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Help Tyler

My brother, Tyler Haskett, has been emotionally abused for years by his father and step-family.  Tyler is a boy with terrible Bipolar, ADHD and ODD.  Despite all his mental disorders, however, he is a sweet and loving boy.  For years he's been judged by his medication and labeled by the lies his step mother and his father spread about him.  He's constantly taunted by his step-siblings: being called fat, gross, stupid, retarded, gay, etc.  To the normal person this seems like a harmless taunt, bu

Created: 2014-03-07 Statistics

Clinton County Commissioner Skip Evans against Tina Cottrell

I sign this petition acknowledging that I believe Clinton County Commissioner George "Skip" Evans' vote in the 2-1 voting of firing Tina Cottrell from Clinton County Parkview Home should not have counted. I believe that due to the ongoing lawsuit filed by Ms. Cottrell against Mr. Evans his vote is a conflict of interest. I am signing this petition as a Clinton County resident in the state of Indiana who does not agree.   *Please sign this petition only if you live within Clinton County limits. T

Created: 2014-01-12 Statistics


Dark Souls 2 will be a critically acclaimed game, developed by From Software, known by Dark Souls for its high level of difficulty and innovative online features. We can Expect nothing less from them.         The problem? It's not going to be on Next Gen Consoles. A port/remake to next of this game has a high chance of being extremely successful for From Software and Namco Bandai. Given the hype and articles that it is not going to be on next gen .Also that Millions of gamers are preparing fo

Created: 2013-04-12 Statistics

Save J.H Brooks Elementary school / Keep all 5 schools open

FIGHT FOR FIVE!!!! Help us keep ALL 5 Neighborhood Schools Open Please help us keep Brooks Elementary open! It has been recommend to close J.H. Brooks elementary school As part of the Capital Improvement Plan for Moon Area School District. Please sign the petition to help us show the board of directors that we want our neighborhood schools open. A public hearing is scheduled for Monday, March 10th at 7:00 pm. at the Moon Area High School.   More information can be found on the Moon Area Sc

Created: 2014-03-09 Statistics

Recall U.S Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray of Washington

Petition to recall U.S. Senators Patty Murray(D) and Maria Cantwell(D) of Washington State for Oath of Office Violations and Incompetence. This petition is for the population of registered Washington State Voters who disapprove of the actions of these two Senators and wish to officially recall them from their elected positions as Senators of the State of Washington. The recall of elected officials is allowed under Washington law, pursuant to Washington Constitution Article I 33, on the grounds o

Created: 2013-12-29 Statistics

Prevent Thandi Modise from owning animals. SPCA: "worst cruelty"

POTCHEFSTROOM - Police and officials from the SPCA have found animals either dead or starving at a Potchefstroom farm belonging to former North West premier and newly-elected National Council of Provinces chairperson, Thandi Modise. It appeared that the over 100 pigs, sheep, chickens and goats had been without water and food for a week, possibly two. It’s the worst farm cruelty that I've come across... The SPCA was called to Thandi Modise’s farm in the North West after receiving a tip-off that a

Created: 2014-07-07 Statistics

Whisman Needs a Neighborhood School

The Whisman area of Mountain View is under-served in our city with regards to a neighborhood school. Not one, but TWO of our neighborhood schools have been closed forcing our families to drive all over town to take their children to school. We have 611 elementary aged children and 0 public schools within walking distance. Our children deserve the right to walk or bike to school. Our neighborhood needs a local school to build community. Our homeowners deserve to see their property tax go towards

Created: 2014-02-01 Statistics

One Million to ban brutal massacre of Lions!

People are raising them.... Children play with these lion cubs in a petting zoo. Accustoming them to people and throwing them off their guard and fear...When they reach appropriate weight and size they are sedated and sentenced to death by well –paying tourist’s weapons.This is “CANNED HUNTING”.The most disgusting form to murder animals.In the recent six decades the number of lions has dropped in the World bellow 30 thousand from 400 thousand.The species is on the edge of extinction!The authori

Created: 2014-06-11 Statistics

SYFY, Sell the Copy Rights of Your Canceled Shows

  I made some petitions last year and mailed the copies out to different networks. But the answers were all the same. Even though the networks were interested, they needed the copy rights. So, the name of this petition says it all. I'm asking for your help in signing the petition and asking SYFY to sell the copy rights of their shows they've canceled since the Parent Company took over. I have seen so many fans of different shows still trying to convince SYFY to renew their favoriteshows. This w

Created: 2014-03-02 Statistics

Change the High School zoning for Silverton

The Children who live in Silverton, except for a small section by the Church Road area, attend Toms River Intermediate East for grades 6-8.  For High School, these students are forced to attend HS North due to the zoning of our neighborhood, even though the majority of students who attend Intermediate East go on to attend HS East.  Also, the entering freshman class for 2014 for HS North was around 600 students when the freshman class for HS East was around 300 students.  Why are we forcing our c

Created: 2014-10-20 Statistics