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Hi! my names brianna but some of you may know me as BriannaxBeautyx on YouTube, and if you know me you know that I am a huge music lover and that music is a real passion of mine. Ever since I can remember I've always wanted to go to warped tour I love how it brought together all of my favorite bands and inspirations in one place. I really want to go to warped tour this summer my warped date would be in 14 days July 16th but I have one parents won't take me/ won't let me go. And I ne

Created: 2015-07-03 Statistics

Keep Coach Scott   North Polk alum,               As you may know, Coach Tron Scott has recently been under scrutiny for his coaching style. Parents question not only his techniques, but also how he treats his players. He is said to be a “bully” and plays “mind games”.  The article also says that Coach Scott coaches through “fear and intimidation”. Parents are demanding that North Polk remove hi

Created: 2015-03-26 Statistics

Why was Antonio Sanchez' Birdman score disqualified for an Oscar?

                                                                  We're concerned artists, composers, musicians and fans who wonder why the amazingly creative and ground-breaking drum score for Birdman by Antonio Sanchez was disqualified by the Academy. The answers the Academy gave for their extremely peculiar decision disagree with the facts. The Academy reasons for disqualification are below, followed by the facts. Academy: The biggest dramatic moments of the film were underscored by clas

Created: 2014-12-28 Statistics

Allow American Airline Pilots To Roll Over Their 401(k) Plans

Allowing the American Airline Pilots to roll over their current 401(k) plans to Individual IRAs, in lieu of them automatically being rolled over into the new Pilot Only 401(k) plan, gives the pilots much greater control of their financial futures. For instance, a “checkbook IRA” is a specialized platform that takes the standard self-directed IRA to the next level by giving it the power of checkbook control. In a standard self-directed IRA utilizing the custodian model, investors have to go throu

Created: 2015-07-21 Statistics


EUGENE R CARNEY (GG) DOB: 10/11/1964 Benner Township Philadelphia   It is unconstitutional to sentence a juvenile to life without the posbility of parole. The alleged crime was committed at the age of 16. Eugene has been in prison for 35 years. He was arrested in October 1981. He was charged with 1st degree murder. After serving over 35 years in prison Eugene is a changed man. He has accepted responsibility for his actions that led to his incarceration. About 2,570 juveniles are currently servin

Created: 2015-07-28 Statistics

Add SPELLS to Riot Fest 2015 Lineup

Riot Fest showcases amazing music, new and old. Listening to SPELLS is an amazing journey through punk rock history, from the early days to now. No contemporary band truly embodies the core essence of subversion, DIY and punk rock better. With high-energy songs about having fun, losing control, underachieving, and being "poor and weird", SPELLS is an amazingly twisted representation of what makes punk rock so captivating and keeps it relevant today. So let's get Denver's very own, kick-ass punk

Created: 2015-06-30 Statistics

Keep Tyler Gibson At West Muskingum High School

Tyler Gibson is now a junior at West Muskingum High School and plays for the varisty football team. Many of you may know him. Tyler is a great kid and has a heart of gold. I will keep this short and sweet. Tyler is in jeopardy of having to leave West Muskingum Schools to attend another school where he will know virtually nobody. I ask you from the bottom of my heart to just take second and sign the petition if you don't want to see Tyler leave West Muskingum. This isn't a garantee but it will he

Created: 2015-07-16 Statistics

Petition to Fedeen from the EK players

Dear Fedeen, we the players, are pretty fed up of your poor rewards and nonsensical decisions. Not only are your terrible decisions making the game worse, but you're costing your company money. What we want is more clarity in events and the month of events planned out on Facebook, so that we know what to expect. Let's talk about recent decisions, why they were bad and how they could have been better. World Tree... Both of the reward cards are truly terrible rewards, every one has dozens of those

Created: 2015-11-29 Statistics

Stop reproducing racist stereotypes!

