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Petition in Support of a Free Community Skate Park

We, the undersigned, support the development of a free public skate park in our community.  We recognize the need for, and the benefits of, a free public skate park in this area.  By signing this petition, the signer is expressing their support in the Development & Production of a FREE COMMUNITY SKATE PARK.  To see what we are all about please visit Skaters of Craven County - SOCC on Facebook.  Please confirm your signature by going to your e-mail for the confirmation.  If you do not confir

Created: 2016-12-23 Statistics

Support the Romanian Tax incentive law

Tax incentives for film productions have been in place in countries around the world for 20 years and Romania is not yet part of this global system!! Since 2003, most European Union countries, have put in place financial support programs for the film industry and thus attracting millions of Euros in foreign investments (the Czech Republic, Croatia, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, the UK, Hungary, etc.).   The financial support comes in different forms: tax breaks or rebates but also subsidies.

Created: 2017-11-28 Statistics

Nassau County and Albany, stop NICE Bus Service Cut April 2017

We're group of bus riders and train riders calling on Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano, Long Island Villay/Town Mayors, Albany elected officials and NiFA to increase funding for Nassau Inter County Express Buses before April to keep following buses running.   Under April 9 Service cut: Rockville Centre Bus Depot (Garage for buses): Closes, and Mitchel Field Bus Depot don't have enough room for former Rockville Centre Bus Depot buses. n1 Hewlett- Valley Stream- Elmont: Weekend service e

Created: 2017-01-06 Statistics

Woodrow Sadie Hawkins

This is for students who would like to have a Sadie Hawkins for woodrow Wilsion highschool this spring. Sigh if interested 

Created: 2017-01-24 Statistics


We are a group of fans, listeners, followers and supporters of Starship Entertainment (Korea)'s SISTAR.   We are demanding Starship to release a physical album of SISTAR'S Lonely and For You.  SISTAR disband is a blow to the KPOP Music Industry, their songs and performances are already missed by many.  Rated by many as a befitting finale song by SISTAR, it is a shame that there is no physical album released.  The album will miss the opportunity of rated as a Legend in the years to come. Starship

Created: 2017-06-05 Statistics


How much longer are we going to allow Kevin Madsen to abuse his power and get away with this disgusting, sexist behavior? For several years and several schools Kevin Matson has displayed disgusting behavior towards underage girls, bully students and harm students. KHS has not showed any effort into solving this issue that's been happening to a lot of KHS students and parents to those students. Let's take a stand, sign this petition to get KHS to #FireKevinMadsen for good!

Created: 2017-05-27 Statistics

FB !!!! Take down this extreme Slander/Hate Pages

Info: the Fake Page is gone, for now !!!!! but the Girls who have been behind the Hate Page have several other Fake Pages ! Please report the fake Pages too.   These are the other Fake Accounts, please share and report !!! Keep reporting ! These Sites need to be taken down !!!!

Created: 2017-03-03 Statistics

Save Colona food pantry

The  City of Colona are going  to sell the building that the food pantry is in we cannot allow this to happen. If this happens the food pantry would have nowhere to go we have a lot of families in the city of Colona that need the food pantry. Please  help us in this fight to save the food pantry.

Created: 2017-04-04 Statistics

Android Auto and Apple Carply for Mazda MZD Connect System

Mazda has added the MZD Connect Infotainment system on all his car product lines. Even if it supports navigation, bluetooth phonecalls and music playback, a lot of people would love to have more interaction with their smartphone and the world wide web. There are a lot of rumours, that Mazda would implement Android Auto and Carplay one day. In March 2017 a Mazda spokesman should have said that both will come and "it should be retroactively upgradeable onto all Mazda Connect systems with a potenti

Created: 2017-07-10 Statistics

Kaichou wa Maid Sama 2nd season!

Well, everyone here probably are fans of the anime Kaichou wa Maid Sama. The anime has only one season. And all the fans want a second season, although aware that this is kinda hard, since the anime hadn't a good audience in Japan. It was with this intention that this petition was created. But the fans will fight for a second season! We want a second season for Kaichou wa Maid Sama! So if you agree with this petition, sign it. This is really important to us. I think we probably need at least 10

Created: 2011-06-14 Statistics