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Bring Casey Wheeler back as a Morgan County Rec Department Coach

This petition is to permit Casey Wheeler to be a volunteer coach once again with the Morgan County Parks and Recreation Department.  Casey has devoted the last several years, across multiple seasons of multiple sports, including extending his coaching into the summer for baseball Allstars, to coach the rising athletes of Morgan County.  Casey and I moved to Morgan County in February 2018 with the intention of establishing roots and raising our children here.  We have fallen in love with the Coun

Created: 2022-02-05 Statistics

Comprehensive elections for a new Palestinian National Council

  Our Palestinian people:   The Zionist colonial situation in historical Palestine is deepening, through the intensification of Zionist settlements building, seizure of land, control of natural resources, and attempts to liquidate of our people’s inalienable national rights. Zionists continue their massacres and extrajudicial executions against our civilians, from Jerusalem to the Negev and elsewhere, with unconditional support from the successive American administrations. The Zionists make ever

Created: 2022-01-31 Statistics

Medical Health Choices Without Fear of Unjust Consequences for Government Workers

Government Workers have the right to choose the best medical and health care options for themselves without the fear of feeling forced or coerced by the threat of losing their jobs, benefits, pay or work hours. These medical and health options include, but are not limited to any and all medical treatments including the Covid-19 vaccinations, shots, jabs, devices or treatments. People who work for governmental agencies are protected from forced vaccinations and medical treatments as any other Ame

Created: 2021-12-20 Statistics

Traffic Signal for Unsafe Co. Rd. 81 and Territorial Road in Dayton

The Hennepin County Road 81 and Territorial Road intersection in Dayton, Minnesota is a very busy, unsafe, poorly-lit intersection controlled only by a stop sign on Territorial Road. With the boom of new residential developments in Dayton, Maple Grove and Rogers, this intersection’s traffic levels warrant a traffic control signal with appropriate road striping as soon as possible. This signal will permit Territorial Road traffic to safely turn left and right as well as south-bound County Road 81

Created: 2021-10-27 Statistics


I am a proud loving father of six wonderful children. In Preston County W.V. the FAMILY COURT is taking kids from everyone, these officials are using the opiate crisis to take every child they can,even if there is no reason.  kids equal cash KIDS=$. Its a sad day in America when happy families are being ripped appart just so that state officials and politics can improve themselves,and their positions.This is a national crisis, and the higher courts are turning a blind eye, the FBI will not even

Created: 2021-09-28 Statistics

بیانیه شماره 2 مجمع هیأت علمی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی شیراز در ارتباط با وقایع اخیر در دانشگاه علوم پزشکی شیراز

                                                          بنام خداوند بخشاینده مهربان بیانیه شماره 2 مجمع هیأت علمی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی شیراز در ارتباط با وقایع اخیر در دانشگاه علوم پزشکی شیراز همانطور که در بیانیه نخست ذکر گردیده بود،ابعاد گسترده حوادث دوماهه اخیر کشور، اثرات نامطلوبی برفضای عمومی دانشگاهها گذاشته است. محدودیت اینترنت، شفاف نبودن اطلاعات و اخبار، تعطیلی کلاسهای آموزشی، پرسش ها و مطالبات صنفی، اجتماعی، سیاسی و اعتراضات دانشجویی که در سطوح مختلف مدیریتی کشور عزم و اراده عملیاتی

Created: 2022-11-19 Statistics

National Transparent Youth Football Coaches Background Check Register

Please sign the petition to request USA FOOTBALL, the National Governing Organization of youth football in the United States to: 1. Administer background checks for all coaches, volunteers, and football event operators in the United States; 2. Be the sole approved administrator of background checks for all youth football teams and leagues in the United States;3. Administer the Safe Sport Act Certification; 4. Provide a transparent online portal for any PARENT or other interested parties to verif

Created: 2022-08-17 Statistics

Liz needs a grill

Erik does not see the validity in my reasoning on why having a grill is great tool to have.  I have been able to find a small sized gas grill that is perfect for an apartment space and safe to have on the balcony.  The Pacific Northwest, which normally does not get hot, has been in the upper 70's to upper 80's consistently over the past few years we have lived here. Last year we suffered through a 100 plus degree heat wave last year. I saw all of this to say one thing, what is it too hot to do?

