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Justice for Black Panther Party Leader Pete O'Neal

We, the undersigned justice seeking people of America, call on the United States Government to review and/or  re-investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the investigation, prosecution and the September 3,1970  federal criminal conviction of Felix Lindsey "Pete" O'Neal for allegedly and illegally transporting a firearm across state lines. We further call on all local, state and federal law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction and involvement in this matter to review it's prior activ

Created: 2013-06-10 Statistics

Save Currier Park

Dear resident of Cumberland; The Town is attempting to sell the open land, recreational space in the Valley Falls area, known as Currier Park (across from Town Hall), so that a Valley Prep School can be build there in its place. This will cause the loss of this Historical Land Mark, cause local residents countless problems with traffic, create an unsafe environment and deprive local children of a park where they can enjoy having fun and meet with their friends. Additionally, this is the ONLY pub

Created: 2013-08-25 Statistics

Polk County Zoning

We the undersigned, urge the Polk County Citizens Advisory Committee, Land Information Department, Land Information Committee and Board of Supervisors to support the following items in the revisions of Polk County Zoning Ordinance:   1.  Incorporate the recently passed resolution which supports property rights, the free use of property, economic development, job creation and improvements in the tax base. 2.  Be no more strict than NR 115.  Specifically, setbacks should be the same for all owners

Created: 2013-10-08 Statistics

Save Farm Creek

  We, the undersigned, object to the construction of any new structure on the peninsula of land that extends into the MIDDLE of Farm Creek.  This land should be considered a part of the Farm Creek Open Space and preserved for generations to come.  

Created: 2013-10-16 Statistics

Operation Swapnote Revival

This petition is a petition set up by a Nintendo fan on behalf of all Nintendo fans everywhere. Recently, Nintendo shut down the Swapnote (a.k.a. Nintendo LetterBox) service due to them believing people were sending offensive messages. Most people want to bring back this awesome application so, if you have any goodness in your heart, sign this petition!

Created: 2013-11-01 Statistics

Save our Teacher - Spencer

The Francis Howell School District should reverse their decision and grant Bryan Spencer an UNPAID leave of absence so that he may represent the people of District 63 and the State of Missouri in the Missouri's House of Representatives

Created: 2013-01-08 Statistics

CCC Non-Primary Course Availability Trial

Historically, Castlewood Country Club has maintained a policy of restricting golf course access prior to 10 AM on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays to a Primary Member, which is designated for each respective Club Membership. The purpose of this long standing policy is one of fairness and provides guaranteed course availability at peak times to the respective designated Primary Individual. Recently, there has been a concerted effort by the Golf Committee and some Board Members to change this long st

Created: 2013-06-03 Statistics

Make a 8th Doctor Mini Series with Paul McGann

Paul McGann was brilliant in The TV Movie and "The Night of the Doctor" but we would like to see more mini episodes with him playing the 8th Doctor

Created: 2013-11-14 Statistics


#FreeConnor A petition to allow Connor Perry to walk at Manchester Central High School’s graduation and ensure an appeal. -Written by Jack Myhaver This petition is to bring attention to the unjust punishment brought upon Connor Perry. A tweet carrying no malicious intent and being facetious to the highest degree has raised a red flag far too high. It is completely understandable that in the interest of the security of all, such a post must not be taken lightly nor jokingly, but only to a point

Created: 2013-06-05 Statistics

KO The Knockout Game

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.  We the PEOPLE must establish JUSTICE and insure DOMESTIC TRANQUILTY against the egregious and acrimonious acts known as the "KNOCKOUT GAME". Let us take a proactive stand

Created: 2013-11-17 Statistics