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New beginning

This is to help our grandchildren to go back home on Nov 10, 2011 My husband and I went to see our brandnew granddaughter that was born on Nov 1, 2011 when got there it was awesome the house was clean, boys were playing in there room until they saw papa and I come in that is. My oldest granddaughter was in school so we waited until she got home so that we could see her.While we were waiting my daughter in law called her mom and told her to have Kaylie her own daughter to come home when she got h

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  Please please go to the bottom of this page to add your name to the petition if you support our campaign to prevent the closure of the University of Glasgow, Nursing & Health Care School. The School, which is considered one of the best, is a viable, thriving and profitable department, despite its small size, and it brings acclaim to the University and Scotland. Against the trend of a shortage of nursing posts, it is clear that the NHS does not consider that there is an oversupply of the

Created: 2011-03-03 Statistics

Let's give 'The A-Team' a Sequel!

Dear Reader, As an avid fan of the TV show, and the recent remake, I'm destroyed to find out that due to poor advertizing of the film at the time, 'The A-Team' (2010) movie is not to be given a sequel. The movie was released around the same time as the World Cup, and as Mr Neeson rightly says below, that is no doubt a factor in the film's poor performance at the box office on it's first week. Personally, I found the film very enjoyable, as did many other people. Sadly this has not reflected in t

Created: 2011-03-13 Statistics

ACT Now: end the annual kangaroo slaughter

The government of the ACT has a lamentable record of kangaroo killing. The killing is unnecessary and cruel. Under the official Code of Practice, baby kangaroos in the pouch are to be battered to death by contracted shooters. In some quarters, a myth is perpetrated: kangaroos are incorrectly regarded as pests which destroy native grasslands and the habitats of ground dwelling creatures. Each year scientifically-based lobby groups or farmers demand more and more Eastern Grey kangaroos be destroye

Created: 2011-06-04 Statistics

Villebois Homeowners Letter of Support- 8/22/11 DRB hearing

August 19, 2011 Monica Keenan, ChairDevelopment Review BoardCity of Wilsonville29799 SW Town Center Loop E Wilsonville, OR 97070 Dear Chair Keenan and Development Review Board Members: We are writing to submit testimony with regards to the application for the proposed Villebois Village Community Center (Villebois PDP 5-South), “Tonquin Woods #1” Subdivision (Villebois PDP 5-South), and “Tonquin Woods #2 and #3” Subdivision (Villebois PDP1-North).  As homeowners in Villebois, we are directly impa

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Created: 2011-07-04 Statistics

Mass Effect 3 Hungarian & Czech & Slovakian Translation

Dear BioWare and Electronic Arts,We, Hungarian, Czech and Slovakian fans of the Mass Effect Universe have apprehensively heard about Mass Effect 3 won't come with a Hungarian & Czech & Slovakian localisation.*Our Mass Effect fan base is huge in Eastern-Central-Europe so exluding us would be way too disappointing.Please read through the petition and make a wise decision about the Hungarian & Czech and Slovakian localisation. We want to buy Mass Effect 3 with Hungarian & Czech and

Created: 2010-12-12 Statistics

Kaichou wa Maid Sama 2nd season!

Well, everyone here probably are fans of the anime Kaichou wa Maid Sama. The anime has only one season. And all the fans want a second season, although aware that this is kinda hard, since the anime hadn't a good audience in Japan. It was with this intention that this petition was created. But the fans will fight for a second season! We want a second season for Kaichou wa Maid Sama! So if you agree with this petition, sign it. This is really important to us. I think we probably need at least 10

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طلب بمعادلة البورد الأمريكي بالدكتوراه المصرية

السيد الفاضل ريئس المجلس الأعلى للجامعات , بـعد التحية. نتقدم نحن لأطباء الحاصلين على شهادات البورد الأمريكي في جميع التخصصات الطب والجراحة وغيرها. نتقدم اليكم بطلب معادلة تلك الشهادات بدرجة دكتوراه التي تمنحها الجامعات المصرية بدون  تسجيل  رسالة, حيث ان  كثيرا من حاصلي  شهادت الوبرد الامريكي لهم ابحاث ذات  ثقل علمي,  ونشرت في  مجلات عالمية تغني عن القيام  برسالة, مع احقية التقديم للعمل بالوظائف الجامعية .   كما اننا نوضح ان الحصول على البورد الامريكي يشترط النجاح  في معادلة الطب (امتحان الترخي

Created: 2011-05-17 Statistics

Save a Patrick County Business: Rural Services, Inc.

Rural Services, Inc. has been a valued family-owned and operated business based in Patrick County, Virginia since 1971. Owners Johnny and Debbie Marion of Claudville, Virginia, also employ five other full-time local citizens to provide quality garbage service to the community of Patrick County. Unfortunately, the business is in threat of leaving the county by being underbid by a "big box" garbage company based in North Carolina and servicing 7 states, which has the advantage of being supported b

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