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Ardabil is waiting for the train...

 Hi, after two decades from the starting day of Ardabil-Miyaneh Railway Foundation, the train hasn't reach to Ardabil yet! The people of the region have been hopeful since governments and parliament members made promises all these years but now we are aware that none of those were true. By the mean of this petition, we, the people of Ardabil, Call for all Iranians to help us reaching our voice to Parliament Members, Ministry of Roads & Urban Development and the President of Islamic Republic

Created: 2016-09-08 Statistics

Please release Jabba Flow and Dobra Doompa

We ask kindly for J.J.Abrams, Lin Manuel Miranda and Disney Music Publishing to release officially the 2 AMAZING CANTINA SONGS composed by J.J.Abrams and Lin Manuel Miranda and performed by SHAG KAVA. There will be a BIG DISTURBANCE IN THE FORCE without the release of these 2 amazing songs. 

Created: 2015-12-19 Statistics

Petition to remove hydrofluoric acid from California refineries

Petition summary and background: 615,524 residents of the Greater South Bay are at risk of death or serious irreversible health effects from an addicental release of modified hydrofluoric acid at the refineries.  Safe technology alternatives exist, namely solid acid catalyst, ionic alylation, and piped in or manufactured on site sulfuric acid. Action petitioned: We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to stop all use and storage of hydrofluoric acid by 2017 in

Created: 2015-08-27 Statistics

Remove Uniforms from The Lauderdale County Schools

Many parents and students of Lauderdale County Schools wish to abolish the current uniform dress code and replace it with a more fit code that allows our children to express themselves more freely with the choice of clothing and garments. It was understood by parents and faculty that the adoption of the uniform code would deter kids from bullying over non name brand apparel, but in hindsight many parents believe it has only added more financial stress and has had little to no impact on the conti

Created: 2016-12-07 Statistics

Fantage My Mall

I'm sure all of us can agree that My Mall is a complete waste of time and it's just old news now. A lot of us on Instagram and Facebook would agree that Trade N' Sell was much better than My Mall, the idea of bringing a new currency was completely ludacris and no one understands why. Many kids fall for the scammers which leads to kids being absolutely upset. And back onto the topic about Gold, it's a complete ask for more money. Of course, you kids are going to fall for it. You've made eCoins co

Created: 2016-01-22 Statistics

Jalyn Riddle for Executive President

We the body of Henry W. Grady High school are asking to return Jalyn Riddle to the position of Executive President. We believe the vote was fair and the decision was made by the student body. We feel as though removing Jalyn is unfair, after she was approved by the board to run for office because of a complaint. Jalyn had maintained a high GPA all years, she is a part of National Honors Society, She is the Captain of the dance team, and has performed numerous  acts to improve the  student body a

Created: 2016-09-29 Statistics

Stop Drugging Dr. Wang and Let The Case Go On

CR10-014889-T, State of Connecticut v. Wang,   Superior Court, New Haven District, Connecticut Stop Drugging Dr. Wang And Let The Case Go On          Dr. Lishan Wang, a father of three, was fired from Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in New York in 2008, the time for Dr. Wang to finish his 3 years resident was only six months away. He was charged in Dr. Vajinder Toor 's shooting death since 2010 and acted as his own attorney (pro se) for  all the duties and responsibilities in the case.        D

Created: 2015-11-12 Statistics

Take The Mascot Patch on The UC Bearcats New Red Uniforms Off

As you may have seen the University of Cincinnati just revealed their New Red Series uniforms for this year. The design of the overall uniform is actually really spot on and they look great. I have only one issue with the new jerseys and that is the Cartoon Bearcat Mascot patch on the shoulders. Jerseys are supposed to be sharp and clean and make you look intimidating. This patch looks cheesy and just makes us look like we have the chucky cheese mascot on our shoulders. Simplicity is key when de

Created: 2016-08-19 Statistics

Bring Magnum Home

This is Magnum. He was taken tby the RSPCA when i was taken into hospital (against my will by the mental health act, i was not given a chance to sort anything our for him). They claim he was neglected because there was rubbish in the house (in a room not used by Magnum or myself). I was suffering from depression and was not always able to get up and clean, but I was able always able to look after Magnum and feed him, train him, walk him and most importantly, love him. The vet confirmed that Magn

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Created: 2016-05-26 Statistics