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We the citizens of Buffalo, NY would like Superintendant Kriner Cash terminated with cause for violating the terms of his contract with Buffalo Public Schools.  Cash is insubordinate to the Board of Directors, remiss in his responsibilities to the children in which he was hired to serve, and has demonstrated a great disdain for the Buffalo Community has a whole; including but not limited deferring responsibility of his position to others that are subordinate of him because he refuses to accept r

Created: 2022-02-17 Statistics

Support offering an online option at Saint John’s Prep

In the past months and weeks, the Omicron variant has hit hard in Minnesota, and across the country. This surge in infections has had a visible impact on the Prep community. Despite the growing cases in the school and the local community (even among vaccinated+boosted students), the school has been insistent that full in-person classes be maintained "as long as possible", until there is no choice but to go online entirely. Many students and parents have expressed their concerns to the administra

Created: 2022-01-31 Statistics

Help keep our township safe.

My name is Malinda I am a resident of Maurice River Township for about 37 years. I remember when I was a child there was a certain siren that sounded when a prisoner escaped. I'm not sure why it stopped but I would like to start this petition because I feel that we as residents should be notified when an inmate escapes. We especially being residents of a township with two prisons. On January 20, 2022 there was a prisoner that escaped and was gone for about 6 hours. He was then found hours later

Created: 2022-01-21 Statistics

Induct Tom O'Horgan into The Hall of Fame

We would like to take this opportunity to nominate Director Tom O'Horgan to The Theater Hall Fame.Tom O'Horgan, throughout his career, guided and created works that became the foundation upon which so many future Productions, Performers, Writers and Composers would build upon to create their own unique and dynamic art.A brief review of the Hall of Fame Members reveal so many that collaborated with Tom to bring magic to the stage. Whether as Performers, Designers or Producers each of them would t

Created: 2021-12-03 Statistics

Free Ron Jeremy

Sign declaration to FREE RON JEREMY HYATT! No way he is guilty what he's charged of... man has had so much p**sy that he doesn't need to take it by force! Luke uses The Force, not Ron. #projectFreeRon #freeRonJeremy #FinnishSubdivision #RonWillDoItTOO FREE RON JEREMY !!!

Created: 2020-07-03 Statistics


Sign to help push for family court reform:        Family courts tend to be biased toward fathers, don't fill enforce orders and agreements even after multiple violations, and solely rely on cps (child protective services) recommendations.      However, not all cases involve cps or their need for the division. Further for cases with cps involvement, they tend not to be fully honest to the courts. In New Jersey for example, even with excessive evidence, witnesses and multiple outlets reporting for

Created: 2023-01-27 Statistics

We want Fall/Spring Break to Align with Sumner County Schools

Recently it was released that Pope's Fall Break for 2023-2024 calendar will not align with Sumner County Schools but instead with Catholic Schools. Please sign this petition to show your overwelming support for Fall/Spring Break to align with Sumner County Schools and not with Catholic Schools. As a mother of 1 Pope Student, 2 St. John Vianney Students and 1 Sumner County Public School Student not alingning fall/spring break is breaking up the family. I expect many other families are in my same

Created: 2023-01-19 Statistics

CSCI 303 Friday Lecture Recording

If more than 4 people sign this petition, Dr. Rosenberg will record the Friday's lecture (the one that we are going to miss due to the Fall break) and upload it to Canvas. We do not have to show up to class, there will be just the recording in Canvas. Thanks

Created: 2022-10-25 Statistics

Petition against the implementation of a Ban on the Export of Scrap Metal from South Africa

The proposed ban, by the government of South Africa on the export of scrap, is being justified by the South African government as the only feasible option to effectively address the theft of infrastructure materials affecting the South African economy. We ask that you sign the petition here below, if you are in support of the viewpoints expressed by RASA - the Recycling Association of South Africa.

Created: 2022-08-19 Statistics


OPEN LETTER TO THE MAYOR In the community of Durbanville in the CBD, adjacent to the SAPS and the Anglican church there is a “tent town” that has emerged over time. At first 2 tents then organic growth which now needs to be stopped.   We are witnessing the daily expansion of this informal settlement, where the is no water supply, no recognised fire-making areas and importantly no toilet facilities.   This piece of ground belongs to the municipality or the state and as such we as rate-paying resi

Created: 2022-07-14 Statistics

Kicking Micheal Out Of Class

In ninth-grade FACS class, Micheal makes trouble by making terrible jokes by insulting our teacher. His jokes consist of drug use, inappropriate comments and various animal sounds (pig and zebra) idk why. Worst of all he has a BLONDE MULLET. He is a spawn of Alabama and needs to be sent back. (this is mostly a joke) This is Micheal Approved as you can see!!

