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NH Article 31/32 Petition To Mandate Jury Nullification Classes

You may Sign at the Bottom of this Page This Petition is Sponsored by New Hampshire Legislators Rep _______, Rep John Hikel and Rep ______ ~               ~               ~ Summary We, the undersigned People of New Hampshire, come forth to Address and Instruct Our New Hampshire Legislature regarding the Unlawful Use of Unqualified Jurors in Trial by Jury proceedings.   Authority To Petition We bring Our Grievances to this General Court according to the New Hampshire Constitution, Part 1,

Created: 2013-11-26 Statistics

Joan Baez deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

Joan Baez has devoted a good part of their lives for world peace, against violence, for human rights, etc. Vietnam War Highly visible in civil-rights marches, Baez became more vocal about her disagreement with the Vietnam War. In 1964, she publicly endorsed resisting taxes by withholding sixty percent of her 1963 income taxes. In 1964, she founded (along with her mentor Sandperl) the Institute for the Study of Nonviolence and encouraged draft resistance at her concerts. Baez was arrested twice i

Created: 2013-03-10 Statistics

Bay City Rollers Star on the Walk Of Fame

We, the fans of the Bay City Rollers know that the Rollers sold millions of records and are still active in the music industry. They gave us so much pleasure than and now that they deserve a star on the Walk Of Fame. If you agree than please sign this petition so we can make it happen.

Created: 2012-08-22 Statistics

World Vitiligo Day - June 25th

  Target: United Nations Sponsored by - Vitiligo Support and Awareness Foundation (VITSAF)   Please show your support for adopting June 25th as World Vitiligo Day:   To United Nations (UN) ,   WORLD VITILIGO DAY Having an unusual appearance can be particularly difficult in a society that places a strong emphasis on physical appearance, and one in which we are constantly exposed to images of the idealised ‘perfect’ body and face. The psychological implications for people with visual differences s

Created: 2011-06-18 Statistics

Petition for the arrival of low cost airlines in Nis

                  Sign the petition for the arrival of low-cost (low cost) airlines in Nis. With the arrival of such airlines at Nis airport, the airport would finally come to life, and allow direct connection to Europe. Arrival any airline and the establishment of direct flights from Nis, will mean a lot for this region of southeast Serbia and I Constantine the Great Airport. By signing are stopping the closure of the airport Nis! So be you and one of the signers! Signatures our petiti

Created: 2013-10-16 Statistics

Affordable Care Act violates the constitution

The Affordable Care act is 17,000 pages long. It is humanly  impossible to read and understand unless you are a computer program. Since congress is denied the right to pass a bill until it has been fully read and understood, that is one violation. Congress is not allowed to pass any bill which favors congress over the people.  It has violated the constitution by exempting themselves from the AC act.  That's two violations. No member of congress shall sign a bill in which they have private or per

Created: 2013-10-07 Statistics

Season 9 for Desperate Housewives

ABC just announced that season 8 will be the last of its hit drama "DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES"! Millions of fans worldwide are sad and dissapointed, so is the cast, since ABC promised us 9 seasons. Sign the petition and let's try our best DH fans to keep our show alive for another 2 years!!!   Copy the link and send it to your friends, paste it on Facebook, Twitter or somewhere else. Let people know!!!

Created: 2011-08-07 Statistics

საქართველოს პრეზიდენტის რეზიდენცია არის ავლაბარში!

ჩვენ, საქართველოს მოქალაქეები ვუერთდებით კამპანიას "საქართველოს პრეზიდენტის რეზიდენცია არის ავლაბარში!" და ხელს ვაწერთ ფეისბუქის ჯგუფის პრეზიდენტი უნდა იყოს ავლაბრის რეზიდენციაში! მიერ შექმნილ პეტიციას ავლაბრის საპრეზიდენტო რეზიდენციის გაუქმების წინააღმდეგ.  

Created: 2013-11-05 Statistics

Heroes of Order and Chaos without lag

We, the players of Heroes of Order and Chaos want to play the game with no lag! From the release of the game in late November 2012, we endured poor customer service, unfixed and deliberately made bugs, server instability, guild chat not working, heroes controlled by someone else, deletions of our forum posts and much more. We spent a lot of money on this game and WE WANT TO PLAY it WITH NO LAG! Sign this petition, if you want to play Heroes of Order and Chaos with no lag!   Gameloft response: He

Created: 2013-07-26 Statistics

Traffic Light at Meadowridge Center Dr. in Elkridge Md

This is a petition to get a traffic light at the exit/entrance for the new shopping center at Route 100 and Meadowridge Rd in Elkridge Md.  It is almost impossible to exit the center safely without jumping out into oncoming traffic going North and south bound on Meadowridge Road. Customers and employees of the shopping center are subjected to long waits to exit. I have personally almost been in near collisions trying to beat speeding traffic on 103

Created: 2013-06-28 Statistics