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Námsmenn af fullri alvöru - Gegn niðurskurði fjárframlaga til LÍN

Öll námsmannafélög á Íslandi mótmæla fyrirhuguðum niðurskurði á fjárframlögum ríkisins til Lánasjóðs íslenskra námsmanna! Við hvetjum menntamálaráðherra að taka ákvörðunina til alvarlegrar endurskoðunar.Ertu námsmaður? Þekkir þú einstakling í námi? Ætlar þú einhvern tímann í nám? Ef svo er þá hvetjum við þig til að mótmæla með okkur þessum áætlunum og skrifa undir hér! Staðreyndir: 1) Ekki var haft neitt samráð við hagsmunafélög nemenda við ákvörðunartöku þessa gríðarlega mikilvæga hagsmunamáls.

Created: 2013-06-27 Statistics

Brazil pleads Josh Groban here!!

  To Warner Bros. Records, Q Prime Management, Reprise Records, Warner Music Brasil... We are a group of Josh Groban Brazilian fans (some since the Ally McBeal show) that has been dreaming of, for a long time, having him touring in Brazil. We had hopes to achieve this dream during the STY tour, especially because he sang a composition in our language, and written in collaboration with a Brazilian singer, but that did not happen. We believe Josh is known enough to fill arenas at least in Rio de

Created: 2013-05-13 Statistics


The Dr. Ernest Holloway Academy of Oklahoma City will be a well managed school, and the first of its kind for inner city boys that already has the support of many residents in Oklahoma City. They support the school's mission to educate and prepare boys for success as they become productive as men in their families and communities. Will you join us in signing this petition as a show of your support for this much needed school?

Created: 2013-11-03 Statistics


My son' name is Thomas Reynolds. He was, is, and always will be the sunshine of my life. At age 2, Thomas was diagnosed with an ependymoma brain tumor. Over the next 11 years, my hero would battle 5 recurrences, ADULT forms of chemotherapy, radiation twice, a secondary cancer AML (a form of leukemia), more ADULT chemotherapy, 5 invasive brain surgeries, blood transfusions, platelets, Christmas in the hospital, etc....... Most of all, Tthomas was denied the right to be a child. He became a man as

Created: 2013-10-01 Statistics

Save Temple Property in Bangladesh

Dear Devotees/Conscious People, Hare Krishna. To take over the temple properties in Bangladesh, the govt. has taken into account to form a black law, which is almost into the shape of draft, "Debattar Sampatti Babosthapana Ain'2013 (Debattar Sampatti (Deity Property) Managing Act'2013)". The act is the completely anti-Vedic Scriptures. By passing this black law, govt. will rein in our deities and other temple properties day by day. This is the blue design to drive away the Hindus/Sanatana religi

Created: 2013-06-21 Statistics

Korg SQ-10 Mini

What with the upcoming release of the Korg MS-20 Mini, it might be an idea to sign this petition to show Korg there is interest in a re-release of the SQ-10 in mini format. Please only sign the petition if you would buy a re-released SQ-10 If you don't know what the SQ-10 is please read this before signing Lets see if we can get enough signatures to let Korg know there is some genuine interest in this!

Created: 2013-03-17 Statistics

Narwhal Species Name Change

The Narwhal, for those who are unaware, is a whale that resides mostly in the waters of the Canadian Arctic and off the coast of Greenland. This species of whale is characterized by a single long horn that protrudes from its head. The Narwhal has been dubbed in the past as the "Unicorn of the Seas." The goal of this petition is to officially change the Narwhal's name to "Sea Unicorn." There is such thing as a Sea Horse, why wouldn't there be Sea Unicorns as well? Please help us to get 100,000 si

Created: 2013-10-04 Statistics

Stop the Cell phone Tower in the Half Moon Park in Eastvale,CA

City Of EastVale , CA Assistant Planner : Mr Mark Corcoran In responding to the notice of Minor development review ( application No.13-0573) in regards to considering approval of AT&T request for the construction of 50-foot tall wirless telecommunication facilty in half moon park at 14383 Cherry Creek Circle , In the city of Eastvale,CA The following residents who leave in the impacted area signing this petition and objecting building this telecommunication tower and request to city planning

Created: 2013-09-27 Statistics

Reopen Malcolm X Case

We, the undersigned justice-seeking people, do hereby solemnly and formally support the request that the United States Department of Justice, pursuant to federal law 28 U.S.C. 533(1)and(3) reopen and reinvestigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the February 21, 1965 assassination of Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz). On the question of involvement and as the result of a credible investigation, we certainly expect the prosecution of anyone determined guilty or the exoneration of anyon

Created: 2011-05-20 Statistics

100.3 The Edge Clearchannel: Bring back Matt Cruz!!!

We the loyal listeners of 100.3 The Edge want our beloved radio personality Matt Cruz put back on the air.  Please don't take away a local person to be replaced by a piped in radio personality we have never or will ever meet.  Don't take the local out of local radio.

Created: 2013-12-21 Statistics