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Proposal for Rainbow Crosswalks in the Short North, Columbus, Ohio

We, the people of The Short North and the city of Columbus, respectfully request the installation of one Rainbow Crosswalk at the intersection of North High Street and 5th Avenue... in front of where the newly renovated Stonewall Center will be located... and another at North High Street and Goodale Avenue (at each end of the Short North) to pay tribute to the artists, business owners, and the members of the LGBTQIA community who were instrumental in bringing life to a part of our city that had

Created: 2018-11-05 Statistics


Petition for Animal and Nature Police establishment  Thank you for your allowing to really know yourself and really create a new life for Romania”s animals and nature! We live in a hostile , chaotic and hectic environment. Fortunately, we have laws that either prevent disastrous events, or save us from the clutches of danger. It's not just us, but pets and nature need laws to protect them, too. Please accept my choice to write as schematically as possible, I felt it so much easier you'll memoriz

Created: 2015-12-31 Statistics

Bring Back Rescue 911

Our nation's 911 system is regarded as one of the best features in our country.  Many people around the world do not have the luxury of picking up a phone and calling a simple number for help.  Rescue 911 brought stories of heroic action to the living rooms of millions of Americans.  By signing this petition you are asking major television corporations to bring back this show or create a new show based on the same idea.  To illustrate the life-saving stories that the 911 communication system has

Created: 2013-07-17 Statistics

Pass H.R.25

H.R.25 Bill: Release from Committee To be delivered to: Rep. Dave Camp (MI-4) Petition StatementThis petition by members of ACT for US, LLC is to petition Rep Dave Camp, The Speaker of the House of Representatives, to get H.R.25 past committee and onto the floor for all members of the House of Representatives to vote on it. H.R. 25 is the most co-sponsored and economist researched tax reformation bill Petition BackgroundACT for US vision is to have our Representatives ACT for US and return the U

Created: 2013-07-14 Statistics


OPEN LETTER ON ANIMAL PROTECTIONTo:Dr. István Nagy, Minister of AgricultureDr. András Rácz State Secretary for the EnvironmentDr. Márton Oravecz President of the National Food Chain Safety Authority (NÉBIH)Róbert Zsigó State Secretary for Food Chain SupervisionDr. Gábor Gönczi President of the Hungarian Veterinary ChamberDr. Sándor Pintér Minister of the InteriorDr. László Sors State Secretary (NAV), Head of the National Tax and Customs Officedr. László Jámbor President of the Hungarian National

Created: 2019-11-18 Statistics

Deactivate @Bagofbrandon

@bagofbrandon on instagram has done nothing but start drama and bullying in the prettymuch fandom.She is a 25 year old woman who is mentally unstable and obsessed with cause pain and drama upon children ages 13-22. Please sign the petition to get her removed from Instagram. Below are photos of harmful and rude things she has said. 

Created: 2019-08-28 Statistics

Stocking Hauser Lake with Rainbow Trout again.

This petition is to gather enough support from sportsmen who fish Hauser lake regularly and who are interested in persuading the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to once again start stocking the lake with Rainbows.   Hauser lake was once regularly supplied with rainbows from fish hatcheries and as such provided for a fun and enjoyable family fishery.   At some point, biologists, not the sportsmen and women, decided that the lake was not able to provide enough food for the trout thereby ending t

Created: 2019-07-01 Statistics

The Good Cop chapter 2

This is a peticion for the filming of second season TV show The Good Cop. It is for all the Grobanites who love the show and want to show to continue. Do you like to laugh?Like Josh Groban?If you think there's a good father - son relationship between Tony Danza and Josh Groban and you want that relationship to be continued...?You're a Grobanite?You love solving a crime? Than this show is for YOU. If you're one of them sined it and spread it so we can (try to) get the second season of The Good co

Created: 2019-06-16 Statistics

Let students wear hats during school hours

Students have been getting suspended for wearing hats and are losing valuable education for it. We can fix this problem by just allowing students to wear them.

Created: 2019-05-29 Statistics

Make Odeh bring me a bean burrito

A couple weeks ago, I gained knowledge that Odeh had received his liscense. When I learned the news, I was more than excited, but all that I could think of was how he could now deliver me a bean burrito. As of today, I learned some even better news! That Odeh is most likely getting his own car tomorrow, I have been asking for a bean burrito for weeks and he said in order to make it happen i need fifteen signatures on this petition! Help a girl out and sign the petition! Please x 

Created: 2019-03-10 Statistics