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Para exigir a UGI que cambie sede de la Conferencia Regional 2011

(Versão em português abaixo) A LA COMUNIDAD GEOGRÁFICA INTERNACIONAL Con estupor hemos podido constatar que la próxima Conferencia Regional Geográfica de la UGI (14 al 18 de noviembre de 2011) se realizará en los locales de la Escuela Militar en Santiago de Chile. La Escuela Militar del General Bernardo O’Higgins, es señalada como centro transitorio de torturas y crímenes en los dos grandes informes oficiales sobre la violación a los DDHH y crímenes de lesa humanidad cometidos durante la sangrie

Created: 2011-01-10 Statistics

Disney Petition Maps

Help me make a difference by signing this petition for disney to start placing recycle bins just for maps and paper by doing this we can save animals the enviroment and help the planet one signature at a time.Thank You! just sign your name and state or city.

Created: 2011-01-01 Statistics

Stop This Violation Of Human Rights

Dear Sir/Madam,   During the week of November 15, 2010, the United Nations removed “sexual orientation” from a resolution pertaining to protection from extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions. Seventy-nine votes were cast in favour of this action, and 70 were cast against.   According to the United Nations’ website, the UN is committed to “maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and hu

Created: 2010-11-27 Statistics

Save "Bhagavad Gita AS It Is" from getting banned

It is my urgent request to the Government of Russia and people around the world to support my petiton for the sake of Humanity. Please dont neglect such an important Vedic Literature, which can be considered as a Manual in each and every step of walking in our life. I can assure you that it can give the greatest gift of Spiritual Realization which everybody is lacking today, to be happy and peaceful in life. Please accept this as my Humble request.    

Created: 2011-12-18 Statistics

Petition against the abolition of en2

Sign all who are against the abolition of en2 and send links to friends and other mice. !!

Created: 2011-08-11 Statistics

We love Alice;jsessionid=xQQRbOFfElUTn0KufZKvyg__.n10-73-7-33?id=2330872Some people just don't believe American McGee's Alice is a very loved game and people would love to play the coming up game Alice: Madness Returns. This 'necromancer' says that he would be surprised if even 500 people will buy the game. Let's surprise the tosser! >:D

Created: 2011-06-07 Statistics

Streetstyle freestyle park needed in the town centre for Nuneaton

Streetstyle, freestyle BMXers are the forgotten generation.  We've provided parks and play areas, and even safe centres for children ranging from newborn up until 16 year olds.  But the forgotten generation is really the teenagers from 13 to 18. We as a country are quick to complain about youths hanging round on the streets being a nuisance, making noise, leaving rubbish and generally making the area look bad, we hand out ASBOS like sweets and they are considered trophies by some teens.  This is

Created: 2011-06-03 Statistics

Petition To Call System of a Down In Morocco

You like System of a Down? you're a fan of their music, their songs and voice of Serj Tankian? and you dream of seeing them live in Morocco? so sign this petition to make known your wish and show them they have many fans in Morocco! they must come!

Created: 2011-05-24 Statistics

Save Buckskin Joe's

Buckskin Joe's has been part of Canon City Colorado History since it opened. It brings a lot of money and tourist's (which spend money) to our community as well as jobs. The owners wants to sell it to a person that fancy's old things... He plans to move it to some other town. I say We shut him down!! Lets come together as a community to keep Buckskin Joe's OUR's!!      

Created: 2010-09-03 Statistics

AQWorlds Green non member in gold star sword

im asking aqworlds players to join me in fighting fore non member in gold green star sword because artix and the aqworlds team will not make one if 3000 people don't sine this petition so help me and the aqworlds comunati get what we want green star sword

Created: 2010-07-08 Statistics

Boycott Walmart

I had worked for Walmart for 3+ years. I believe I am the victim of wrongful termination.  I am asking you to sign this petition to boycott Walmart, unless I am re-hired with full pay and benefits. Thank You!

Created: 2011-12-16 Statistics

Qwerty Keypad for SMS in Corby 2 in PHIL.

