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Expel Carolina Foster from East Carolina University

Caroline Foster is a transfer sophomore student at East Carolina University who lives in College Hill Suites. Caroline Foster has the right to come to Greenville and be a student at East Carolina University like anyone else until she commits a heinous act. Caroline Foster has shaken up the Greenville/East Carolina University community with false sexual assault allegations. Caroline Foster has told the whole East Carolina University community that she was sexually assaulted by Silas Ritter. Carol

Created: 2020-08-21 Statistics

Save Cleeve Hill Golf Course and the playing of golf on Cleeve Hill

This petition has been set up on behalf of the members of Cleeve Cloud Golf Club who are responsible for running competitions and are the members section of Cleeve Hill Golf Course. This is due to the sad news that a decision has been made to close Cleeve Hill Golf Course from the 1st of April 2021. Unfortunately the current lease holder and the council have announced that the lease will be terminated early and golf will no longerbe  played on Cleeve Hill after more than 125 years of histoty. ht

Created: 2020-09-08 Statistics

Shut down Mclaren Circus, South Africa

Mclaren circus uses animals such as lions, snakes, tigers, camels and many more. These animals should not be used as entertainment and these animals deserve to have a better life and be free from that horrible business. The animals deserve to be respected and to be free to live in the wild instead of cages for peoples entertainment.  THIS NEEDS TO STOP. 

Created: 2019-11-16 Statistics

Remove Biden as a Presidential candidate

We the people know this election was a fraud. The liberals along with mainstream media and big tech are trying to silence the voice of the American people. The evidence has been ignored repeatedly and we will not tolerate this attempt to steal our country away from us. We are calling on every elected official to contest Joe Biden as legitimate and remove him from the running. Stand for what is right and do not allow America to be destroyed. Defend our constitution as is your OBLIGATION as an ele

Created: 2020-12-17 Statistics

Demand for Non Violence - Red House Eviction Protest

Attn: Red House Activists Mayor Ted Wheeler Chuck Lovell, Chief of Police Portland City Council   This is a beloved community of families and small businesses in the vicinity of the Red House eviction protest.  We cherish the safety of our neighborhood and right now we feel incredibly unsafe. Whereas: Lethal weapons and threats of violence are clearly visible at the Mississippi/Albina Ave. blockade. Escalation could lead to serious violence. Serious violence threatens the safety of the residents

Created: 2020-12-12 Statistics

Ongoing Lakewood City Schools' Remote Learning Should Be Offered To Families Who Need It

LAKEWOOD PARENTS FOR ONGOING REMOTE LEARNING   We ask that the Lakewood City School District (LCS) extend authentic LCS Remote At-Home Learning for students who need it throughout the COVID-19 pandemic 2020-2021 school year, after buildings re-open. In this way our community will be safer, better educated, and remain intact. This petition was created by Lakewood parents to urge the District to keep our school community together when buildings re-open. Though many of our kids will be able to go b

Created: 2020-09-01 Statistics

Bring Whataburger to Whitehouse, TX

Whitehouse Texas needs a Whataburger! With a growing population and limited restaurants, our town would be perfect. What is better than the lake on a hot summer day? Add a Whataburger and milkshake and it would be a perfect Texas day. There is a great locatioin at the corner of FM-346 and Hagan Rd (Forestdale Development). Grab a Whataburger on the way to the lake, a whatachicken late night snack, or a delicious honey butter chicken biscuit for breakfast on the way to work. Let's bring Whataburg

Created: 2020-03-07 Statistics


WE DEMAND THE PENNSYLVANIA LEGISLATURE TAKE ITS CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY AND SELECT THE PENNSYLVANIA ELECTORS NOW   Jake Corman [PA Senate President] Bryan Cutler [Speaker of the House]   Summary: This Petition calls for the Pennsylvania Legislature to do their duty under federal plenary Constitutional authority to meet and to decide the Electors from the Commonwealth for President of the United States. Our Commonwealth Constitution was violated and there was both massive voter fraud and electio

Created: 2020-12-07 Statistics

دادخواهی مردمی برای نجات میراث فرهنگی ایران

دادخواهي مردمي براي نجات ميراث فرهنگي كشور جناب آقاي رئيسي؛ رئيس محترم قوه قضاييه جمهوري اسلامي ايران ضمن سلام و ارج، به گواهي امضاءكنندگان اين پويش، آسيب‌‌هاي پي‌درپي به مواريث فرهنگي اين سرزمين، به معناي نابودي هميشگي سرمايه‌هاي بين‌نسلي و پايمال كردن آبروي كشور و مردم است. در شرايطي كه ايران دچار انواع تنش‌ها و تحريم‌ها شده، چرا بايد غني‌ترين آثار هويتي و فرهنگي نيز با بي‌تدبيري یا خیانت از بين برود؟ طي چند سال اخير، از شيوَشگان ده هزارساله كرمان و تخت جمشيد فارس تا بافت كهن تبريز، از نقش‌جها

Created: 2020-02-03 Statistics

No More Polos Under Sweatshirts

We do not want to wear polos under our sweatshirts anymore. We think they are too hot and uncomfortable. It is too expensive to buy a polo and a sweatshirt for each day. It is too much laundry to do each day, and we do not think it looks any better with a polo on than it does without one. If you agree with us and want to change this rule sign our petition! Thank you!

Created: 2020-10-11 Statistics