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Accept Golden's Proposal to Build Bikeway

We, the undersigned, urge elected officals and U.S. Fish & Wildlife to accept Golden's offer to buy the land on the Rocky Flats Refuge and build a bikepath, rather than a toll road. Golden's proposal is more respectful of the natural resources in the Rocky Flats area compared to the multi-lane toll road proposed by the JPPHA, and Golden has offered more money for the land, which benefits taxpayers.

Created: 2011-06-15 Statistics

Make a Real Magic Conch Shell!

Do any of you remember the magic conch from spongebob? Well, I think that that needs to be real. A toy made out of plastic that looks just like it with the speaker and the draw string.

Created: 2013-12-18 Statistics

Unban Loudclaw from the Chatbox

Why he should be unbanned: It's been long over a year since he's been banned and it's not like he did that much anyway. He isn't even as bad as he used to be if you could even call him bad now.   Reasons why you may want to sign this: He's a friend of yours. You don't know him but you're curious to how he's like in the chatbox. You forgive him for past mistakes. You may not know Loudclaw at all but want to sign this anyway to feel like you're doing something good. For whatever reason, you just

Created: 2013-10-30 Statistics

A Declaration of Equality

In The Public, October 20th, 2013 A Declaration of EqualityFor The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Citizens OF THE United States of AmericaIN GENERAL PROTEST WRITTEN     When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to command the political bands which have oppressed them, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they sh

Created: 2013-10-20 Statistics

Да ја запреме кражбата на мотори!

Во изминативе неколку години во Скопје се случуваат дрски кражби на мотори за кои подоцна на сопствениците им се бараат пари за откуп. Само во изминатата година се украдени повеќе од 140 мотори и скутери, а од почетокот на годинава до сега се украдени 5 мотоцикли, иако мото сезоната сеуште не е започната. Мотори се крадат од дворови, гаражи, паркинг места, па дури и од тротоари на булеварите. Крадците не бираат по марка или модел на моторот, ниту по партиска или верска припадност на возачот. Заг

Created: 2013-03-17 Statistics

Bix Ylainia tanglu ma taslila qat l mazda l'anda ax ha tqazzizna

This petition hi biex ylainia ma taslilix il karozza.. heheh

Created: 2013-03-14 Statistics

Rule 14.11 Boccia Rules 2013

Dear Chair of the Development Sub-Committee, BISFed 1. We would like to understand the reason(s) for changes to Rule 14.11 of Boccia Rules 2013. Why is there a need to decrease the time limit for all divisions of play by one minute? 2. We agree with imposing a time limit for propelling the Jack but why should the time limit be decreased for the rest of the coloured balls? 3. As you would know, BC3 athletes have the most severe form of physical disability across all disability sports. Therefore,

Created: 2013-02-20 Statistics

Τμήμα Τεχνολογίας Βιολογικής Γεωργίας και Τροφίμων

  "Εμείς, οι φοιτητές του Τμήματος Τεχνολογίας Βιολογικής Γεωργίας και Τροφίμων του ΤΕΙ Ιονίων Νήσων διαμαρτυρόμαστε γιατί μέσω της κατάργησης του Τμήματός μας με την εφαρμογή του σχεδίου ΑΘΗΝΑ, το Υπουργείο Παιδείας σε περίοδο κρίσης απαξιώνει τον γεωργικό τομέα και υποβαθμίζει την βιολογική γεωργία και τη βιολογική κτηνοτροφία στη χώρα μας. Επικαλούμαστε την ευαισθησία σας και ζητάμε ην υποστήριξή σας ώστε να μην καταργηθεί το ΤΕΙ μας και το Τμήμα μας να εξακολουθήσει να εκπαιδεύει επιστήμονες

Created: 2013-02-09 Statistics

Save 14 000 Jobs in Rustenburg and keep the shafts open

aanglo american has decided to close 4 shafts in the rustenburg area. this will result in 14 000 people losingg their jobs and homes. we are positive, that if we follow the right steps, we can show a huge profit. please save the shaft and save our jobs!

Created: 2013-01-28 Statistics

Wattpad Mature Writers

I have put this petition together for all of us who are mature writers on Wattpad. I know that there have been other petitions, but Wattpad still hasn't made any changes. When I contacted them they said they were looking into makingchanges. But I, and many others feel that looking into and actually making changes are two very different things!We love to use Wattpad, and for many of us it's not just about the writing, it's about making friends as well. So we don'twant to use any other site, but w

Created: 2012-04-25 Statistics

Support Hungary!

