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We ask to allow the issue of student visas for the purpose of studying in Czech universities for the citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus

Dear Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, dear ministers of the government of the Czech Republic, dear employees of all the ministries of the Czech Republic, we, foreign students, have long been forming a considerable part of the Czech academic world. According to different statistics, 15-17% of students in Czech higher educational establishments are foreigners, and about 15% of those (7000 students a year) are citizens of the Russian Federation. What attracts us in Czechia, is the opportunity

Created: 2022-02-28 Statistics

Add Stop Sign @ Cambridge & Windsor

Help our neighborhood Stop speeding and dangerous driving North/South along Cambridge Avenue by petitioning the City of Milwaukee to add a Stop sign in both directions at the intersection of Cambridge and Windsor.

Created: 2022-02-24 Statistics

Changing child support calculations.

I Sarah Bowren believe child support has been misused for years! I have met so many mothers, fathers and stepparents that have had to live off the bare minimum because they owe so much child support a month. In my experience my spouse makes to much money for food stamps but we still struggle to buy food, or diapers for our child, or just being able to afford rent is a stretch. I believe that the child support calculations should go off essential bills such as rent/mortgage, water, electric/gas,

Created: 2022-02-10 Statistics

Support The Chisholm Family with fair chance legal hearing

Three years ago, my children were unjustly taken from me and their father. Our son was 2 weeks away from his 6th birthday, our baby girl, only the tender age of 2. After 3 years, 16 caseworkers, 2 county DSS offices, and 4 pro Bono attorneys, I am in the middle of a long appeal to overturn the verdict of termination of my parental rights. The case was opened in November of 2015. I completed the treatment plan that they insisted I do not once, but twice, granteed mistakes were made regretfully by

Created: 2022-02-04 Statistics

Springfield College COVID-19 mandate opposition

Letter to Springfield College Dear Dr. Mary Beth Cooper, College Senior Leadership, and Board of Trustees,   We are a group of Springfield College stakeholders:  parents, students, families, faculty, staff, alumni, families of prospective students, and others within the Springfield College Community writing this urgent letter of concern to you to request a critical modification to Springfield College’s COVID-19 booster vaccine mandate.  Per the Springfield College’s newly announced booster manda

Created: 2022-02-01 Statistics

Stop the book ban

The ROWVA School Board will discuss the banning of a book at the meeting Tuesday night, January 18. I am collecting signatures to stop the ban on the book in question, The Hate You Give. This book is recommended for ages 14-17, and has been used in the high school setting. Many parents and community members feel that banning this age appropriate book opens the door for more book bans or other types of censorship. Books can allow us to see a situation from a perspective that may be different from

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In the State of Pennsylvania there have been a total of 101 Exonerations (according to the Pennsylvania Innocence Project) with Vincent Moto being the first in the State to be EXONERATED through use of DNA. However, to date, no Exoneree HAVE BEEN COMPENSATED because, unfortunately, Pennsylvania is one of 14 states in the U.S.A. that 'DO NOT COMPENSATE' for their grave unjust mistake. Those Wrongfully Convicted have already suffered enough being behind bars for crimes they did not commit, just t

Created: 2021-06-02 Statistics

**Save Iron Horse Mud Ranch**

** A message from the owner Todd Larson. We need as many signatures as possible to present to Taylor County to let them know people from all over the Country visit and support their town while attending these events we all love! Don't let this man ruin this for us or others will follow!!   ** Note we are not trying to do anything but relieve Mr.Henry from having to sign a waiver as a surrounding property owner as we are not on his property or affect his business. Or ask Mr.Henry to reason. His d

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Petition In Support of the Disbarment of Matt Gaetz

January 11, 2021 ADDENDUM TO BAR COMPLAINT:   On or about December 20, 2020, I filed a bar complaint against attorney Matt Gaetz for his role in an attempt to subvert a free and fair election, in abrogation of his oath of office, as a waste of valuable court resources, filed in bad faith and without any basis in the law.  Since that time, much has transpired.  Rather than being chastened in his comportment, on or about January 6, 2021 (and in the days leading up to that date) Mr. Gaetz made se

Created: 2020-12-15 Statistics

SAVING -> Dr. Howard's 10-foot-tall sculptures of Optimus Prime and Bumblee

I cannot remain quiet. Students are passionate about the transformers located on Prospect St NW in Washington DC. Only students reside on that portion of Prospect St and the transformers add character which is well-received by thousands of students from the Georgetown university community. Please sign the below petition if you would like the Advisory Neighborhood Commission to permit Dr. Howard's 10-foot-tall sculptures of Optimus Prime and Bumblee outside his Propsect Street NW home. Dr. Howard

