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Help me get my mom to let me get a cat

meow meow whats that? not the sound of my cat unless you sign this petition thx

Created: 2018-01-01 Statistics

Amendment :Calhoun County/City of Bruce, MS petition banning the American bull terrier breed within the city limits.

This is a petition to present to the Calhoun County board of supervisors that presents our view that the American Pit Bull Terrier breed should be allowed within the city limits of Bruce, MS. Currently, there is a dated ordinance prohibiting the ownership of the american bull dog breed within the city limits of Bruce, MS. Within the past decade or longer the breed has been relentlessly persecuted, and grossly misrepresented through bad press and isolated incidents. Many beloved pets have been re

Created: 2018-09-16 Statistics

Stardust #Truth Postcard Campaign.

Dear Attorney General of Ireland, I am seeking a new inquest into the Stardust fire tragedy of 14th February 1981. The original inquest into the tragedy was held in March 1982, just a year after the fire, when little detail was known about the events of that night. There is now much more detail which has exacerbated the rumour and suspicion surrounding the Stardust fire, it is time for truth for the Stardust victims. I call on you, as the Attorney General, to exercise your right under sectio

Created: 2018-09-11 Statistics

Do not let drama club be ended!

Drama club is a club for students to express themselves through skits. We use humor to not simply have fun but address all types of things that are relatable to students and the community.  Drama club is being shut down. We do not want this freedom of expression to wither away. Please show your support with your signature whether you enjoy watching or acting yourself. We need all the support we can get.  I have enjoyed drama club for three years and do not want to face my senior year without it;

Created: 2018-06-23 Statistics

نامه به شورای محترم نگبهان در خصوص مستثنی شدن اعضاء هیات علمی و قضات از شمول سقف پاداش بازنشستگی و مالیات پلکاتی

 باسمه‌تعالی حضرت آیت‌الله جنتی دبیر محترم شورای نگهبان قانون اساسی با سلام و ادب    احتراما ما اعضاء هیات علمی علوم پایه (غیر بالینی) وزارت بهداشت، درمان و آموزش پزشکی، اعتراض خود به مصوبات اخیر مجلس شورای اسلامی در خصوص شمول محدودیت در پاداش بازنشستگی برای اعضاء هیات علمی و قضات (جزء ۳ بند (الف) تبصره (۱۲) لایحه بودجه ۹۷) و همچنین تبصره ۶ لایحه بودجه موضوع ماده ۸۴ در خصوص مالیات پلکانی را اعلام کرده و ضمن سپاس از حمایت همیشگی شورای نگهبان از جامعه‌ی علمی کشور، از اعضاء محترم شورا درخواست داریم

Created: 2018-01-20 Statistics

Drop the statue of limitation on sexually abuse children.

The satue of limintaion should be droped when it comes to the sexual abused. There is no statue of lininataion when it comes to the ones who have been sexually abuse it's a life sentence for them. Every man and woman should pay the price for sexually abusing a child no matter how long it take for the abused to become brave enough to come forward. 

Created: 2018-01-09 Statistics

The Big Bopper for The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

                  Most people know The Big Bopper (J P Richardson) as the writer and singer of Chantilly Lace and a man that died in the plane crash alongside Buddy Holy and Ritchie Valens. But there is so much more to this man than people know, for example: He wrote 'White Lightnin' - A number one hit for George Jones and the song that launched his career He wrote' Running Bear' - A number one hit for Johnny Preston He invented the music video and made the first one in 1958 He predicted the ad

Created: 2015-11-23 Statistics

Have Karl K move to South Florida

lets get the band back together, kaos lives the next town over now!

Created: 2018-11-06 Statistics

Free the Rooisand marsh horses!

21 Rooisand Free Roaming Wild Horses are currently Trapped on Lamloch farm. Why does the landowner want them on his land among antelope and probably elephant? We say the horses must be FREE. They must be let out in order to graze again at the edge of the Bot, and to find their way past the massive electrified fence to the far western marshes and grazing resources that are plentiful for them. (The Bot estuary is between Hermanus and Kleinmond in the Overstrand, Western Cape, South Africa.) FREE

Created: 2018-11-08 Statistics

petition for my crush to date me

petition for my crush to date me please sign this even tho he’s never going to see it it’s for me and @articmeme’s enjoyement (btw it’s her idea and it’s smart so i’m stealing it oof but ily a if you see this dm me hehe) 

Created: 2018-09-14 Statistics