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Save your Green

To, Date: 12.10.2020 Shri Anurag Jain (I.A.S.) Vice-Chairman, DDA Vikas Sadan, Barapullah Rd, beside SBI Bank, Aviation Colony, INA Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110023 In Re: DDA Park between CR Park and NRI Complex. Sir, This is with regard to a DDA Park which is between CR Park and NRI Complex (NRI Complex is in GK-IV) and the park is behind Jahapanha Club of GK-II. It has been noticed that there is some concrete development being undertaken by the DDA in the above mentioned park. On enquiry, it

Created: 2020-10-25

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Appeal of the Belarusians of the World and Friends of Belarusian People to the President of the International Olympic Committee

To the President of the International Olympic Committee,  Thomas Bach   We, citizens of Belarus, Belarusians of the World and friends of Belarusian People, ask you to exert the maximum possible influence on the leadership of the National Olympic Team of the Republic of Belarus in accordance with the norms of the International Olympic Charter, to stop financing Belarus' membership in the IOC until the situation in the country normalizes, to support athletes of the Republic of Belarus in preparin

Created: 2020-10-13

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#EndSARS #StopPoliceBuratality

End Special Anti-Robbery Squad (End SARS) or #EndSARS is a social movement in Nigeria that started on "Nigerian Twitter" opposing the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a unit of the Nigeria Police Force. It is a call to end police oppression and brutality in Nigeria. The campaign started as a social media campaign using the hashtag #ENDSARS to demand for Nigerian government to scrap and end the deployment of Nigeria Police Force Special Anti-Robbery Squad, popularly known as SARS. Nigerians have share

Created: 2020-10-10

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Justice for Hathras gang rape victim and her family and to penalize all police officers involved in the cremation of the rape victim

The Hathras gang rape victim's body has been cremated without consent of family or legal instruction BY on duty Police Officials, as if the gang rape didn't inflict enough pain upon the victim's family. The police officers need  to be penalized for this act on the basis of multiple grounds. Sign this petition to stop the systematic oppression by the police in our country. The police is not the LAW. It is time to wake up and step forward. For we shall not obtain change unless we Create it.

Created: 2020-09-30

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Call to Action - Demand SaskTel lower their Data rates!

Living Sky Internet has challenged SaskTel to lower their data and tower rental rates so we  can provide high speed internet service to Rural/deep rural communities that are not being served in Saskatchewan. SaskTel will grant access to their towers and sell data to Living Sky Internet but the rates quoted clearly demonstrate they don't care to play fairly nor do they care about small business owners or the rural communities. This is our crown corporation.  Please help Living Sky Internet get hi

Created: 2020-10-18

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Remove all 2 hour parking signsi

I Antonio Dasilva  is starting this petition in support of all students attending G.A wheable centre .the school doesn't have enough parking to accommodate all students who drive cars .the only option they have is to park on the street. Which has a 2 hour parking limit. Leaving the students vulnerable of getting a $30 parking ticket. I feel that these students attending this school trying to better their education  and get jobs cant afford to be paying $30 tickets...Question?  Why is a parking r

Created: 2020-08-30

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NO! To Masks in Schools

I WON'T SEND MY CHILD TO SCHOOL IN A MASK! With the announcement today of children in grades 4 and up having to wear masks all day, comes a dilemma parents should not be faced with. Do I send my child back to school to wear a mask all day?  Homeschooling and Private School are getting traction but that doesn't solve the problem or address the lack of common sense this decision has. Private schools won't be implementing masks, so if you have money your child is free to breathe. If you don't have

Created: 2020-07-31

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Bring hot apple cider back to tim hortons

Do you like tim hortons apple cider. Well they discontinued it. If you want them to bring it back sign this petition. Share with as many people as you can country wide and lets try and get tim hortons to bring this delicious drink back to all stores.

Created: 2017-12-07

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Arrest Justin Trudeau and Liberal MPs for TREASON immediately.

  Justin Trudeau, with the Liberal government, has conspired with known terrorist and former Nazi collaborator George Soros to sell Canada's Syrian migrant policy to 13 undisclosed countries. Soros's (Open Society Foundation) role on the world stage is: fund regime change and/or destabilize nations, fund terrorism and import unvetted Islamic economic migrants infiltrated by radical Islamic terrorists under the false pretense of "refugee".  Trudeau and Soros have just increased migrant entry from

Created: 2017-02-10

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Protect Canada - Trudeau's resignation

As Canadian citizens, we order the resignation of our Prime Minister, Mr. Justin Trudeau. With his wrong decisions and his careless of canadian people, Mr. Trudeau makes our country unsafe and looks unreliable in front of our allies. In addition, his wrong financial management will be worst than what the Liberal Party said first. Mr Trudeau doesn’t have the skills to manage the actual international crisis, he can’t take the good decisions to protect our country. He don’t care about the people, d

Created: 2015-11-16

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