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We want Robbie Mitchell working back at Walmart

Walmart in Angleton Texas fired him because his van broke down and when he got back to work they fired him for not calling in and he did. Hes been with the company for 22yrs we want him back he's a great guy that deserves better then this 

Created: 2017-11-29 Statistics

Stop Hothead Games' predatory marketing practices in KSB!!!

Given the current state of affairs in Kill Shot Bravo (KSB), we are attempting to gauge the level of discontent or unhappiness amongst the players. On a weekly basis, Hothead Games (HHG) has either implemented or removed some aspect of the game which only benefits them financially. Recently, the only move we've seen to help the KSB community as a whole were the elimination of mod apks back in early April. While this change was appreciated, frankly it was 10 months overdue. It's the responsibilit

Created: 2017-07-18 Statistics

Change the laws on sexual offenders of children in our Schools

We the parents and students of Canajoharie School District in upstate NY have been impacted by something that should never have been allowed to happen.  A level 2 registered sex offender, a PEDOPHILE, convicted of sexually harming a nine year old, was allowed to walk amongst our precious children, in their very own school. (Headstart-8 grade) Unfortunately this was allowed because of the way the law is now currently written. This man was not charged for engaging our children in conversation, wri

Created: 2017-01-26 Statistics

Petition in favor of American Dream Miami Shopping, Dining, Cultural and Family Entertainment Center

We ask people living in South Florida (especially Miami Dade County residents) to please electronically sign attached petition, indicating you support American Dream.  --------------------------------------------- PETITION IN THE STRONG SUPPORT OF THE AMERICAN DREAM PROJECT I live in Florida.I live in the vicinity of American Dream economic development project. See American Dream rendering above.My full name, address, e mail is listed on this petitionI am well briefed on the details and how bea

Created: 2017-02-27 Statistics

Help create a Colorado License plate to Support West Point

The West Point societies of Denver and of the Pikes Peak Region and the West Point Parents Club of Colorado are trying to raise awareness of the nation's premier Leadership institution. Having a special license plate will help recognize those who have attended or are attending West Point. Funding derived from the sale of these plates will be used within Colorado on programs such as Denver Society's Leadership and Ethics Seminar for teenagers. Having access to own a Support West Point Special lic

Created: 2017-12-06 Statistics

Mario Hayes Park

 On behalf of Buff City Sports and the Hayes family we are in great need and interested in renaming Howlett Park after Mario Hayes. Mario has been an uncrownd stampede in the Buffalo youth community. Mario has worked hard since 2006 to maintain a viable,successful youth organization. Mr. Hayes has dedicated over fifty man hours weekly by volunteering his time,hard work and energy with making sure his youths are succeeding on  off the field. Scholastics was a touchy mentoring subject for him,that

Created: 2017-02-08 Statistics

Keeping Kourtlynn

#keepingkourtlynn #fightingforkourtlynn  February 10th 2017, sweet  Kourtlynn Klise was brought into my this world. Her parents both drug users & homeless quickly had cps involved. Trisha McCray (babys cousin) was given Kourtlynn for 2.5weeks. At that point a family friend of Trisha McCrays was given the baby until this last court hearing. The childs mother & father have choosen to give this child to complete strangers rather than handing over this girl to her very loving big sister Nico

Created: 2017-03-09 Statistics

Abby's Chickens

hello! My name is Abby Hittman. I am five years old and a few months back my papa gave me twenty dollars.  I took that twenty dollars and bought three chicken hens to add to our family. Susie, Rosie, and Betty AKA Chickelatta are my three hens. I take care of them daily, I take their eggs from their hen house each day, let them play outside in our fenced in yard, and feed them treats.  They are part of my family. The other day my family and I were informed that we can no longer have chickens. My

Created: 2017-05-15 Statistics

To reinstate Mr. Scott Hakes as a teacher and coach

On January 26, 2017 Mr. Scott Hakes was suspended for two weeks because of a very mild and harmless mistake. The following day he was suspended from his job indefinitely over false accusations. Mr. Hakes is a good man and has impacted many lives. If you have ever met or had Mr. Hakes as a teacher please sign this petiton.

Created: 2017-01-30 Statistics

Re-name foreriver bridge to Robert Harvey bridge

Good morning,      My name is Stan Westland, I'm proposing a name change of the foreriver bridge to now be called the Robert Harvey bridge. The foreriver bridge has been gone for years now and the new bridge is partially opened, as many people may remember the tragic death of local resident Robert Harvey who was killed removing the Goliath crane, along with many others we feel it's a new bridge and it would be a great idea to change the name to the Robert Harvey bridge to keep his name alive, Bo

Created: 2017-08-18 Statistics