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A third year for VA-821 cadets

The Virginia board of education has told unit VA-821 that they can only have cadets in the program for four years. Now, this is an issue because our unit is double blocked which means one calendar year counts as two years of JROTC. Furthermore, if second-year cadets can not return for the third year it would be very detrimental because our unit is going through many changes in the coming year such as transitioning from an Air to Space Force program and adjusting to a new single blocked schedule.

Created: 2021-03-16 Statistics

SC School Board Intervention to maintain a safe learning environment for Pelion Sc Schools

I am writing this petition as a concerned parent of 2 children in the Lexington 1 school district.  My children attend the elementary and middle school of Pelion Sc.   My hope for this petition is to get someones attention from the school board and for something to be done about the enviroment our kids are trying to get an education in. Maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment is important for students’ well-being and quality of education.   Something has got to change.  These scho

Created: 2021-11-02 Statistics

Petition to End the LCA Lawsuit

We undersigned Leilani Community Association (LCA) members respectfully request that the LCA Board of Directors (BoD) immediately end the lawsuit against six former board members.Some BoD members have taken their once-private lawsuit [1] and handed their plaintiff responsibilities to our entire LCA membership [2-4]. The BoD made this decision in April of 2021 [5 (see pages 4-5)] without community knowledge or consent, and it remained unannounced until the President's Report on August 22 [6]. Th

Created: 2021-10-04 Statistics

To Support a Havana to Tallahassee Bike/Pedestrian Trail

Havana Main Street is asking for your support for the development of a Havana to Tallahassee Bike and Pedestrian Trail. Once completed, it will ultimately connect through downtown Tallahassee to the Gulf Coast. This petition will be provided to the Appalachee Regional Planning Council as part of a grants package.

Created: 2021-02-11 Statistics

We demand Brayden Rodriguez be tried as an adult for the crimes committed on 14 August 2020

On August 14, 2020 Ben was attacked by a sledgehammer weilding maniac intending to kill Ben. The maniac then turned to the daycare next door and physically attacked them. Through evidance in June 2020 the judge has decided to keep the perpretrator, who turned 18 two months after the attack, in juvenile courts. We are seeking signatures to appeal the judges decission and have the perpretrator tried as an adult for the heinous crime he commited. This attack equlled to be a total of 14 felony charg

Created: 2021-07-02 Statistics

Waterworks Park Storage Area Removal

The city of Royal Oak holds a large, mostly unused industrial storage area in the middle of a resifdential city park, Waterworks park. We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to remove the large fenced storage area located in the center of waterworks park.

Created: 2021-12-16 Statistics

Remove Anti-racism Webpage and Plan from UASD website

We the undersigned request that Upper Adams School District remove their anti-racism webpage and anti-racism plan from their district website. It is imperative to actively show the community that UASD does not support the following negative Elements seen in the spring 2021 Upper Adams Teacher Training Sessions. (See links to the actual sessions below.)   1. The effort to put these concepts in place in our schools is “ramping up at an exponential rate” and this “work” will be cont

Created: 2021-12-05 Statistics

تقدیر اعضای هیات علمی علوم پایه از دکتر بهزاد مهکی

بسمه تعالی جناب آقای دکتر نمکی مقام عالی وزارت بهداشت ، درمان و آموزش پزشکی با سلام و ادب احتراما ضمن تقدیر ویژه از زحمات و نگاه کاملا همراه و حمایت گرانه جنابعالی در احقاق حقوق اعضای هیات علمی و به طور ویژه موضوع ترمیم حقوق, به استحضار می رساند جناب آقای دکتر بهزاد مهکی, عضو محترم هیات علمی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی کرمانشاه, طی 4 سال گذشته با تلاش های خستگی ناپذیر و بدون چشمداشت, توانسته است با تجمیع توان اعضای هیئت علمی علوم پایه وزارت متبوع و تعامل حداکثری با مدیران و متولیان امر, اقدامات ارزشمندی

Created: 2021-01-21 Statistics

Petition: Making Media truly “Everybody’s Hometown”

  The Mission of Media Affordable Housing Group is: To ensure that Media, Pennsylvania, “Everybody’s Hometown,” is a place where people of all ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religious practices have a welcoming and affordable place to live and thrive.   The Objectives are 1. To include affordable housing—for both purchase and rental—in all new housing development projects. 2. To encourage the repurposing of existing structures for affordable housing. 3. For the

Created: 2021-02-02 Statistics

Redesign and Play Structure Reconstruction for Blue Oaks Park

Residents of Roseville who use Blue Oaks Park, I am sending the letter below to the City of Roseville requesting that Blue Oaks Park be scheduled for a redesign and a new play structure. The park is almost 20 years old and is in need of some attention, better space planning, and a more enjoyable play structure for the children in the neighborhood. Please sign the petition if you support the City's reconstruction of Blue Oaks Park. Thank you for your time and show of support.

Created: 2021-03-08 Statistics