Created: 2022-07-27 Statistics

Urgent call for Palestinian Comprehensive Democratic Elections

We, the sons and daughters of the Palestinian people and representatives of Palestinian national and social forces, are pained by the continuation of the divisions amongst us, and by the absence of a unified national leadership and a comprehensive national strategy.  This comes at a time when democratic freedoms are in retreat, and when the right to expression and assembly is being suppressed. There is also a serious imbalance of power in favor of the Israeli occupation and the apartheid regime

Created: 2022-07-01 Statistics

Save Kim the little Jack Russell from Roscommon

This petition is to revoke a district court and judge order to euthanize Kim a friendly jack russell who made one single minor "mistake".A couple of months ago Kim a little 5 yr old jack russell terrier nipped one woman passing by outside Donal’s house. She had been lying in the sun at the front of house on the grass when strangers arrived on the road and she ran out and nipped the woman on the leg.Kim means a lot to her owner, he has nursed her back to health after she broke her legs, she sleep

Created: 2022-06-27 Statistics

League of concerned gentlemens petition to rename the Cleveland Guardians the Cleveland Shmindians

Because anything is better than the freaking Cleveland Guardians! 

Created: 2022-04-02 Statistics

Dear Mr. President of the wonderful and heroic Ukrainian Nation! 

We evangelical Christians look with great admiration, prayer, and real support of many of our churches at the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people against Russian barbarism. We admire your Nation’s devotion to your homeland, your unity in the face of Russia's aggression, and your concern for your women, children, and the elderly. We assure you that especially Ukrainian orphans, widows, and others in need will continue to be provided with our necessary help until the complete victory over Puti

Created: 2022-03-23 Statistics


We the citizens of Buffalo, NY would like Superintendant Kriner Cash terminated with cause for violating the terms of his contract with Buffalo Public Schools.  Cash is insubordinate to the Board of Directors, remiss in his responsibilities to the children in which he was hired to serve, and has demonstrated a great disdain for the Buffalo Community has a whole; including but not limited deferring responsibility of his position to others that are subordinate of him because he refuses to accept r

Created: 2022-02-17 Statistics

Free Ron Jeremy

Sign declaration to FREE RON JEREMY HYATT! No way he is guilty what he's charged of... man has had so much p**sy that he doesn't need to take it by force! Luke uses The Force, not Ron. #projectFreeRon #freeRonJeremy #FinnishSubdivision #RonWillDoItTOO FREE RON JEREMY !!!

Created: 2020-07-03 Statistics

We want Fall/Spring Break to Align with Sumner County Schools

Recently it was released that Pope's Fall Break for 2023-2024 calendar will not align with Sumner County Schools but instead with Catholic Schools. Please sign this petition to show your overwelming support for Fall/Spring Break to align with Sumner County Schools and not with Catholic Schools. As a mother of 1 Pope Student, 2 St. John Vianney Students and 1 Sumner County Public School Student not alingning fall/spring break is breaking up the family. I expect many other families are in my same

Created: 2023-01-19 Statistics

CSCI 303 Friday Lecture Recording

If more than 4 people sign this petition, Dr. Rosenberg will record the Friday's lecture (the one that we are going to miss due to the Fall break) and upload it to Canvas. We do not have to show up to class, there will be just the recording in Canvas. Thanks

Created: 2022-10-25 Statistics

Petition against the implementation of a Ban on the Export of Scrap Metal from South Africa

The proposed ban, by the government of South Africa on the export of scrap, is being justified by the South African government as the only feasible option to effectively address the theft of infrastructure materials affecting the South African economy. We ask that you sign the petition here below, if you are in support of the viewpoints expressed by RASA - the Recycling Association of South Africa.

Created: 2022-08-19 Statistics


OPEN LETTER TO THE MAYOR In the community of Durbanville in the CBD, adjacent to the SAPS and the Anglican church there is a “tent town” that has emerged over time. At first 2 tents then organic growth which now needs to be stopped.   We are witnessing the daily expansion of this informal settlement, where the is no water supply, no recognised fire-making areas and importantly no toilet facilities.   This piece of ground belongs to the municipality or the state and as such we as rate-paying resi

Created: 2022-07-14 Statistics

Kicking Micheal Out Of Class

In ninth-grade FACS class, Micheal makes trouble by making terrible jokes by insulting our teacher. His jokes consist of drug use, inappropriate comments and various animal sounds (pig and zebra) idk why. Worst of all he has a BLONDE MULLET. He is a spawn of Alabama and needs to be sent back. (this is mostly a joke) This is Micheal Approved as you can see!!

Created: 2022-04-01 Statistics

Stop supporting climate-denying companies.

This petition is a pledge for people to stop supporting companies that encourage climate denying science and do bad and not eco-friendly practices. We are making this pledge to get people to think about the companies that they support, and to make these companies understand that if they don't believe what science tells us they should do or just ignore it and make the climate worse, we will not support them.

Created: 2022-03-01 Statistics