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Lenox and State Apartments

My name is Damon and I have lived on State Street off of Outer Park for just over nine years. I am asking for your help in signing our petition directed to Woodside Township and the owners of the apartment complex located at Lenox and State (along with their other buildings along Lenox). I have recently been working with Alderman Joe McMenamin on ways that we can improve this area. As many of you know Lenox seems to be a dividing line between our great neighborhood and what seems to be a growing

Created: 2011-08-02 Statistics

Save all beds in raigmore

At the moment the hospital bosses are threatining to close beds through out the hospital. For those of you who have seen the papers you know that they plan to send realitives to Glasgow and Aberdeen for treatment if you feel this is unfair please sign this. We all know that when we are not well we want our loved ones around us.

Created: 2011-06-28 Statistics

BF3 Commander

BF3 need the 'Commander' position as seen in BF2 and BF2142 As inspirated by this forum thread because of the many votes. any name and country I don't find believable will be removed.

Created: 2011-02-13 Statistics

Free Youcef Nadarkhani

We ask for you help, in signing this petition, to free Youcef Nadarkhami, who is scheduled to hang in 20 days for the crime of "thought" in Iran. Youcef is an Iranian Pastor, who converted from Islam to Christianity. His wife is also incarcerated, and their children are to be taken away to live with other Muslims families. We can not let the atrocity happen. Please sign, and let your voice be heard!

Created: 2010-11-20 Statistics

Save Hollywood's ONLY Recycling Center

I am a current resident of the Hollywood area and would like to show my support for the recycling buy-back center located at 861 North Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90038 and KEEP it open.  This recycling center plays a vital role in the local economy and is the only recycling center in Hollywood. SoCal Hollywood makes it possible for myself and the community to properly recycle our bottles and cans because there is only one other recycling center within 4 miles and it is 2 miles away.  SoCal Rec

Created: 2011-02-16 Statistics

Petition against uranium mining in Kuusamo, Finland

No uranium mining in Kuusamo! There are plans to build several uranium-gold-mines in Kuusamo, southeast of Finnish Lapland. Uranium mining causes radioactive contamination of air, water and soil. The rivers, which have flown thousands of years with potable water, are in danger of getting poisoned by radioactive mining waste. We all, the undersigned, do not and will not agree to any kind of mining or building that directly or indirectly are involved in uranium production within and in the surroun

Created: 2011-09-06 Statistics

Michael Jackson fans unite against some tracks from the new "Michael" album

A lot of Michael Jackson fan-clubs around the world have come together to ask the Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music to remove from the forthcoming "Michael" album the tracks produced with or by the Cascio brothers. The international Michael Jackson fan community strongly feel that a new Michael Jackson album should not include songs that they feel are not Michael's. The overwhelming response that we, fan-clubs, have received from our members expressing doubts over the Cascio tracks should

Created: 2010-11-12 Statistics

ბატონო პრეზიდენტო, ვეტო დაადეთ ანტიკონსტიტუციურ კანონპროექტს!!

ჩვენ, საქართველოს მოქალაქეები, ვუერთდებით არასამთავრობო ორგანიზაციების „სამართლიანი არჩევნებისა და დემოკრატიის საერთაშორისო საზოგადოების“ ISFED, საქართველოს ახალგაზრდა იურისტთა ასოციაციის, „საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველოს“, კოალიციის  -„არჩევანის თავისუფლება“ და ფონდ - „ღია საზოგადოება საქართველოს“ მიმართვას და მოვითხოვთ: ვეტო დაადოთ "მოქალაქეთა პოლიტიკური გაერთიანებების შესახებ" საქართველოს ორგანულ კანონში 2011 წლის 28 დეკემბერს შეტანილ ანტიკონსტიტუციური ცვლილებებს და მოტივირებული შენ

Created: 2011-12-28 Statistics

Stop the Killing of Cape Baboons.

CALLING FOR A CLEANUP OF CNC CAPE NATURE CONSERVATION; DA ACCOUNTABILITY FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT & ANIMALS. There has been a justified outpouring of grief and shock at the killing of the baboon Fred. OTHER MALE BABOONS HAVE AND WILL BE KILLED UNDER THE WC’S CONTROVERSIAL BABOON POLICIES. Fred’s demise seems to be a sign of a bigger conservation problem within the Western Cape – one of poor management; a lack of transparency and accountability. From the outset, the Western Cape Government and

Created: 2011-04-02 Statistics


This petition is to voice the disagreement we have, in the  extortionate prices for the account manager and premium account. Premium account is expensive enough every month without having to pay double to access the account manager as well.  We demand that the price of both be lowered by a third so that it will be a fairer system. As players we feel strongly that a lot of the features within the account manager should be available to the paying premium account players without having to pay an ex

Created: 2011-06-08 Statistics