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Mail stamp

I propose that a stamp is made with the image of Monica Puig, tennis champion and gold medalist at the Olympics " Rio 2016"

Created: 2016-08-14 Statistics

Save The Cimarron Neighborhood Sign

The Ken-Caryl Ranch Master Association (KCRMA) has established a goal of eliminating individual neighborhood signs. However, if homeowners in a neighborhood are willing to take on the responsibility and the modest cost of maintaining and replacing their sign when necessary, KCRMA will work with them to facilitate. The sign in Cimarron has been identified as one to be eliminated or transitioned into neighborhood responsibility. At least 141 (51%) of homeowners (one signature per household) in the

Created: 2016-07-01 Statistics

New Rock City

  Hi Rockers! This is a petition for Picadilla about the TIMED QUESTS and CHALLENGES. The Quest/Challenges are too close together & people have started not doing the Challenges because there's too much crafting doing both at the same time! It's discouraging the new players and most of them won't hang around like we have... We have heard repeatedly that the game is losing the fun it used to have & is now feeling like a full time job trying to complete both. No one can sit at their compute

Created: 2016-06-29 Statistics

Neighbors Against Windstream

For many of us around the North Central Florida region we know all to well the horrible service that is provided to us by Windstream.  Everyday we must fill out the same forms over and over, because half way through your internet disconnected.  Many people in our area can not even watch a youtube video unless it is at 144p.  Netflix stops 10-15 times during a movie, and lets not forget the gamers whom are tired of having 150ms+ pings.  Then there are somethings that are more serious.  As a compu

Created: 2014-02-21 Statistics

Promote Jer Polk to Executive V.P. of PWX

Many of you know Jer Polk as a pro wrestling afficianado. Over the last few years, Jer has hosted a weekly wrestling podcast for Indy Power Rankings, specifically focusing on Indy wrestling in the Southeast. Jer is also the senior editor for the website. When it comes to Indy wrestling,  with a specific  focus on the southeast, no one is more qualified for the Executive Vice President role, than Jer Polk, himself. Sign the petition,  and lets get Jer promoted to Executive Vice Preside

Created: 2016-07-25 Statistics

AT&T - Full Coverage All of the Time

As AT&T customers we expect full coverage 100% of the time. Coverage is defined by being able to make or receive a call without out the call dropping and we are not constantly asking, "can you hear me"? We should expect three or more "bars" if your coverage map shows you cover an area. Anything less puts your customers in jeopardy of poor voice service. If you expect your customers to pay their monthly statement on time and in full then we expect the following: 1. If your coverage map shows

Created: 2016-09-03 Statistics

Game of Thrones eyeshadow palette

If you are a makeup lover who also happens to love Game of Thrones and you would love to own a limited edition Game of Thrones eyeshadow palette, then please sign this petition! Let's get the word to cosmetic companies everywhere that this is not only something we would love, but that there is a high demand for this product! I personally would love to see an entire collection of GoT makeup, but I think starting with an eyeshadow palette would be perfect. And epic!!! 

Created: 2016-07-21 Statistics

Save the 29 trees lining Ladies Mile Highway, Queenstown, NZ

Please sign this petition to save the 29 trees lining Ladies Mile Highway in Queenstown from being cut down. The Delta Power Company says they need to be cut down as they are growing in to overhead powerlines.  Surely there is a better solution to this such as moving the lines or putting them underground. The trees create one of the most elegant approaches to any town in New Zealand. Click to read the news article:

Created: 2016-02-05 Statistics

Keep Kevin Truman LaVack in Michigan with family

The undersigned are the family of Kevin Truman LaVack. We havent been able to visite or interact with Kevin in over a year for most of us. Laura Ann LaVack is trying to take Kevin Truman LaVack out of state. Her reasoning is so he can be closer to family, all 3 members of family he has in Louisiana. Kevin has the family members listed below right here in Michigan, and we are willing/ wanting to see and interact with Kevin at moments notice. Laura has not only stripped Kevin from his father Casey

Created: 2016-08-02 Statistics


If this petition gets enough signatures than Toxic will reveal his gender.

Created: 2016-08-01 Statistics