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We want Bamon in TVD !!!

Because they make sense together. Because sometimes love is stronger than hate. Because together they can really be themselves. We want Bamon in season 6 !

Created: 2013-07-25 Statistics

Keep Original NISD Proposed Boundaries for Ellison Elementary

To Whom it may Concern, We the members of Steeple Brook, Stonewall Ranch, Stonewall Estates and Crownridge are opposed to the vote which occurred December 10th regarding the school boundaries affecting Ellison Elementary School.  Perhaps our silence was interpreted as indifference, but we are in fact in favor of the first boundary proposal funneling our neighborhoods into Ellison Elementary school as this makes the most sense for our children.  Please reconsider the proposed boundaries and know

Created: 2013-12-11 Statistics

Villebois Master Plan Amendment for the Learning Enrichment Cente

Tim Knapp, MayorCity of Wilsonville29799 SW Town Center Loop EWilsonville, OR 97070Dear Mayor Knapp and members of the City Council and Planning Commission: We are writing to ask the city to delay the public hearing on the Villebois Master Plan Amendment for the Learning Enrichment Center (LEC) by Polygon to allow time to conduct a public engagement process to define the desired use of the study area.The LEC property is identified as a "Future Study Area" in the Villebois Master Plan. Concepts f

Created: 2013-07-30 Statistics

Oppose German Shepherd Dog Standard Revision coat, color, and DQ

We OPPOSE the revisions to the coat, color and disqualifications sections for The German Shepherd Dog Standard submitted by The German Shepherd Dog Club of America and subsequently published by The American Kennel Club Secretary's page for comment in October 2013.

Created: 2013-10-28 Statistics

Petition for Resignation of Wausau Supt. Kathleen Williams

We the people of the Wausau School District call for the resignation of Dr. Kathleen Williams, Superintendent of the Wausau School District.  We feel that Dr. Williams is not an asset to our school system.  Allowing her to remain in this position will do irreparable damage to the district. Her actions have harmed the reputation of our schools, affected our ability to attract and retain the best possible teachers as well as new families to the district, weakened the quality of education in the di

Created: 2013-10-14 Statistics

Ban Tail Docking on Dogs in Ireland

The Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 plans to allow members of the public to dock tails and remove dew claws from puppies. Vets are not allowed to perform these acts of mutilation and members of the public should certainly not be permitted as they have no access to pain relief. Please sign to make this barbaric practice illegal.  

Created: 2013-11-10 Statistics

Let The Beer Belly Open

Dear Neighbors and Friends, As many of you know my husband Joe has partnered with BMT Management to open The Beer Belly, an upscale craft beer tasting room and retail store at 281New Scotland ave. There has been a lot of controversy over this proposed plan and I hope we can show the neighboring businesses and residents how many people support us!! Thank You!!!

Created: 2013-10-08 Statistics

Nyack School District Artificial Turf Fields

We, the undersigned voters and residents of The Nyack Public School District, call on the Board of Education to commit to using the safest, organic materials available, rather than crumb rubber, in the construction of the artificial turf fields authorized by the Referendum of October 29, 2013.  We understand this may result in additional cost, which will be minimal to the average tax payer when bonded over 15 years.   We believe this to be the best investment in the health and safety of our chil

Created: 2013-10-30 Statistics

New Hampshire Article 31 Petition/Order to Nullify "Obama Care"

This Petition will be Sponsored by NH State Reps John Hikel, Lenette Peterson and Peter Hansen. Please contact your NH Legislature and ask them to also Co-sponsor this Constituency Legislation.     We, the undersigned People of New Hampshire, come forth to Address and Instruct Our Legislature regarding "Obama Care" AKA - The Affordable Care Act and any other such similar legislation which shall hereafter be legislated by the United States or New Hampshire legislatures. The Limiting and/or Reg

Created: 2013-10-11 Statistics

Petition to demand the immediate resignation of Claire McCaskill

Petition to recall Claire McCaskill for failure to uphold the constitution. Claire intentionally violated our second amendment by voting in favor of the UN gun treaty and deceived the American people costing tax payers millions by voting in favor of the Affordable Care Act.

Created: 2013-11-09 Statistics