Most popular petitions in USA in 2016

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Preservation of Italian language at Jyväskylä University

Italian kielen säilyttäminen Jyväskylän yliopistossa. Jyväskylän yliopisto aikoo luopua italian oppiaineesta kokonaan. Tällä hetkellä Jyväskylän yliopisto on ainoa yliopisto Helsingin pohjoispuolella, jossa on mahdollista opiskella italian kieltä aineopintotasolla, ja valmistua romaanisen filologian maisteriksi italia kieleen liittyvällä gradulla.    Jos näin tapahtuisi, yliopistotasoinen italian kielen ja kulttuurin opetus olisi rajoitettu vain Turun ja Helsingin yliopistoihin. Italian niemimaa

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Created: 2016-05-01 Statistics

Open letter to the Prime Minister and the Government of the Republic of Poland

Premier Rządu RP Beata SzydłoKancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrów Aleje Ujazdowskie 1/3, 00-583 Warszawa fax: +48 (22) 694 70 53, e-mail:   Open letter to the Prime Minister and the Government of the Republic of Poland   I support the Bill on Farmer's Food Sales and the change of other connected acts:$file/8-020-67-2016.pdfIt provides conditions for the sale of food from farmers' own crops, processed by farmers in a tradi

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Bring Emmaus Summer Parks Program Back

Emmaus cancelled the Summer Parks Program this year and we want it back!

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Call of action against excessive requirements for NYS boxing even

Call of action against excessive insurance requirements for New York State Boxing events . These new requirements have crippled the boxing industry in New York State, pushing promoters out of state and in some cases , pushing them out of business all together . Please note , due to the new insurance regulation , there are NO scheduled professional boxing events on the New York State Athletic Commissions calendar for the remaining year. An organization called Coalition Against Unnecassary Boxing

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Savanah Valley Utility District overcharging

This petition is for all Savanah Valley Utility District customers. This will be our voice in asking SVUD (Savanah Valley Utility District) to take responsibility and try and explain why several residents in the Ooltewah area have experienced higher water bills in the past two month. Some bills reaching $700 and $900 dollars.   When customers contact SVUD they are told by SVUD that it is due to a drought when history will show that they had several service issues in the past according to their o

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KEEP President Elect Trump

Petition against the Petition for the Electoral College to Elect Hillary! Never has the Electoral College voted against the candidate that won the most electoral votes.   Please sign  

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Off-leash dog parks SLC

We are asking Salt Lake County and the incorporated cities in the Salt Lake Valley to provide more areas where dogs can safely run and play off-leash.  There is an extremely limited amount of dog parks with sufficient space and amenities to service all of the dog owners thoughout the valley.  With the new boundaries at Tanner Park and the increasing amount of limitations in the Canyons and Foothills, it is becoming more and more difficult for dog owners to find convenient areas where they can g

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Impotriva eutanasierii dupa 14 zile la Adapost Public Moinesti

[English below] Va rog semnati aceasta petitie care atesta ca sunteti impotriva implementarii legii comform careia cateii din Adapostul Public Moinesti ar trebui sa fie eutanasiati dupa 14 zile.  Luni , 15 Februarie este o dezbatere publica privind aplicarea acestei legi la adapostul Moinesti- SEMNATI ACUM DACA SUNTETI IMPOTRIVA, inainte de sedinta !  Cateii adusi in adapost au nevoie de mai mult de 14 zile pentru a putea fi sterilizati , vaccinati si apoi adoptati de oamenii din oras sau din af

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Help Reduce Gender Bias Ideology In School

   The fact that males attending Red Oak High School are not permitted to wear earrings during school (punishable offense) has recently been brought to my attention during a class meeting orated by Dr. Doug Funk, our school's principal. While I can understand, slightly, why someone would instill this rule (ear jewelry has been known as a way for males to silently express sexual preference in the past), no one can deny the fact that this is indeed teaching high schoolers to conform to sexist idea

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