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"Colonel Bagshot - Oh! What A Lovely War" on CD

Colonel Bagshot’s Incredible Bucket Band, comprised of Brian Farrell, Terry McCusker, Dave Dover and Kenny Parry. They had several record deals, toured Europe and played gigs like the Reading Festival.   This marvelous music has to be released on CD, if you also wish this to happen, please sign this petition.

Created: 2010-10-07 Statistics

Save Arnold, Maryland and The Broadneck Peninsula from Overdevelopment!

Citizens of Arnold, Maryland and surrounding areas, please help us save The Broadneck Peninsula from overdevelopment!  We all love Arnold and The Broadneck Peninsula for its natural beauty, historic charm and peaceful lifestyle. Recent proposed developments by Koch Homes and others threaten our beautiful community and wonderful way of life.   East Joyce Lane in Arnold and The Broadneck Peninsula as a whole are now under threat from several proposed development projects by Koch Homes and others. 

Created: 2010-08-08 Statistics

Respet Hare Krishna´s comunity

Please respet the Hare Krishna´s comunity and farm in Hungary, They makes a good job for a better life for all

Created: 2011-12-07 Statistics

Moroccan ELF do exist!!!

  hello!!! this is BishilanD from MOROCCO !!! we shall represent moroccan ELF!!! we have been fans of super junior since we can't remember!!! so lately we decided to make a video for them!! we have done it about a month ago!!! all we do all day along is tweeting it to super junior's member!! but we still didn't succeed in showing them how much we do love them!!! all we want is to show them that we exist!!! we have also send it to Kiss The Radio but still no success!!! we got really depressed

Created: 2011-10-10 Statistics

For the sake of our National Parks & their extractive free status

(VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL DISPONIBLE ABAJO) FOR THE SAKE OF OUR NATIONAL PARKS AND THEIR EXTRACTIVE FREE STATUS The undersigned people and organizations declare that: National Parks protect the best of Costa Rica’s natural and cultural heritage. We oppose the bill # 17715, which seeks to open national parks to commercial fisheries activities, and which was approved by the Commission of Puntarenas Affairs of the Legislative Assembly. Our opposition is based on the following reason

Created: 2011-08-25 Statistics



Created: 2011-06-24 Statistics

Hull College Girls Centre Of Excellence,

Please invite Friends, Family, work collegues, bosses, window cleaner etc etc to support our very important cause...   I also would like to say as a parent, from a very DISTRESSED, DEFLATED, player for Hull C of E ,2010-2011...I'm finding the correct words to express my total lack of understanding as to why the FA would choose not to allocate Hull College Girls Centre Of EXCELLENCE a Licence for the for-coming season very difficult to illustrate..It is just total madness on their part, if they h

Created: 2011-06-08 Statistics

Pretoria youth needs a free public skatepark.

Pretoria is in need of a free public skateboarding park. At the moment there is only one park for skateboarding available in Pretoria. Thats the one in Menlynn. Most kids dont have the transport or the money to get to the east of Pretoria and then pay entance fee at the park. We really are in need of a more sentral spot thats free of charge and available to more kids that are allready skating in the streets and as you know against the traffic department laws. This can help with lots of safe recr

Created: 2011-05-31 Statistics

Don't let Gallagher destroy Oaken Woods to fill his pocket

Whether you have heard about this or not decisions have been made to allow a quarrying company Gallagher, to take over 70 acres of woodland behind barming to put plastic explosives into the ground and extract ragstone. "On balance, however, members felt the job prospects and the economic need for ragstone to support construction in the county in future, and benefits of the project, outweighed these objections."~Committee leader Richard King, Ashford As well as the loss of a valuable ecosystem an

Created: 2011-05-19 Statistics

Still no Hogwarts letter

Since 1997, muggle-born children around the globe have waited on their eleventh birthday, for the letter that tells them they have been accepted in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. These children have had their dreams crushed, every single time. We are disgusted in Hogwarts being so unreliable. Therefore we have made this petition, requesting that Hogwarts get their act together and fix this severe problem. If the problem is left unfixed the wizarding world will suffer from the loss o

