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Stop SCE&G from raising our light bills

This latest 2.8% increase on our light bill is ridiculous. My light bill has doubled in the past month. Lights are a necessity not a luxury. There is no reason for them to keep taxing us like this. The government is supposed to protect us from monopolies. So why is SCE&G raising rates and nothing is being done? 

Created: 2015-09-24

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2015 261 261

Luciferian Church in old Town Spring

THIS CAN NOT HAPPEN! PUTTING A DEVIL CHURCH WILL BRING SPIRITUAL WARFARE WE COULDN'T NEVER IMAGINE! WE DO NOT WANT THIS AROUND OUR SCHOOLS, OUR CHILDREN, OUR HOMES AND OUR BUSINESSES!  We need to put a stop to this before the doors open on October 30th....which is great timing because it will be the 666th halloween!!!! This is not what we want around our children.Christians need to take a stand! Now is the time!

Created: 2015-10-08

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2015 260 259

Lower Costs of STD Screenings at the LC Student Health Center

The Lewis & Clark College Student Health Service provides access to basic health care to students of the three Lewis & Clark schools. Their stated goal is to "provide safe, quality health care for students in the Lewis & Clark community" ( One facet of that health care is STI screening. Most students are surprised to learn the high cost of STI screenings at the LC Student Health Center. The average combination of tests can cost between

Created: 2015-10-11

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2015 247 243

2016 ribbon cutting for the dog park in Natick

please add you name to the list of folks that support the opening and a ribbon cutting for the park to be located at the foot of Middlesex Path in Natick.  In 2016!

Created: 2015-09-12

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2015 242 242

GCSSD's Attendance Policy Should be Changed.

As parents in the GCSSD, we recognize the importance of attendance at school. However, the GCSSD attendance policy places undue hardships on families. Allowing only 5 parent notes per school year places families in the position of either sending sick children to school or forcing families to pay medical bills that they may not be able to afford. This policy should be modified to allow 5 parent days per semester. At a minimum, the policy should be amended to reflect partial days. Additionally, th

Created: 2015-03-20

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2015 234 234

Nassau County, Increase Funding to Save NICE Bus from Service Cuts!!

We're NICE Bus Riders of fixed-route buses and Able-Ride Paratransit calling an elected officials in Long Island, New York City, and New York State Gov Cuomo, Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano to increase funding for NICE Bus or otherwise dozens of low-ridership buses will be cut as of January 1st, 2016. If elected officials don't take action, possibly January 1st, 2016, Nassau County Bus Transit Committee which oversees NICE Bus operation is proposing to discontinue following bus route

Created: 2015-09-19

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2015 227 227

Reinstatement of Dean Branco and O'shell

All of the teachers involved in this situation have excellent reputations and would never do anything intentionally to hurt a child. They all have been with the school system collectively for 44 years and have never been accused of anything like this. Please show your support as they have families to care for. We are praying for them.  Please sign to show your support.

Created: 2015-10-01

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2015 227 225

Route 66 Gasconade Bridge: REPAIR, DON'T REPLACE

MoDOT (Missouri Department of Transportation), recently closed the 90 year old bridge over the Gasconade River near Hazelgreen, MO over safety concerns. While this will immediately impact travelers of Route 66, there is a serious risk MoDOT will demolish the old bridge and replace it with a more modern design. They also claim they want to move fast on this one, so support for preservation of the bridge is urgent at this point. The 1924 Gasconade bridge is eligible for the NRHP (National Register

Created: 2014-12-26

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2015 258 225

Skate Arena Mecca Support

This petition is to show our support for the old Skate Arena on Beach Blvd being completely re done and re opened for skating, ballroom dancing, mini golf and much much more! See the proposed floor plan below. 

Created: 2015-05-16

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2015 225 224

Bring Sienna Guillory back as Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 6

The last instalment of the Resident Evil franchise started filming last week in South Africa. A brief synopsis of the movie surfaced online not long ago, and the fans' worst fears became a reality: all the main characters from Retribution will be killed off screen in the first minutes of the final film. The first reactions to the news have been overwhelmingly negative, but what has really created an uproar among the fans is the exclusion (and off screen death) of Sienna Guillory's Jill Valentine

Created: 2015-09-20

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2015 590 205