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No WCF on Single-Family Property

  HELP US PROTECT ALL RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOODS IN BELMONT FROM LARGE-STYLE WIRELESS COMMUNICATION FACILITIES (WCF) ON PRIVATE, SINGLE-FAMILY PROPERTIES    The reason we’re asking you, our fellow Belmont residents, to sign this petition is that we strongly believe that commercial-industrial facilities, like the one described below, do not belong on a property zoned for single-family residential use.      We believe that such a facility has no business on a private residence and have decided to s

Created: 2014-09-28 Statistics

Living versus Existing

To Whom It May Concern:   This petition is written as a letter as I am not an activist. I am a person with a concern about my health and the health of others like me. A few years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroid disorder. I was put on the generic Synthroid known as Levothyroxine. Over time, my numbers have been checked and there has been very little or no change. So, each time, my doctors will up the dosage and I am currently taking 112mcg. The bottom line is that my body doesn't respond to

Created: 2014-06-26 Statistics

All In - Investing in Respect

I pledge to give my all to respect others at all times. I will give 100% of my effort to ensure that my actions are leading to positive outcomes for myself and others.   As a child, I will respect my peers at all times.   As a young adult, I will respect my elders and my peers on social media and in my daily interactions. I will be an UPstander and demonstrate that kindness matters.   As an adult, I will exemplify respectful behavior worthy of admiration from the young people I influence each a

Created: 2014-02-24 Statistics

Bring back Rush USA network

Hey everyone we all know that Rush was cancelled for season 2. I re watched the series and like most people really enjoyed it. So I ask that everyone who supports the show to sign this petition and let USA know the support Rush has. Other shows in the past have been brought back so lets see if we can at least get a second season to tie up the final episode from season 1

Created: 2014-10-06 Statistics

Bringing Our Dogs Home

Our dogs were removed from our family home due to an incident that happened down the street. Our dogs have been raised around children and other family members. They have been declared as "Dangerous Dogs". They would never purposly harm someone. Please help us in our fight to bring our animals home.

Created: 2014-01-05 Statistics

Bring Back Longmire

Help me bring back the most watched show, Longmire, that A&E canceled. My goal is to reach as many signatures, comments so I can send the copies of this petiitonto either A&E or any other networks that can pick this back up.

Created: 2014-08-29 Statistics

bring back AMC and OLTL ABCTV!


Created: 2014-07-29 Statistics

To the Texas State Senate, Texas State Legislature Body and Driver Responsibility Program

This petition is a cry for help from the citizens of Texas, to abolish the surcharges and extra fees placed on driving violations. For fair price ceilings which are placed on fines connected to driving violations. Place fair steps on driver license suspensions where it will minimize impediment on an individual’s employment or availability to seek employment. Do not stop individuals from working; it is more expensive for the state to support an individual and their families though the use of foo

Created: 2014-08-24 Statistics

Anti Racism and Police Brutality

Support the anti racism and police brutality walk/protest. This event will be located at North Bank Park. The address is 301 west spring street Columbus Ohio 43215. It is along the Scioto River in downtown columbus. As African Americans in today's world we still get all our rights violated. Let's stand up as s people and show that we can come together for a positive cause. We should not be punished for the color of our skin! Also this is not only for African Americans. The definition of racism i

Created: 2014-08-17 Statistics

Baltimore City Council District 11

  To the Baltimore City Council and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake,    We the residents of the 11th District and the City of Baltimore do not believe the process to select our new City Council representative reflected the wishes of the residents of the district or the intent of the council to have the residents play a primary role in filling a vacant council seat.   Rather than engaging in a fully transparent and public process driven by residents of the 11th District, it appears that much of

Created: 2014-09-30 Statistics