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Petition urging FISA to preserve lightweight rowing

 Please sign this petition urging:  FISA to work to increase universality in rowing by preserving a significant lightweight program at the Olympic Games, and at the very least to maintain the number of olympic medals for lightweight men’s rowing.    FISA to work to improve gender equality in rowing and to expand opportunities also for women in rowing by adding a women’s lightweight event that would allow as many women as possible to row so to emphasize the characteristics of team spirit that is

Created: 2016-10-19 Statistics

Belding / Greenville annual football matchup.

Neighboring towns Belding and Greenville schools have matched up for the last 99 years. As we reach our 100 yr anniversary Belding superintended feels it is no longer acceptable.  As most everyone knows the mascot for Belding is also changing.  Lets celebrate 1 century before everyrhing changes.  The annual game has been tradition for 99 years longer than any of us have been alive. As with anything there is good and bad with everything. It feels as though the reasoning for canceling was by diggi

Created: 2017-02-05 Statistics

The white moose in Sweden is saved - no more names necessary on this petition

The police have decided to allow hunting on the world-famous white moose found in the forests between Charlottenberg and Gunnarskog in Sweden. The reason is an incident with a woman and two dogs. We, who sign this petition want the decision to be removed and that the white moose may live a long life in his forest in western Värmland. A wild animal should not be punished with death because it responds in accordance with its natural instincts.   NOTE! Sign the petition here on the right side. You

Created: 2017-11-13 Statistics

Class of 2018 Senior Parking at Westwood HS

Dear Mr. Acosta, Many of us parents and students are confused as to the logic behind the sudden removal of the hierarchy system that has been in place for the parking lots at Westwood.  The class of 2018 has suffered through many parking woes ever since they started driving and we were looking forward to finally having senior priority and guaranteed parking in the main lot.  Many of us have had student drivers (children and siblings) at Westwood, and while the permits and rules have changed for

Created: 2017-08-09 Statistics

Sickle Cell Warriors: Taking Our Stand!

This is not a petition, but a Statement of Action.  If you want to see an end to injustice and discrinmination against SCD Patients in the hosptials/clinics across the US, please add your name stating that you are joining with the Warrior community as we #TakeOurStand! For years, Warriors in the sickle cell community have been encouraged to be patient, to be silent, to endure. Out of fear of repercussion we have learned to smile, to accept discrimination and ignore cruelty. We try to wait out th

Created: 2017-03-07 Statistics

Save Nuntii Latini, the world’s only weekly Latin language news broadcast!

Save Nuntii Latini, the world’s only weekly Latin language news broadcast!       We demand that the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE should continue its Latin language news. For over 28 years a small group of dedicated Finnish Latinists has produced a news program which is a testament to the vitality and flexibility of Latin. It is a unique phenomenon that unites language enthusiasts – from experts to amateurs – throughout the world.       The program fosters interest in Latin and the history of

Created: 2017-11-24 Statistics

Stop California from becoming a Sanctuary State!

How many of you do not want Jerry Brown to make California a Sanctuary State. Sign the petition and let's tell Jerry Brown NO!

Created: 2017-02-02 Statistics

Marion County Students being denied Technical Education!

The administration and a select few staff members of North Marion High School are restricting their students to go to Marion County Technical Center (which is physically connected ,but not a part of North Marion High School) during students lunch and free time (with a note from teacher giving permission to go to the Technical Center) to learn and advance in the programs that the Technical Center offers to students who do not want to take the college pathway, but rather get just as good or better

Created: 2017-12-08 Statistics

National Kid Rock Day

Kid Rock fans want a day designated for him. Kid Rock is known as being a wonderful gifted singer, songwriter, and also shows the love he has for his country. Kid Rock is known for setting prices for his concerts cheap, so the working class could afford to go see him in concert, drink, eat while not draining their bank account. Kid Rock tries to helps everyone he sees, from a news paper in a city or town he's passing through, he has travelled to Afganastan and Iraq to feed our soldiers and enter

Created: 2017-04-17 Statistics


Please Remember to ONLY SIGN ONCE, either the paper one or this one.

Created: 2017-03-21 Statistics