"Samsung GT-S3850" is a Samsung product which is already spreading around the Globe. And one of the problems about this phone is that it has "NO qwerty keypad for sms" feature. According to some Corby 2 users, qwerty keypad for sms is only available at other countries NOT in the Philippines. In fact, a lot of people in the Philippines have complained about this problem! To the samsung company: You shouldn't have sell the Corby 2 phones which are not complete in technic

Created: 2011-09-13 Statistics

Pour la réhabilitation de la mémoire de Lara Langlais.

Nous exigeons du gouvernement de Côte d'Ivoire, toute la lumière sur la mort de Lara LANGLAIS, assassinée en Côte d'Ivoire par "le chocolat chaud" la mafia du Cacao ivoirien comme Kieffer, Jacquelin Mabo Gohou et bien d'autres. Nous exigeons la réouverture du dossier, la publication du résultat des autopsies ainsi que l'audition des sieurs: - LIAGRO Charles commissaire de police au 1er arrondissement de Yamoussokro, - N'DRI Appolinaire Gouverneur du district de Yamoussokro, et du présumé assassi

Created: 2011-06-02 Statistics

Tripoli Railway Station

FRIENDS OF TRIPOLI RAILWAY STATION we believe that the Tripoli railway station must be classified as a historical monument by the Lebanese Ministry of Culture.A museum dedicated to the memory of the “Orient Express” must be created inside the site.The “Orient Express” was a train that links Tripoli to Paris through Europe at the beginning of the twentieth century... أصدقاء محطة القطار في طرابلس نحن نؤمن بأنّ على وزارة الثقافة اللبنانية تصنف محطة القطار في طرابلس كمعلم تاريخي.يجب تأسيس متحف مخصص

Created: 2011-06-02 Statistics

Swine flu vaccine

Hello my name is Karen, I am petitioning to make the swine flu vaccine available to all children. I have two boys myself, one is 12 years old the other is 5years old. My younger son Kieran's immune system is very weak I asked my GP to vaccinate him against swine flu,as he was given the vaccine at the end of 2009. Our doctor refused. Their are healthy children who don't have any underlined problems so are not vaccinated & are dying. I need to get as many signatures as possible & very quic

Created: 2011-01-14 Statistics

Request to add the Persian section

We believe that free, independent and investigative media are the backbone of democracy for a reason. They dig through lies, falsehoods and fronts to expose the truth, inform the public and make politicians and governments accountable. With more than 700,000 Persian blogs, mostly based in Iran, the Persian language is ranked as the second-most-popular language in the entire blogosphere. Unfortunately, Iranian journalists, bloggers and news websites administrators are under heavy censorship, pres

Created: 2010-12-10 Statistics

NHL 11 on PC

We - Gamers who love hockey! We - Gamers who have only a PC! We - Gamers who will never forget hockey spirit! We - Gamers who trust in EA Sports! WE WANT NHL 11 ON PC! EA Sports - Please dont discriminate a PC gamers...think about us! We're just a humans!

Created: 2010-09-19 Statistics


This petition is to let Turner Entertainment, Warner Bros. and Hanna-Barbera know we want all 9 seasons of the smash hit 1980s cartoon series The Smurfs on commerically single season set DVDs for retail. Season 1 - 39 episodes Season 2 - 46 episodes Season 3 - 55 episodes Season 4 - 48 episodes Season 5 - 40 episodes Season 6 - 63 episodes Season 7 - 67 episodes Season 8 - 24 episodes Season 9 - 39 episodes 

Created: 2011-07-14 Statistics

Stop The Murders of Stray Dogs!

The latest uproar of a video posted on Youtube of how the Municipal Council's Contracts for Hire blatantly torturing and killing a stray dog is beyond the norms of the word 'inhumane'. This issue has been going on since and the animal rights movement in the world won't keep quiet about this.     We, the undersigned, bring forward to you an urgent matter as stated below:The issue of how the Malaysian authorities turning a blind eye on the way the country's stray population are treated has got to

Created: 2011-05-17 Statistics


We as a people these days have rights to look,watch and enjoy pornographic films and adult websites, but with the understanding that there is a line that you dont cross and thar is 18. People theres absuletly nothing wrong with a good porn once in a while to spice up a slow sex life with long term marriages and relationships, but when it comes to child porn  there is no amount that is ok. websites should be accountable for mis catorgized or wrongfully marked films on filesharing sites,that may c

Created: 2011-03-14 Statistics