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PLEASE Renew "Jersey Belle"!

I am starting this petition EARLY just in case Bravo Television Network needs a little extra PUSH in the RIGHT direction!  "Jersey Belle" is NOT just a reality show.  It focuses on love, life, laughter and friendships.  Jaime Primak Sullivan is an INSPIRATION, as are all of the other women on the show!  Please sign this petition in support for a second season!  Thank you!

Created: 2014-09-23 Statistics

Lee County Liquor Sales

For years, this has been a hotly debated topic and finally, the time for action has arrived. For far too long, our county has lost jobs and tax revenue to neighboring counties. Jobs and tax revenue our county needs very badly. The signers of this petition wish to have this matter brought before the Lee County Board of Supervisors and ultimately added to the ballot in the next election. We have 2 requests, meaning 2 separate items on the ballot. 1. We would like to see liquor sales in a retail

Created: 2014-05-19 Statistics

Fair trial for Ethiopian copilot Hailemedhen Abera

Petition asking Switzerland to conduct fair trial for Ethiopian Copilot Hailemedhen Abera To : Switss Court and Justice System Fair trial for Ethiopian co pilot Hailemedhen Abera A repressive state pollutes the spirit of its people; only few are brave enough to live out through the pages of history. Copilot Hailemedhen Abera chose to breathe a clean air of a prison cell rather than his high paying job in a land lead by anarchists. Opposing dictatorship in Ethiopia is like knocking your s

Created: 2014-02-23 Statistics

Stop the parking reduction requested by RiNo Self Storage

Harvey (Hank) Saipe of RiNo Storage, LLP is requesting a reduction in the required parking space for a storage unit to be built at 3270 Blake Street.  The City of Denver requires .5 parking spots per 1,000 square feet which equates to 54 parking spots.  Mr. Saipe is requesting reduction to 13 parking spots on the site of the storage facility. We, the residents of the Fire Clay Lofts, with the help of neighborhood leaders from the Rino Art District, showed up at the initial hearing & got a de

Created: 2014-06-13 Statistics

Pedestrian Safety near Huff School

The current drop-off and pick-up situation at Huff Elementary School in Mountain View near the intersection of Grant Road and Martens/Phyllis Avenues is terribly dangerous. A committee of parents and concerned citizens is working with the City and school administration to implement changes that will improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety in this area. Please show your support for this important cause and specifically for a proposed intersection redesign project by responding to this petiti

Created: 2014-03-03 Statistics

Student-Run Visual Art Show NEEDS THE GALLERY!

The SOTA Visual Arts Seniors want to host a completely student-run Free Art Show on the week of May 19-23 where we can display our artistic talent outside of the traditional Visual Arts expectations. This would function similar to the student-organized “Brown Bag” performances that other departments host, and will serve as a sort of parting gift from graduating Visual Arts Seniors to the rest of our school. While many SOTA folks support this idea, including Principal Köhn, the Visual Art Gallery

Created: 2014-05-10 Statistics


Dear Sony Entertainment Network and Insomniac Games   Please re-open the Resistance's servers We want to continue to play Resistance games, so people from all resistance , please sign this petition, and let's try our best, to keep our beloved Resistance 2 online after the closure date 08/04/2014.   We are willing to cooperate to maintain the Resistance's servers online.   Resistance was one of the best selling platform games ever created and sold. Thousand's of people still play Resistance. Hund

Created: 2014-01-10 Statistics

Support HR 2619 & Join the COPD Caucus

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our US Representatives for their support of HR 2619, the Medicare Respiratory Therapists Access Act and to join the COPD Caucus.  We urge our US Senators for their support for the introduction of a Senate companion bill to HR 2619, the Medicare Respiratory Therapists Access Act and to join the COPD Caucus. HR 2619 would change the Medicare law to allow certain highly qualified respiratory therapists to provide much needed pulmonary self-manage

Created: 2014-08-20 Statistics

Resignation of Centinela Valley Sch.Brd. & Superintendent

Centinela Valley School District Parents and Public VOICE YOUR OUTRAGE! SHOW THE BOARD THE PUBLIC DOES CARE. PETITION FOR RESIGNATION AND VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCETO REPLACE EXISTING 2013‐2014 CENTINELA VALLEY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT ELECTED BOARD MEMBERS AND SUPERINTENDENT. CITATION:  The purpose of this petition is to gather signatures for stating: We the below signed petitioners, here by vote to request the resignation of all current board member’s(5); President: Maritza R. Molina, Vice-Presiden

Created: 2014-03-15 Statistics

Enable the choice for light blue graduation gowns back

We need to have the choice for the light blue gowns. Reasons: 1) if it is a gender equality issue then each student has the right to choose what color gown they want. 2) if it is a problem of financials then the students who cannot afford a gown can opt for the free option which is the navy blue gown. If a student wants a light blue gown, however, then they should have the option to buy the light blue gown. 3)a majority of students have already taken their senior pictures in the light blue gow

Created: 2014-11-12 Statistics