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Save Mount Taranaki

This petition has been set up for all people to ultimately protect Mount Taranaki. The biggest challenge we currently have in front of us, is the Resource Concent that has been permitted to TAG Oil to drill 220 meters from the Egmont National Park and Mount Taranaki.  Tag Oil have indicated that they will begin roading work before christmas and will notify all stakeholders 20 days before drilling. Tag Oil will be Exploration Drilling to the depth of 4000 metres and one well extending to 5000 me

Created: 2013-11-28 Statistics

Spartacus Fans Pleading with DeKnight to do Cleopatra Remake.

We are huge Spartacus fans who would like to request the one and only Steven DeKnight [Creator/executive producer of Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Gods of the Arena, Vengeance, War of the Damned] to do a remake of Cleopatra. We were so enthralled by Spartacus, the characters and how well the film was made, that we would love to see DeKnight and his comrades join together and to a spectaular remake on Cleopatra. Of course with a DeKnight twist please. Join in with me DeKnight/ Spartacus fans and si

Created: 2013-10-23 Statistics

Stop congress from being paid during government shutdown

In my opinion Americans should demand congressional paychecks should be forloughed for as long as the shutdown lasts because they are not performing their jobs well. This is not following the constitution's preamble. Are we creationg a more perfect union? No. Does this establish justice? No. It isn't fair that congress get paid but, the innocent, non-essential government workers do not. If the Republicans and Democrats can't come to an agreement, then why are they still getting paid? I think thi

Created: 2013-10-01 Statistics

No LiveFyre on Slate!

Until recently, Slate had one of the best systems for commenting on its articles. It was concise, had a great interface, and allowed one to edit one's comments regardless of how much time had passed. Now they've switched to an inferior product, LiveFyre, used by such magazines as Salon, and it is truly inferior in every regard. It has a clunky interface, comments can no longer be seen directly under the article, and worst of all, it does not allow editing. Why Slate chose to change something tha

Created: 2013-09-24 Statistics

Stop Turn In Retalliation on UW Campuses

Recently, I was a victim of sexual assault on a related campus to UW.   After being threatened to be "kicked out at any point"  I was harassed continuously by staff and students in my department, minus a few who got to know me.  I brought an African American man into my studio and was assumed to be homeless, a thief, crazy and having "blood born pathogens."   I have evidence of this on tape, catching staff members spreading false information about me, regarding legitimate and real trauma that I

Created: 2013-11-15 Statistics

Stop The Small Cages, Little Pet Warehouse

Little Pet Warehouse has long been a trusted company by many in the small pet community however a recent move by them to begin stocking cages below the minimum standards set by the RSPCA, animal welfare groups and the ever growing small pet community has angered and upset many. The issue with the new cages stocked by Little Pet Warehouse are as follows: - Hamster cages with floor sizes below the RSPCA's recommended minimum - 75x40x40cm and below the hamster communities personal minimum - 80x50x5

Created: 2013-09-14 Statistics

Shame on you Basanth

To:   Justice Altamas Kabir - Honourable Chief Justice of India Justice Manjula Chellur - Honourable Chief Justice of Kerala High Court   We, the citizens of Kerala are profoundly shocked and dismayed by the nauseating remarks made by Justice R.Basanth on the character of a girl who was an unfortunate victim of a group rape incident, better known as Suryanelli Case.   It was long back in 1996 that the victim, a girl of 14 years then, was taken to different locations in Kerala and sexually harass

Created: 2013-02-10 Statistics

Jaguar at Los Angeles Zoo needs bigger space

I recently spent  a few hours in front of the Jaguar exhibit at the Los Angeles zoo filming the Jaguar pacing frantically back and forth in this substandard tiny enclosure. People who wandered up to his cage were consistant in their comments about how small the cage was for this big cat, and how miserable he appeared to be. At times he would jump up on his tiny shelf and stare at the sky through the mesh bars at the top.Then he was down and pacing the cage again. Although I am not a fan of zoo

Created: 2011-03-08 Statistics


Hi everyone, im making this petition on behalf of "crazynydriver" joe If youve enjoyed his channel, and have been following developments as a subscriber... please please sign this petition. That hasbeen charles fitch, and his reprobate friends have filled a "FALSE COPYRIGHT CLAIM" against crazynydriver Please sign this, it might help joe, by showing youtube our support All the best, k  

Created: 2013-12-19 Statistics

All Day Lunch Program

As a student od Pioneer Central High School I feel it would be benificial to by learning to be able to purchase a snack from the cafeteria at any time in the day. They have Gatorades, Chips, Uncrustables, etc. there all day i feel students should have access to that nutrition when they need it most as many of us have important classes and tests befor 6th period and it impairs my testing skills when all i am thinking about is eating.

Created: 2013-12-05 Statistics