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Support to Further Allow Side Saddle in the Pony Club Australia National Gear Rules

From the 1st of July, there will be changes to the way gear rules are delivered across Pony Club in each state. Moving forward, gear rules will be set by Pony Club Australia as a National set of rules and not by state bodies as currently done. Presently, side saddles are allowed to be used for pony club rallies and competition as well as in open sections at competitions/event run under pony club rules. For many side saddle riders, pony club has been one of the very few avenues (especially in Vi

Created: 2022-04-21 Statistics


TO THE The Canadian Prime Minister     Justin Trudeau Deputy Prime Minister                Chrystia Freeland                                                Minister of Defence                     Anita Anand                                                        Canadian Ambassador to UN       Bob Rae                                                            Leaders of Opposition                  Candace Bergen, Jagmeet Singh                    President of the EU                      Ursula vo

Created: 2022-03-13 Statistics

Vote de non confiance de la part des sénateurs envers le gouvernements Liberal et le retrait de touts les mandats

Nous, les signataires, ajoutons nos noms à ceux des Canadiens de partout au pays préoccupés par la loi sur les mesures d'urgence, qui est excessivement punitive, en exigeant que le gouvernement fédéral : 1. Retire immédiatement la Loi sur les mesures covid, qui enfreint les libertés civiles des Canadiens et Canadiennes d’une manière extrême.2. Cesse la saisie secrète des actifs financiers personnels des Canadiens et des Canadiennes.3. Rédige un compte rendu complet et transparent aux Canadiens

Created: 2022-02-23 Statistics

Fedex Drivers

This petition is to hold FedEx and is drivers to the responsible to make sure that packages are delivered to the correct addresses in rural areas. 

Created: 2022-02-19 Statistics

7-8 yr old Little Britches class

Those signed would like to petition the yell county fair board's decision to discontinue the little britches division of livestock competition at the yell county fair. This division provides the children 7-8yo an opportunity to compete. Restricting those children to allow them to only compete at the age of 9 does not give them the equal opportunity as other counties in this area as well at state competition

Created: 2022-02-18 Statistics

Induct Tom O'Horgan into The Hall of Fame

We would like to take this opportunity to nominate Director Tom O'Horgan to The Theater Hall Fame.Tom O'Horgan, throughout his career, guided and created works that became the foundation upon which so many future Productions, Performers, Writers and Composers would build upon to create their own unique and dynamic art.A brief review of the Hall of Fame Members reveal so many that collaborated with Tom to bring magic to the stage. Whether as Performers, Designers or Producers each of them would t

Created: 2021-12-03 Statistics

The removal of Seth Sumner as Athens TN City Manager

This petition is to show the Athens City Council that the citizens of Athens demand the removal of Seth Sumner as City manager for the following reasons. 1) Stopping the investigation into city owned cameras that he himself had posession of before they disappeared. (Theft) 2) Firing our beloved Police Chief Couch without cause and without speaking with the City Council in attempt to obfuscate his theft investigation. (Corruption) 3) Using his position as City Manager to make a charge of attempti

Created: 2021-10-28 Statistics

Help Bring back Naked kombat

 Hi my name is Luke and I'm trying to get to bring back Naked kombat, Naked kombat was two homosexual pornstars wrestling with no rules you'd try to earn points through submissions, ground control and sexually teasing your opponent (ball grabbing, cock stroking, fingering, rimming, cock sucking, dry humping and more) whoever had the most points at the end of 1 or 3 rounds would be the winner and would get to sexual dominante and humiliate their opponent anyway they'd like I wanna bring

Created: 2021-10-19 Statistics

Citizens in Support of Georgia's Vulnerable Child Protection Act

Petition in Support of the Vulnerable Child Protection Act We the undersigned strongly support Georgia’s Vulnerable Child Protection Act (VCPA).  The medical interventions prohibited by VCPA are harming children and tearing apart families, so their use on minors should be prohibited. n  At a rapidly increasing rate, parents are facing the challenge of addressing gender dysphoria in their minor children.  Too often, the “trans industry,” including some medical and mental health practitioners, are

Created: 2020-12-28 Statistics

Remove Justin Trudeau from governing Canada !

Justin Trudeau has done NOTHING so far to protect canadians except talk , talk and no actions at all to close the borders to protect canadians health in this covid-19 crisis ! He did not close the number one thing to do wich is the borders ! The infection comes from outside !! Still , no travel restrictions , no questions and no tests done at the airport nothing ! And people are still pooring in masses in Québec at the Roxham by the hundreads daily and unchecked ! Trudeau government is totally

Created: 2020-03-15 Statistics

Don't use social media at school for a three day period.