Primary reason for petition: People of Europe! Hungary needs your support in its strife for freedom, cultural integrity, traditional values, and moral worth. Currently Hungary is the symbol of resistance in Europe. Hungary has demonstrated that they will not lose the freedom they gained from the Soviet Union to a better masked, yet not less oppressive empire. On January 21, 2012, four hundred thousand Hungarians marched in a "Peace Train" to assert their patriotism and support their government

Created: 2012-02-02 Statistics

Kill Michigan Drivers Responsibility Fees

Ive been struggling for years trying to get my license back since someone I knew stole my Identity. Without my knowledge of having any tickets, when I was pulled over I learned the truth that my license was suspended. Its been burdening me for years how to pay these tickets and Michigan Drivers Responsibility fees. Lets rebuild Michgan and Kill Michigan Drivers Respinsibility Fees!

Created: 2013-12-04 Statistics

მიმართვა საქართველოს მთავრობას!

პეტიცია: სექსუალურ უმცირესობათა ცხოვრების წესის პროპაგანდისა და დაკანონების წინააღმდეგ! 29 ნოემბერს ვილნიუსში "ევროკავშირთან" ასოცირების შესახებ ხელმოწერილი დოკუმენტის თანახმად, ერთ-ერთი მთავარი პირობა იმისა, რომ საქართველო გახდეს "ევროკავშირის" წევრი ქვეყანა, არის ის რომ, 10 წლის განმავლობაში ქართულმა მხარემ, უნდა მოახდინოს საქართველოს კანონმდებლობის სრული სინქრონიზაცია, ევროპულ კანონმდებლობასთან, რაც გულისხმობს საქართველოს საკანონმდებლო ბაზის, დაახლოვებით 350 კანონის, ევროპულ კანონმდებლობასთა

Created: 2013-11-29 Statistics

Community's response to the Grade 7 ZIMSEC Ndebele Paper 2013

To: Esau Shingirai Nhandara (ZIMSEC Director) This Petition is a direct response from the Ndebele community in regard to the Grade 7 ZIMSEC Ndebele Paper 2013. We have read your response and it seems as if you, as a Director, do not feel concerned about the use of improper language in the above mentioned paper. We, the Ndebele community believe that the people you termed as "experts" in approving the above mentioned paper, have to be re- assessed in terms of their knowledge in regard to the Ndeb

Created: 2013-10-20 Statistics

Support to the Greek People

Both the Greek and non-Greek community of Australia, and particularly the city of Melbourne in the state of Victoria, support our Greek brothers and sisters during this difficult period of our nation’s history, in having the courage and strength to combat the crisis and overcome it, which will result in Greece once again shinning as a beacon of hope for Western civilization and Western democratic standards. The Greek people have had the strength to survive severe austerity measure

Created: 2013-10-17 Statistics


Our little Liam has SMA - Spinal Muscular Astropy - ISIS Pharmaceuticals has an experimental drug called SMNRx that can save his life! We using this petition to pressure ISIS into allowing them to have the three experimental doses of SMNRx for Liam - the sooner the better as it is imperative that he be treated early on. Special authorization for this treatment has been granted to the family through Health Canada and the SAP program. HOWEVER - ISIS has not accepted the authorization! This petitio

Created: 2013-06-10 Statistics

Support for Slieverue Youth Club

This petition is to show support for Slieverue Youth Club so they may be allowed access to the parish hall under the existing leaders

Created: 2013-02-18 Statistics

Nei til utbygging av Nedre Otta! - No to damming the Otta river!

I hereby oppose the plans of damming one of the last major rivers of Norway, making it the biggest norwegian hydro electrical project in modern times. Jeg sier herved nei til utbyggingsplanene for en av Norges største elver, det største vannkraftprosjektet i norsk, moderne tid. To oppose the damming of the Otta river is not just a local issue: It is an international claim. Å gå i mot en utbygging er ikke bare et lokalt initiativ: Det er et internasjonalt krav. This petition is meant to remind t

Created: 2012-11-16 Statistics

Providing for drug-free stay at home mothers!

I haley stone believe that all stay at home mothers that would love to stay at home with their children, clean,cook, wash clothes, wash dishes, be a nurse, waitress, accountant , etc. things that everyday people get paid to do, weekly!!, well us mothers do that 24/7 , all in one day and deserve a monthly check just like disability, and ssi checks!!! Regardless, of the father of the children being present or paying child support, that isnt enough!!!! Also, the mothers like me who attend college a

Created: 2013-12-24 Statistics

Insurance sex reassignment surgery coverage

This petition is to make coverage for sex reassignment surgery manditory for all health care insurance companies to cover the total cost of sex reassignment surgery for male to female and female to male transexuals. We are individuals who can never be whole with out this approved therapy by the Federal Goverment and the AMA. This is not cosmetic surgery as they would have you believe. Many of us need this surgery as of present not 30 years from now for with everyday that we cannot get this done

Created: 2013-12-23 Statistics