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Discovery Channel-Bring back Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe

Bring back Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe Welcome to Dirty Jobs, the Discovery Channel series that profiles the unsung American laborers who make their living in the most unthinkable - yet vital - ways. Our brave host and apprentice Mike Rowe will introduce you to a hardworking group of men and women who overcome fear, danger and sometimes stench and overall ickiness to accomplish their daily tasks. Not one to just stand by, each week, Rowe will assume the duties of the jobs he's profiling, working a

Created: 2013-12-13 Statistics

End Water Fluoridation in Buffalo NY

Water is necessary not only for drinking, but also for food production and preparation, personal hygiene, care of the sick, cleaning, washing, waste disposal and care of domestic animals. Access to safe drinking water is a basic human right. It is now known that the policy of fluoridation of drinking water supplies is unsafe and places an unacceptable health burden on people and an unsustainable impact on the environment. While the practice of fluoridation of drinking water was intended to have

Created: 2013-08-27 Statistics

Naples Velo Group Ride Safety Petition

Naples Velo Group Ride Safety Petition We all enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie of riding with other Club and Community members in areas surrounding this incredible place we call home.  Group rides have been and will always be a key component of the road cycling culture .... a component that we value immensely and thoroughly enjoy. Arriving home safely from all group rides is of paramount importance to all of us. Accidents happen and accidents CAN be traumatic; accidents CAN be life-threateni

Created: 2012-06-25 Statistics

Cellular Tower in Blue River, WI

As citizens of Blue River, we are requesting that US Cellular provide the Village of Blue River with adequate cellular coverage throughout the entire town. As citizens, we all know that cellular coverage throughout Blue River is spotty at best. Please remedy this situation for us all.

Created: 2010-12-05 Statistics

More Bikes Lanes in Staten Island

In Staten Island the streets are crowded with cars and it's hard to ride bikes. Here are 10 good reasons why we need more bikes lanes Bike lanes support and encourage bicycling as a means of transportation. Bike lanes remind drivers that bicyclists are roadway users, too. Bike lanes help define road space for bikes and for cars, promoting a more orderly flow of traffic. Bike lanes remove slower-moving bikes from vehicular traffic lanes, reducing delay for drivers. Bike lanes are a visual remind

Created: 2017-12-30 Statistics

Help save Lulu and Jackie

Help save two innocent dogs who are looking at being destroyed by Broome Rangers. these two dogs, mother and daughter, are both well behaved trained pets. over the last 6 months the house has experienced numerous break ins, resulting in the dogs being attached with poles and fists. Due to these experiences, the dogs have since become afraid and scared of people, hiding under the house when people enter. These dogs have not hurt, injured or killed any other pet or human and should not face being

Created: 2017-12-11 Statistics

Move the Latin test to Tuesday!!!

We are all gonna fail if we don’t sign this 

Created: 2017-12-08 Statistics

Would you support the 2018-2019 Abu Dhabi National Pro as a competidor, coach, or parent?

Vamos por mas! Firma este petiticion confirmando su apoyo para otro National Pro en 2018. 

Created: 2017-12-04 Statistics

Cancel rick and morty

Please lets all stand together and canxel this filth this show is an insult to everyone with good morals togather we can do it think of the children 

Created: 2017-08-14 Statistics

The Impeachment of Donald Trump

I think that Donald Trump has really done nothing for the American people. All he has done is take, take, take, and has given nothing to the American people. Me along with millions of other people are truly sick of him and his administration. I don't understand why he wanted to take food stamps and Obama Care away and now he has banned the Transgendered community from serving in the military. Trump is not a good fit for America. His leadership is not cutting it and we are tired of this administr

Created: 2017-07-26 Statistics

Stop Hothead Game send rewards after 24 hours in KSB!!! HH must stop players with mode!

As we all know, in alliance war the opponents were always difficult to kill, need latest weapons and required countless power ups or consumables. They've recently implemented a way to increase War Ratings making opponents even more difficult to kill. This will make players spend even more gold with regards to energy and more power ups trying to kill these opponents.At the end of all the preparation, finally AW begins. You and your friends do not sleep and play 21/24 hours! In the end you are tir

Created: 2017-07-26 Statistics

CCPlease - "I have been, and always shall be, your friend."

I, Jurius Doctor, and the undersigned, petition Crowd Control Productions (dba CCP Games) to label of the presently unnamed planetary fracking ores "Nemoyvite" in honour of Leonard Simon Nemoy, RIP. I can think of no more fitting honour to the memory of a man who has played a great of science fiction, and who, on the destruction and rebirth of a planet, played a character immortalized by his return from the dead. Who has, in his personal life, forwarded the arts through photography, writing, mus

Created: 2017-07-20 Statistics

Hope Gets Her Puppy

Created: 2017-07-17 Statistics

colin should get a puppy

Hi I've been trying to get a puppy for over 2 years , and my mother won't let me . Let's all come together and show her that I deserve to get a puppy

Created: 2017-07-17 Statistics

to stop mnet


Created: 2017-06-17 Statistics

Moira Secondary School- Save our school

May 15, 2017 We the students, parents and friends of Moira Secondary School respectfully request that the Hastings Prince Edward District School Board and the Trustees keep this school open. Moira has a diverse and multi-cultural community including the students of the Mohawks of Quinte and other Indigenous communities. Local business, community agencies and other schools will be greatly affected by this school's closure. Thank you for your attention to this matter.  

Created: 2017-05-15 Statistics

Appeal for vote of no confidence in Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström

As Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Margot Wallström has been an unmitigated catastrophe regarding the prospects of peace between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs. From the very day she took office as Foreign Minister and her government’s first policy statement, Margot Wallström has consistently pursued active discrimination against Israel and has equally effectively painted Sweden into a corner, without any possibility of positively impacting the relationship between Israelis and the Palestinian Arab

Created: 2017-05-10 Statistics

Honouring our World Champions

Jack Fan and Katie Xu are Special Olympic skaters from the Goulbourn Skating Club.  The recently travelled to Austria to compete in the Worlds.   They both received 3 medals each.  They are gold medal champions who deserve to be honoured.   Let's name Rink "A" from the Goulbourn Rec Centre after them.  They have skated at the rink for years and it only seems right to name it after them.  Please help me show how much we honour them.  

Created: 2017-04-18 Statistics

Vivian Jackson Inside The Rainbow Skating Rink

To build a State of The Art new skating rink on the Eastside of Buffalo, NY. It’s time that we come together and do a NEW thing for our children/ community. Inside The Rainbow Roller Skating R ink- to provide a rich, secure, safe and inspirational atmosphere for children to grow, learn and enhance their social and perspective outlooks. also, to bring love & hope to our eastside community. This will benefit the children of all ages, gender, and race. It’s time we bring something good & ne

Created: 2017-04-16 Statistics

Andrew Takes Over Ben's Place In As It Is

As we all know, Andrew is *clearly* the better Biss so here's a petition to have him replace Ben in As It Is

Created: 2017-04-12 Statistics