Created: 2022-04-01 Statistics

Stop supporting climate-denying companies.

This petition is a pledge for people to stop supporting companies that encourage climate denying science and do bad and not eco-friendly practices. We are making this pledge to get people to think about the companies that they support, and to make these companies understand that if they don't believe what science tells us they should do or just ignore it and make the climate worse, we will not support them.

Created: 2022-03-01 Statistics

Free Tamara Lich, political prisoner in Ottawa, Canada

  Free Tamara Lich, a major organizer of the Freedom Convoy Movement 2022. We ask for an investigation. She was arrested on charges of counselling to commit mischief. She was denied bail on the grounds of “severe" offences by the Ontario Court Justice Julie Burgeois three days ago. Bourgois ruled that “Lich had contributed to economic and social damage of the community and that in case of her release, there was a substantial” chance Lich would commit more alleged crimes, and that her continued

Created: 2022-02-28 Statistics

Pronuncement against the cancelation of the legal status of univrsities in Nicaragua - Today on your behalf... we mobilize!

Today, on your behalf... we mobilize!   Pronouncement regarding the cancellation of the legal status and confiscation of the campuses of 13 universities in Nicaragua   Between February 2 and 3, Nicaraguan National Assembly members, most of whom belong to the ruling party, approved the cancellation of the legal status of thirteen universities and several not-for-profit associations. A week later, they closed down another six organizations, among them several associations that promote culture, wom

Created: 2022-02-14 Statistics

JUSTICE FOR THE 48 that never came home

Please only if you want to sign our petition in support for the Stardust families and the lost of their loved ones and the treatment from this government and passed ones on this disaster 41 years is to long to wait for Justice

Created: 2022-02-05 Statistics

University of Delaware COVID-19 Booster Mandate

January 10, 2022 An Open Letter to President Dennis Assanis and members of the University of Delaware Board of Trustees We, the University of Delaware family – parents, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends –  provide this urgent statement of concern to you, to request a time critical modification to the University of Delaware’s COVID-19 booster vaccine mandate. We appreciate that the booster mandate and new procedures for the spring semester stem from the good intention to prevent sever

Created: 2022-01-11 Statistics

Help! We Must Stop the Proposed Rezoning for the Warehouse/Distribution Hub at PGBT and Liberty Grove Road!

Hello, I am asking that you sign this petition to express your opposition to the proposed rezoning of the land located east of the PGBT and north of Liberty Grove Road, to develop a 165-Acre Warehouse/Distribution Hub. If approved, this development will: Cause our home values to plummet Cause truck traffic from 18-wheeler tractor trailers, which will add traffic congestion, possibly cause damage to our roads, and cause 24-7 noise disruption from idling and moving trucks due to a proposal of 24-7

Created: 2022-01-09 Statistics

Stop The Vaccine Passport

STOP THE VACCINE PASSPORT IN CANADACanadian Chamber of Commerce says governments must get ahead of fourth wave right now, must use vaccine certification and rapid testing Let them know how you The city of Surrey Board of Trade has put forth a request to the federal, provincial and municipal governments in regards to implementatio

Created: 2021-07-30 Statistics


In the State of Pennsylvania there have been a total of 101 Exonerations (according to the Pennsylvania Innocence Project) with Vincent Moto being the first in the State to be EXONERATED through use of DNA. However, to date, no Exoneree HAVE BEEN COMPENSATED because, unfortunately, Pennsylvania is one of 14 states in the U.S.A. that 'DO NOT COMPENSATE' for their grave unjust mistake. Those Wrongfully Convicted have already suffered enough being behind bars for crimes they did not commit, just t

Created: 2021-06-02 Statistics

HPV Owner Support of Ariana Sanchez

Our Administrator Ariana Sanchez has been working and serving Haciendas Palo Verde for 14 years. Regardless of any challenges Ariana faces while performing the duties of the job, she tirelessly does the best she can for our community.       Recently Ariana's professionalism, integrity and character have come under attack by an owner in our community. In a show of support to Ariana and an expression of appreciation for all she does for us please sign this petition.   

Created: 2023-01-24 Statistics