This is a collection of signatures regarding the following complaint to Djurs Sommerland’s director. The complaint concerns their racist theme-park "Africa Land", which stereotypes and give a false and misleading impression of People of African Descent (PAD). Djurs Summerland is a children's theme park and has a responsibility to be appropriate in the message they send children. We believe this does not reflect at all in "African Land". To the Director of Djurs Sommerland:“We write on the behalf

Created: 2015-06-23 Statistics

turn off the lights

Bwood is trying to keep the lights on during the (black out) pep rally and I say that against tradition

Created: 2015-10-02 Statistics

USFA Referee Training

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Below is a letter that I have written to the USFA to request change.  I ask that you sign in support if you agree. Thanks for your time, Arkady Burdan   20 May 2015 Donald A. Anthony, Jr., Chairman and President of USA FencingMember of the Board of Directors of USA Fencing4065 Sinton Road, Suite 140Colorado Springs, CO 80907 Dear Mr. Anthony and Members of the Board of USA Fencing: I am writing to request a change in the way we train referees at major competitions. I

Created: 2015-05-21 Statistics

Justice for Buster!

Please help me get justice! I was shot by an East Peoria police officer for barking! This is getting out of hand. Please sign this to save the next dog from police brutality!!

Created: 2015-08-22 Statistics

Colorado State Board of Education

November 3, 2015 Colorado State Board of Education The Honorable:   Steve Durham, Angelika Schroeder, Valentina Flores, Joyce Rankin, Pam Mazanec, Debora Scheffel, Jane Goff, It has come to our attention that there are two important issues before you that will impact adult education programs that provide instruction for the high school equivalency diploma for years to come. Issue #1  -  We understand that the State Board of Education is considering dropping all rules at the department level, and

Created: 2015-11-04 Statistics


On April 3rd 2015, Taylor Knoebel, Matthew Widenhouses girlfriend, took over his instagram. Unfortunately he achieved his goal at getting it back ~ please sign this petition in order to get Matthew to give it back to Taylor. BRING taylor_knoebel2 BACK! 

Created: 2015-04-04 Statistics

Asbury Place Speed Limit Reduction & Sign

Dear Neighbor, It has been brought to the Asbury Place Home Owners Association Board of Directors that speeding remains an issue in Asbury Place (AP).  Currently, AP residents are supposed to abide by the city speed limit of 35 MPH. This is meant to be understood by all licensed drivers as there is no sign in the neighborhood that conveys this information. By law, when no sign is posted the city speed limit is to be obeyed. This petition is two-fold.  First, it has been discussed that the reduct

Created: 2015-05-22 Statistics

Renovate M. R. Sandidge Park

The children of Bandera have been playing at this park for years, and I think that we can all agree on this one simple fact, it hasn't really changed. Sure a few things have been taken out such as the gazebo, replaced with a picnic table, the see saws which are now just large, sharp, rusty peices of metal, and they put in that bench swing. But that is it. The playground is pretty close to being unfit to play on. As a parent I think I can vouch for most parents that this playground needs some ser

Created: 2015-06-03 Statistics

Reinstatement of Coach Brandon

We, the undersigned as concerned parents and financial supporters of Blue Tide Aquatics, request the immediate reinstatement of Brandon Siemasko as coach of Blue Tide Aquatics.     If the Board has a reasonable justification for the dismissal of Coach Brandon, we request a meeting for Blue Tide members to discuss the dismissal.

Created: 2015-05-29 Statistics

To allow bicycles at the "Wedge" Skate Park in Scottsdale.

Many of Scottsdale's local BMX riders are being discriminated against everyday, by not allowing bicycles at the "Wedge" Skate Park. It discrimminates and is unfair to allow scooters and skateboarders, but not bikers. We believe it is better for bikers to be in the park legally, than to be out and about grinding public ledges where it can cause property damage to our local businesses. If you agree please sign this petition and it will be forwarded to the Scottsdale city council.

Created: 2015-01-04 Statistics

Petition to remove hydrofluoric acid from California refineries

Petition summary and background: 615,524 residents of the Greater South Bay are at risk of death or serious irreversible health effects from an addicental release of modified hydrofluoric acid at the refineries.  Safe technology alternatives exist, namely solid acid catalyst, ionic alylation, and piped in or manufactured on site sulfuric acid. Action petitioned: We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to stop all use and storage of hydrofluoric acid by 2017 in

Created: 2015-08-27 Statistics

We want Bamon in TVD !!!

Because they make sense together. Because sometimes love is stronger than hate. Because together they can really be themselves. We want Bamon in season 6 !

Created: 2013-07-25 Statistics