Created: 2011-05-16 Statistics



Created: 2011-04-15 Statistics

Podrska vesi, peticija

-        za opstanak kluba "Univerziteta u Beogradu" (Vuka Karadžića 1) u dosadašnjem obliku -        za produženje ugovora o zakupu Veselinu Miliću -        da klub ostane otvorenog tipa, kao sastajalište studenata Beogradskog Univerziteta i ostalih mnogobrojnih posetilaca

Created: 2011-04-15 Statistics

CSIC members support the new regulatory body

To: Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) AND To: The Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC)On March 18, 2011, CIC announced its intention in Part I of the Canada Gazette to appoint a new regulatory body for immigration consultants, namely the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), and remove the authority of CSIC as the regulatory body: I, AS A FULL MEMBER OF CSIC:  1. AFFIRM MY FULL SU

Created: 2011-03-28 Statistics


If you are a fan of MY STYLE NIGHTS and would like to see us host our own stage at seaham carnival please sign this petition to help us progress our idea into an addition to Seahams biggest day with seahams best dj's!

Created: 2011-03-16 Statistics

Mentsük meg a József Attila Színházat!

"A főváros vezetése arra kérte fel Méhes Lászlót, a József Attila Színház igazgatóját, hogy a következő évadtól ne hosszabbítsa meg a munkavállalók és egyéb foglalkoztatottak szerződését - közölte a színház az MTI-vel. Mint írták, ez azt jelenti, hogy az idén 55 éves József Attila Színház nyáron megszűnhet önálló intézményként működni és a társulatot feloszlatják. Az épületre hamarosan hasznosítási pályázatot ír ki a tulajdonos önkormányzat."(Forrás: origo) Minden kultúrát kedvelő embert k

Created: 2011-02-25 Statistics

Assassin's Creed - Hungarian Era Petition

Dear Ubisoft. We all love your game so much, but we would like the game to take place in the Hungarian Kingdom. Hungary was a very big and strong country in Europe. Hungary was a melting pot of different cultures throughout history: western european, eastern slavic and islam culture are all influented strongly Hungary. So it could be an exciting and colorful place to play. We think it's time to pick out a country, what isn't as usual as Western European co

Created: 2011-02-18 Statistics

Geldim Gördüm Sevdim klibini artik yayinda gormek istiyoruz!

Bertug Cemil fan tayfasi olarak artik Bertug Cemil in Geldim, Gördüm, Sevdim klibini yayinda görmek istiyoruz! GGS klibini görmek isteyenler asaga isimlerini yazsinlar, sesimizi duyuralim!Powertürk TV: SESIMIZI DUYUN!Bertug Cemil Fan

Created: 2011-02-17 Statistics

Big Skate/BMX etc. indoor arena to Pori Finland!

Hello everyone!The old public indoor swimming pool arena in The centre of Pori is going to be left out of use in June 2011 because The city is building a new one 3 times bigger than The old one. It would be called as Extreme Sport -arena and it would include sports as skateboarding, BMX, In-line skating, scooting and other this sort of sport. This is important, because when the short summer in Finland is over it is going to be a loooong winter without a good indoor place. There would be an indoo

Created: 2011-02-10 Statistics

We want czech subtitles in Mass Effect 3!

Jelikož první i druhý Mass Effect dostali českou lokalizaci, je velmi nerozumné ji neudělat taky do třetího dílu. Dokončete trilogii prosím! Nejen Česko, ale taky hráči ze Slovenska si chtějí užít velké finále trilogie v jazyku, kterému bez problému rozumí. Jsou tady tucty dobrovolníků, kteří jsou ochotní udělat lokalizaci zdarma. Prosíme Vás, EA, nezklamte nás. Since first and second Mass Effect got their czech translation, it is very unreasonable to not to make translation of third game. Finis

Created: 2011-02-05 Statistics


Haterz say that Michael Jackson put chocolate barz and socks down his pantz but we know HE DID NOT becauze we've seen him in his gold pantz and he was all man and nobody can say anythin different or if they do they are just jelluz. And we seen him lick his finger and rub it on his cock and it looked amazin :D Michael DID NOT have a 7 inche peenus and we should make the world know that he was hung like Mr  King Dong. His weiner was a whopper (blush) and it is not normal. Please sign below as proo

Created: 2011-01-23 Statistics