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Alan Sudduth has been wrongfully incarcerated for years. After his sentence was vacated based on actual innocence to murder and robbery. But the courts are ignoring the interest of justice because of a procedural default claiming he filed too late. Alan deserves to come home to his family and friends. If you agree please sign this petition so we can help make that happen. Thank you and God bless.

Created: 2015-05-30 Statistics

Free Willie Minor wrongfully accused a death row inmate

Willie Minor was wrongfully accused of a crime in 1995 he did not committ.Approximately,one hour after arriving home to attend to his son Ebius Jennings ,and relieving the mother who was taken care him all day of her duties.He never knew returning home would forever alter his life..With in minutes after arriving home the mother Lakeisha Jennings immediately left stating the child was asleep. She returned home about an half an hour later. Willie suggested that she check on Ebius it was not normal

Created: 2015-04-21 Statistics

The ban on fox flushing and terrier work

  To the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic and the Czech Senate. We, the undersigned citizens disagree with the cruel and unnecessary tradition and we demand a complete ban on the so-called fox flushing, including testing of fox hunting hounds. We require adding an appendix to the Hunting Act no. 449/2001 § 45 paragraph 1 on banned hunting methods and adding the letter x) (banning :) hunting underground, including hunting with the aid of hounds discharged under the grou

Created: 2015-04-16 Statistics


This morning my four month old puppy was beaten to death just because he left the yard for 15min!We were at all veterinary stations, police, veterinary institute, communal police and they all turned their backs to us. I beg you honestly, please help me to stop this monster!Sign the petition, help us to do something, I've loved this little angel!I truly thank you,- pregnant owner Alexandra Dimitrijević.How it all happened: puppy left the yard with my other two dogs, they broke the gate behind a h

Created: 2015-02-07 Statistics

Cloud 9 sequel

Who ever wants a new movie of cloud 9 ( a sequel and cloud 9 is made by disney) then sign this petition

Created: 2014-03-01 Statistics


Dear Sony Entertainment Network and Insomniac Games   Please re-open the Resistance's servers We want to continue to play Resistance games, so people from all resistance , please sign this petition, and let's try our best, to keep our beloved Resistance 2 online after the closure date 08/04/2014.   We are willing to cooperate to maintain the Resistance's servers online.   Resistance was one of the best selling platform games ever created and sold. Thousand's of people still play Resistance. Hund

Created: 2014-01-10 Statistics

End Water Fluoridation in Buffalo NY

Water is necessary not only for drinking, but also for food production and preparation, personal hygiene, care of the sick, cleaning, washing, waste disposal and care of domestic animals. Access to safe drinking water is a basic human right. It is now known that the policy of fluoridation of drinking water supplies is unsafe and places an unacceptable health burden on people and an unsustainable impact on the environment. While the practice of fluoridation of drinking water was intended to have

Created: 2013-08-27 Statistics

Wattpad Mature Writers

I have put this petition together for all of us who are mature writers on Wattpad. I know that there have been other petitions, but Wattpad still hasn't made any changes. When I contacted them they said they were looking into makingchanges. But I, and many others feel that looking into and actually making changes are two very different things!We love to use Wattpad, and for many of us it's not just about the writing, it's about making friends as well. So we don'twant to use any other site, but w

Created: 2012-04-25 Statistics

Bring back PHINEAS AND FERB!!!

This is a petition to the creators of phineas and Ferb to bring back PHINEAS AND FERB!!! To the creators. Think of all the hearts your breaking and you can't fix it by making a new show that says it brings a new meaning to the best day ever! Millions maybe even billions of people have come to know and love phineas and  Ferb. These characters have grown in our hearts and lives . They have encouraged creativity in many children across the world. Please consider bringing back your show and making u

Created: 2016-12-28 Statistics

The Voices for the Voiceless

Animal cruelty is a growing problem all around the world. From dog fighting to animal hoarding, its a national crisis that is destroying the lives of thousands of animals. Whether it be cats, dogs, rabbits, or even chickens, these creatures are being beaten and abused and are given these horrible lives. They have no voice, they didn't choose this life, they did nothing wrong, all they did was love us, their human, their owner, their person, unconditionally, and we let them down, we broke them, w

Created: 2016-12-27 Statistics

Freemugs (also gina and frieda)


Created: 2016-12-08 Statistics

Mission Get Kayla Off The Scrooge List

I have been identified as a "Scrooge" by Ryan, aka Ballz. He has placed me on the Wall of Scrooges, which is highly offensive because I AM NOT A SCROOGE. I am, in fact, a lover of Christmas. Please help me by signing this petition to remove my name from the Scrooge list. Thank you in advance, Kayla

Created: 2016-12-08 Statistics

Q5 at Rambling Man Fair 2017!

US hard rock/heavy metal band Q5, famous for its classic debut release "STEEL THE LIGHT", and it's follow up release "WHEN THE MIRROR CRACKS", have recently released their critically acclaimed new album "NEW WORLD ORDER" via Frontiers Music, Srl. With this release, Q5 are working hard to bring NEW WORLD ORDER to Rambling Man Fair....but we need your help to secure a much-coveted position in the festival line-up!!!! Sign this petition, and let the promoters know that you want Q5 at RAMBLIN MAN FA

Created: 2016-12-05 Statistics


Bring back the president of our grade and a true friend . Jack Pilon 2036

Created: 2016-11-17 Statistics

Impeach the Trump party

Created: 2016-11-10 Statistics

Make Sentralbadet a House for the Stage Arts in Bergen Now

The cultural city of Bergen has developed greatly and been actively nurtured for at least two decades now. However, in recent years there has been some reason for concern and the situation is deteriorating for the stage arts in particular . BIT Teatergarasjen has been without a proper venue for nine years now, since 2008. Two years from now Carte Blanche - The Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance - will be homeless as well, and lack the facilities to produce and show performances in

Created: 2016-10-26 Statistics

Make 9/11 a national holiday.

It has been 15 years since this horrific terrorist attack took place. Fifteen years since 3000+ people lost their lives. Its time to remember this loss of life, with a national holiday. These police, firefighters, and people on the planes, and in the towers need to never be forgotten. Its time .....time for them to be remembered, time for them to be honored. Not for just a few hours, but forever. Please sign my petition to make 9/11 a national holiday.

Created: 2016-09-11 Statistics


We the undersigned residents of the surrounding areas in the Fish Hoek District request that action be taken against the increasing number of squatters occupying illegally built shacks on Blackhill.     Over the past few months the following has been observed:   The squatters have been found in possession of stolen goods and drugs on a previous SAPS raid.   Capri residents with CCTV overlooking the Tobago Way path repeatedly see suspicious people carrying goods at all hours of the day and night

Created: 2016-08-19 Statistics

Keep Mainstreet Electrical Parade at Disneyworld Resort

Disney plans to end this iconic nighttime display of lights, characters and entrancing music. Please join me today in signings this Petition I created to tell Disney we don't want this to go!

Created: 2016-08-13 Statistics

Bring back The Finder

The Finder was a tv show on FOX that was canceled in May 2012. It was loved by fans and it should never have been cancelled. Please sign this petition to convince FOX to bring The Finder back.

Created: 2016-07-24 Statistics