Created: 2022-12-12 Statistics

Save VIA Rail's 'Canadian' (aka 'VIA 1' and 'VIA 2') Transcontinental trains

These trains are considered among the top ten of railway journeys in the world and is almost ALWAYS sold out, especially in the summer months.  There is a lot of discussion on railway forums about the possibility VIA Rail may cancel much of the passenger service in Canada except along the Windsor-Montreal corridor.  Not only would this mean eliminating these two trains, it would also mean many who use other VIA Rail trains would not be able to travel between communities (especially since Greyhou

Created: 2022-11-13 Statistics

Petition of Interest - Dental Labor Union At New York University

  We are a group of members of the New York University College of Dentistry family – parents, students, faculty, staff, and alumni – writing this urgent letter of concern to you, in consultation with expert clinicians, to request a time-critical modification to New York University’s method of compensation for Dental Students. All of us signing this letter have already complied with the College’s prior requirements. Additionally, we fully understand and empathize with the difficult position the

Created: 2022-11-04 Statistics

We Want Escape Hotel Merchandise

We all know we want EHH Merch. We would all buy it and wear it. There's all the supplies needed to start making it in the small rooms behind Crypt, all we need to do is start making it.

Created: 2022-10-29 Statistics

Enable (Habilitar) the WTC Plaza to Skateboarding - Barcelona

Be part of the process! We need your signature for this new project to become a reality! AlCarrer Skateshop explores skateboarding as an integrated part of public space, in a way that city and skaters can mutually benefit. World Trade Center, New Spot or "Sugar”(how we called in our community) will be where, together with you, transform into an enable SkateSpot. **Take off the "SkateStops" of the wood benches and 4 long granite ledges is our goal! Thanks for your signature! We’ll skate together

Created: 2022-07-19 Statistics

Disband and get rid of P.E.T and S.H.I.T on PGN.

Myself as well as everyone that has signed this petition is sick and tired of PET and their actions on server. Although for some it's comedic, their behavior and antics continuously add to the stress LEO and FD have to face on a daily basis dealing with already problematic civs and back-to-back priorities with no end or peaceful RPs in between to balance the stress out.  This petition is a call to action to disband PET and remove it's assets from PGN completely giving space for resources that a

Created: 2022-06-28 Statistics

Protect Journalists Covering Ukraine

  Journalists covering the Russia-Ukraine conflict need the support and protection of the Canadian and U.S. governments.   Many journalists who have published or broadcast material deemed to be critical of the Ukrainian government have been added to "hit lists" where they are identified as "Enemies Of Ukraine".  In some cases journalists have been targeted, arrested, detained, and some journalists have been killed in acts that may be connected directly or indirectly to these lists. There are al

Created: 2022-06-14 Statistics

Naked And Afraid Outtakes Special

This petition is in support of getting Discovery to do an Outtakes Special episode. It isn't a protest it is just to show Discovery how much support they have from fans in doing an outtakes special. With countless hours of footage hitting the cutting room floor there must an amazing amount of entertaining never seen before footage. If you support the idea of an outtakes special, please sign the petition so Discovery can see how many fans would enjoy seeing the outtakes and funny content that hit

Created: 2022-06-04 Statistics


We, the undersigned,  are petitioning Weston Lakes POA Board and any other owners or responsible parties of waterways, to dredge and maintain the health, safety and beauty of Weston Lakes waterways, according to their fiduciary responsibilities to help prevent further deterioration, damage and flood risks to our city.  Given the 2022 Hurrican prediction we are very concerned for our community. Time is of the essence.

Created: 2022-06-01 Statistics

نامه درخواست اعضای هیئت علمی وزارت بهداشت، درمان و آموزش پزشکی به ریاست محترم هیئت تطبیق مصوبات دولت با قوانین مجلس

باسمه‌تعالی   ریاست محترم هیئت تطبیق مصوبات دولت با قوانین مجلس با سلام و احترام به استحضار می‌رساند، تصویب‌نامۀ مورخ 11/2/1401 هیئت محترم وزیران و تبصره (5) و (۶) ماده (11) آن (پیوست: ابلاغیۀ معاون اول محترم رییس جمهور مورخ 15/2/1401)، درخصوص بدعت عجیب کاهش سنگین حقوق برخی از اعضای هیئت علمی وزارت بهداشت درمان و آموزش پزشکی، به دلایل زیر کاملاً در تضاد با قوانین بالادستی است. خواهشمند است دستور فرمایید با لحاظ این تناقضات و با توجه به آثار و تبعات بسیار سنگین کاهش غیرقانونی حقوق، تبصره‌های فوق‌

Created: 2022-05-14 Statistics

Pastors for the alliance of Poland and Ukraine, and the Three Seas Initiative

We, the undersigned pastors and members of the Christian churches in Poland and Ukraine, express great joy and gratitude to God for the tremendous changes that are taking place before our very eyes in the relations between our nations. As a result of the tragedy of the war that Russia started by attacking Ukraine, we have experienced a renewal of fraternal relations between Poles and Ukrainians, we experienced openness of hearts and solidarity. Together, we also think about the future. We strong

Created: 2022-05-09 Statistics