Social media has been found to negatively impact the diffusion stage of identity development in adolescents. This stage tends to be characterized by the point where an adolescent has not yet independently formed their own identity, as they feel they lack the power or will to do so; rather, they adhere to “identity options” that are imposed on them by their primary environment. If social media acts as this primary environment (a feature signaled by high amounts of screen time), then the adolescen

Created: 2022-12-20 Statistics

Save the McDougall as our Museum of Historical Art

SAVE THE MCDOUGALL AS OUR MUSEUM OF HISTORICAL ART     The Robert McDougall Art Gallery in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens, New Zealand. The McDougall Art Gallery was gifted to the citizens of Christchurch, New Zealand, in 1928 by industrialist Robert Ewing McDougall (1860-1942) for the purposes of displaying the city’s art collection which was established by gifts of paintings to the city by the Canterbury Society of Arts, the Jamieson family and other private donors when the gallery opened i

Created: 2022-12-02 Statistics

National Trust: Stop 'Quick Vote'

We the undersigned petition the National Trust to stop offering the 'Quick Vote' option to members voting online at the AGM and to disclose the 2022 Quick Vote voting numbers. In 2022 members logging in to the online AGM page were invited to tick the ‘Quick Vote’ box to vote for all seven candidates for the ruling Council which the Trust recommended and against every Members' Resolution it disliked.  ‘Quick Vote’ was even presented as ‘Option 1’, ahead of proper voting. The result was that every

Created: 2022-11-09 Statistics

End Anti-Motorcycle Discrimination and "No Colors" at establishments

Petition- To end “No Colors” Discrimination To: The Florida Representatives & Senators, County Council, City Commissioners and the FL Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco & State, County and Local Law Enforcement.Purpose: To end the unfair and unconstitutional practice of Discrimination against Motorcycles Clubs (MC’s), Riding Clubs (RC’s), Veterans Clubs, Social Clubs, Motorcycle Rights Originations and other Associations based on similar Patches, Vests, Clothing and other identi

Created: 2022-10-14 Statistics

Stop the solar farm next to Barnsdale Gardens

We have learnt that a company called Exton Energy is planning to build a solar farm on 81 hectares of land in the fields right next door to Barnsdale Gardens. As vital as renewable energy is, there are better local fields to place this where the constant noise of the motorised panels, as they follow the sun, will not be the overriding factor ruining the peace for our visitors and wildlife and may force the closure of Barnsdale Gardens. I would be very grateful for your support to block this dev

Created: 2022-08-02 Statistics

Collective Ownership Right

To All Global Leaders, The earth is not a capitol projection. It was created for the inhabitants to dwell on without being problematic. It is a self contained ecosystem built to last unless you go out of your way to trash it. So for the last 200 years or so man has gone out of their way to deliberately decimate our home. Manufacturing toxic vehicles, fossil fueled buildings and devices that have depleted our resources. Our resources include: oil, land, water, oxygen, precious human lives, precio

Created: 2022-07-29 Statistics

Make NFL+ more encompassing

The goal of this petition is to create awareness and inspire change for the new streaming service launched by the NFL, titled NFL+. NFL fans have enjoyed in the past the Directv service of NFL Sunday Ticket, where fans regardless of location could watch and enjoy any game, for any team, whether it was in your local market or not. We as fans would like the NFL to reevaluate its streaming service, to include a feature where we could watch any and all live out of market games. We feel it would help

Created: 2022-07-28 Statistics

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Created: 2022-07-15 Statistics

INVERTER to Close Scituate Heritage Days Performances in 2022.

The greatest band from the South Shore since those guys from New Hampshire who moved to Marshfield (you know, the ones with the song about loving a sister and a cousin) is alive, performing, local, and AFFORDABLE (they will play for a $100 gift certificate to Vineyard Vines or an ounce of weed).All the kids love their beat and the grown-ups will dig their swinging grooves. Never mind re-booking The Surviving Members of the Four Seasons Singing All the Hits You Know&Love (they swapped out Fra

Created: 2022-07-13 Statistics

Say NO to the Clinic- Save our Children.

We, the people of Cottage Grove, OR, do not support the Federally Qualified Health Clinic that is scheduled for renovations August 1, 2022, on LCC property, next to the high school. We petition you, the City Council and Mayor to NOT publicly support or contribute financially to this project.

Created: 2022-06-27 Statistics