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Boycott Lauren's wedding

#boycottlaurensweddingfortryingtoboycottthenfl Lauren is a bad bad person. We are boycotting her wedding to make sure our sweet sweet jared isn't tainted by her awful ways! She is going to hell for smearing the NFL.

Created: 2017-08-04 Statistics

Motivate my mom to drive me to see A Good Boy™

My mom basically drives my friends and i everywhere, which is really sweet. Sometimes i'll be really good like clean my room/the house jus to give her another reason to spend a few hours in the car with me so i can see Nico, but she is running low on motivation at the moment. The woman deserves lots more respect and appreciation from me (+ my friends).Nico is a blessing upon this earth and i have only been able to see them a few times over the past fee years. They live a bit farther than the maj

Created: 2017-07-21 Statistics

Stop summer reading

I want to stop summer reading, if I can't stop it I already want to change the curriculum. I shouldn't be expected to waste my time in the summer reading a book I don't care about, it's taking time away from my day and keeping me from my family and friends. Some of us are slow readers and books that seem useless to us take longer to read. This summer I have to read the life of Fredrick Douglas. I'm sure this book is something that I can learn from but  there are millions of other books I would b

Created: 2017-07-13 Statistics

Consider High School Musical as our Spring Musical

Sign this if you believe we should at least consider high school musical as our spring musical... please don't hate us Nadessa

Created: 2017-07-01 Statistics

One way street by FUMC

As a mother of two small children, it is my duty to keep them healthy and safe. I keep them healthy by providing a roof over their head, food to help them grow, and have them in daycare to help provide them with a bright future. How can I keep them safe? I keep them safe in all ways possible, but if when I pick them up from their day care I'm scared one of my children or one of their friends will get hit by a car speeding past the day care with cars parked in both directions on both sides of Eas

Created: 2017-06-20 Statistics

Save Sutherland Ultimate

Please enter your information into this petition to bring back the keffers to Sutherland ultimate.

Created: 2017-05-30 Statistics

Garrett needs a Sunkist sponsor

I am a thirsty boy. I drink Sunkist nearly every day. I believe it is one of the greatest beverages next to water. Yet when I guzzle it down I am still thirsty. As if I have kissed the sun... By gaining a Sunkist sponsor I will have endless supplies of the beverage and I will never feel dehydrated again. Please help

Created: 2017-03-28 Statistics

Bigger cloths for bigger people

Hello I am a young girl standing up for bigger people not just women but men as well...I go to stores like (Walmart, Kmart, Target, ECT ECT ) and many other places that have yes big cloths but not the size some people need most stores go up to at least a size 3X but lots more people need a size 5X or bigger and I have not none of these stores have these sizes and it's right it is a discrimination against bigger guys (and girls) this upsets me and I'd like to see change right away there needs to

Created: 2017-03-02 Statistics

Traps aren't gay

Traps are not gay okay

Created: 2017-02-21 Statistics

Keep Queenie's Hair

Please don't let Queenie's hair get cut. It's too pretty.  

Created: 2017-02-16 Statistics

Making Krizelle the Owner of a Shiba Puppy

Hello. I am Krizelle. Let me tell you a story about my lifetime desire for a puppy since I was 7. That's my story. I've been wanting a puppy since I was 7 and my mother has been promising me one for years but she has never delivered. I have just recently found the shiba puppy of my dreams and it HAS to be mine but my mother is thinking too hard about it. This is unfair. Please support the cause.

Created: 2017-02-01 Statistics

STOP BILL 89 - Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, 2016.

Bill 89 – Another Attack on the Family by the Province of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne of Ontario mounted her high horse again to further impose her ideological views on innocent children by way of recently introduced Bill 89, Bill 89 affirms Ms. Wynne’s belief that children belong to the State, not to their parents. During her term of office, she has done everything in her power to separate the children from their natural family. Premier Wynne previously forced children to submit to her per

Created: 2017-01-30 Statistics

Horizon Organic Milk Straws

The horizon organic milk straws are rediculois. They don't puncture the lid, and they fall through. It is ridiculous and we want a change. 

Created: 2017-01-28 Statistics


Please STAY at Chelsea Diego Costa!

Created: 2017-01-14 Statistics

Support for Judge Roy Moore

It seems to me that we have come to time of separation. Whether religious, racial or what may you. But its time for the American peoples to stand up and stand for something right and justice. Our representative, Judge Roy Moore, the man who stood up for our 10 Commandment in Alabama. The man whose gone to congress and fought to the people, stood up for his rights, our rights as citizens. And the government has decided because he did stand against a minority to throw him out and strip him of his

Created: 2016-09-30 Statistics

Closure of scam website

The owner of magnus vollen an his accomplices have stolen hundreds of thousands in USD from online gamers If not more . I was there most recent victim there are many others who were caught the same way by the middleman of player trade AKA magnus Vollen from Norway . I lost my game of war account after I gave him my login an waited for the fake buyer to pay . The buyer never paid an he took my account . So I tried to get him to sell it to me they used playertrade again I notified

Created: 2016-07-08 Statistics

Demand for a HIM - Venus Doom vinyl to be pressed.

It is common knowledge that Venus Doom is the only HIM album to not get a vinyl release; this is painful for vinyl fanatics and collectors that listen to the band. In 2017, it will be the album's 10th anniversary, and so it would be very fitting for Sire to finally do this - potentially this could also tie into Record Store Day 2017 to celebrate both the album anniversary and indie record stores. To achieve this, I'm wanting as many legit signatures as possible with the next 6 months or so... A

Created: 2016-04-20 Statistics

Justice for Diamond

James Leroy Evans committed a horrific crime.  He raped and then hung, a 3 yr. old pit bull named Diamond.  Diamond was a service dog that provided emotional support for an 8 year old boy, who is related to James Leroy Evans.  A veterinarian that examined her body, said that the dog had been severely sexually abused and the official cause of death is asphyxiation. An animal control officer said that the degree of violence that this animal went through before her death is probably one of the wors

Created: 2016-04-16 Statistics

Devinov Zakon

Da uspe ono sto smo naumili

Created: 2016-01-28 Statistics

Support HR 2619 & Join the COPD Caucus

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our US Representatives for their support of HR 2619, the Medicare Respiratory Therapists Access Act and to join the COPD Caucus.  We urge our US Senators for their support for the introduction of a Senate companion bill to HR 2619, the Medicare Respiratory Therapists Access Act and to join the COPD Caucus. HR 2619 would change the Medicare law to allow certain highly qualified respiratory therapists to provide much needed pulmonary self-manage

Created: 2014-08-20 Statistics