he is co-producing with the network title Willing Willie. His f

Created: 2010-10-22 Statistics

Showing Students' Response towards UTP Curfew after 1am

AGAINST THE CURFEW! Let's fight for our freedom and right as university students!!!

Created: 2011-12-11 Statistics

Milinda Moragoda is Unfit

To:  The President of Sri Lanka and Minister of Defense, Public Security, Law & Order, His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa We the Sinhala Buddhists show our total disagreement and displeasure to Mr. Milinda Moragoda's narrow minded, communal collection of offers to Muslims in Colombo.  They are published in Sinhala at: With this diabolical offers, he proved that he

Created: 2011-09-21 Statistics

say "NO" to casey anthony making money off of caylee's death

say NO to casey anthony making money off of little caylee's death...!!!!  ban any TV station OR advertisements that may be affiliated with casey making money...let her work like the rest of us have to and earn her own way....florida had to pay enough money for her to sit in jail and then pay her high profile lawyers....if anything she owes the state of florida money....

Created: 2011-07-09 Statistics

to senator mccain

i can't believe that senator mccain is now an example and representation of our American brothers is been able to say that ourplayer star puertorriqueno jose juan barea or jj barea as what we call the PuertoRicans who we want to say this Senator who is an undocumented when according to the Commonwealth of puertorico suggests that puertorico is part of United state and us the PuertoRicansare not inlegales in No part of the land but i show trouth tv that theSenator was bornin panama and IF this is

Created: 2011-06-24 Statistics

Save the 464 Evening Bus Service

PLEASE support this petition to save our 464 evening bus service!!! The bus is run by Rossendale Transport and is subsidised by Lancashire County Council. For those who are unaware of the situation, the subsidy for the 464 Evening Bus service may be withdrawn due to it not making enough money. It is currently being run on a temporary contract; for a number of weeks, until a decision is made as to whether this service should remain, or be withdrawn.         At the Moment: Colleges run courses unt

Created: 2011-06-13 Statistics

PCB - Put Your House in Order

We are to submit a letter to the Chairman of PCB, Mr Ijaz Butt, and asking him to put his house in order, by resigning! We will attach the list of petitioners here with the letter and now need your support to make some noise!   The Letter composed is - 3 June 2011   Dear Mr. Ijaz Butt Please take time out to read this letter. We are sure you are very busy running the affairs of the board but, at the same time, we feel it is imperative for you to listen to the voice of the fans. We are the ones w

Created: 2011-06-05 Statistics

Save Southport Art

Due to cuts in education an axe is about to fall on the Art Department at Southport College, which is a vital centre of art and creativity in the local community. With many students, excellent facilities and over eighty years of history and dedicated staff, the department is not only a local asset but a beacon of education in Art and Design across the North West. At a time when creativity in Southport is blossoming as never before, with the R Gallery, the Waterfront Arts Gallery and the forthco

Created: 2011-05-15 Statistics

Petition to save Cineuropa

Urgent questions over Please show your support and sign now. [FRENCH VERSION - ITALIAN VERSION] Recent news over the unmotivated firing of several journalists, the questionable nature of personnel contracts, the stepping down of one of the project’s founders and a letter of protest by virtually the entire editorial staff have sounded an alarm for the editorial future of   From the May 9, 2011 press release from the National Union of Italian Film Journalists: Italian

Created: 2011-05-11 Statistics


POSTOVANI PRIJATELJI, Potpisivanjem ove peticije dacete svoj doprinos u rjesavanju  problema vezanih za privatizaciju nekadasnje HTP "BOKA",danasnja Vektra Boka.Iako je rok od tri godine (po kom je Vektra Boka morala da  izvrsi investiciona ulaganjate obnovi  i poboljsa status hotela  ) istekao ,te smo umjesto hotela dobili bahato unistene i demolirane hotele,iako radnicima nije isplacivana plata i iako je racun preduzeca vec duze vremena u blokadi,Savjet za privatizaciju donosi odluku da Brkovi

Created: 2011-03-19 Statistics

British Waterways Licence Fee Petition

The purpose of this petition is to challenge British Waterways (BW) recently increased 6 month & 3 month river licence fees to circa 80% of the annual fee & request they return to the pro rata charging basis on the grounds the increases are both excessive, discriminatory & undemocratic because existing licence holders were not consulted despite a BW mission statement to the contrary when they could have been as BW hold existing customer contact details. A Rivers Only licence case stu

Created: 2011-03-17 Statistics

Eradicate Human Trafficking In Cyprus

PETITION We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge the Minister of Justice, Chief of Police, Attorney General and the President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Cyprus to take more dynamic measures to Eradicate Human Trafficking In Cyprus We call upon the above authorities to ensure the following: -         that more officers be appointed to the anti-trafficking police unit -         that random and frequent checks be performed by the police at cabarets, bars and betting shops

Created: 2011-03-10 Statistics

Legalize Marijuana

Sign Name,Place of Residence, and Email....

Created: 2011-03-02 Statistics