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Save Mateo Kovacic!

Dear Mr Thohir or to whom it might concern,   We are interisti, fans of the proud black and blue club from Milano, the great FC Internazionale Milano. Ever since the historical Treble in 2010, club has been heading in a downward spiral, eventually leading president Moratti to a historical decision 3 years later on. In 2013 we got a new owner in Mr. Erick Thohir and we respect the changes that are supposed to strengthen our organization but it should not be forgotten that our beloved Inter is fir

Created: 2015-06-06

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Bring Back Forever ABC

Forever is a supernatural drama that was created by ABC studios, following the adventures of Henry Morgan, a medical examiner for the NYPD who has come back to life every time he has been killed for the past 200 years. ABC has cancelled the show after it's first season, leaving many questions unanswered and many stories left untold.  Fans of the show were devastated to find that ABC has denied Forever of a second season. This petition is to bring back Forever for a second (or third or fourth...)

Created: 2015-05-16

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Put Gold in the Jersey

We respect the players right to design their own jerseys and understand that change can be a good thing. However, we also realize that for over 50 years now, the colors of the San Francisco 49ers have always been Scarlet and Gold. While we the fans may disagree about a lot of things, the color scheme is something we can all agree on. We can also agree that the new alternate jerseys do not go with the team helmet. Therefore, we respectively ask the management and personnel of the San Francisco 49

Created: 2015-05-05

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Bring Back Deadwood!

I created this petition to start a following to bring back the series Deadwood!! To include all of the Justified cast!! Lets see how many people we can get to sign! 

Created: 2015-04-10

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Bradley's Law in NH

JUSTICE FOR BRADLEY: In 2012, 1 ½ year old Bradley from Charlestown, NH was a victim of child abuse. In his home, under his biological Mother,  Laura Lynn Ritchie's  care. Fredrick R. Barth, Jr.  was babysitting Bradley at the time of his attack!  Fredrick  threw Bradley down the stairs, smashed him against a door frame and punched him over and over in the privates.   Resulting in a fractured skull, subdural hematoma, shaken baby syndrome,  broken ribs, and bruises all over his body. After the a

Created: 2015-04-05

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Stop animal cruelty in shops.

We want animal cruelty to stop in Belgian (animal) stores. In fact not only Belgium, but all over the world. In a specific store in Belgium, we took these pictures... We want a prohibition for selling animals, or at least a good follow up from inspectors of animal care Belgium, after they give the animals the place they need. The pictures will speak for itselves. Rabbits in small cages, with bite marks and no hay.... A dead birdy amongst alive... A dead chicken.. Guinea pigs with scabies living

Created: 2015-04-02

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Indict Al Sharpton for Accessory to Murder

We, the people of the United States, wish to have Al Sharpton, Race baiter, Hatemonger and criminal, indicted on two charges of Accessory to Murder in the heinous assasination of the two NYC Police Officers, Officer Weinjian Lu and Officer Rafael Ramos. Mr Sharpton agitated and campaigned for violence and is as accountable for their deaths as the assassin who fired the shots ans then killed himself.

Created: 2014-12-21

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STOP persecuting our law enforcement officers!!!

Please sign this petition to support our law enforcement officer's rights. Not only do they risk their lives to  serve and protect our communities, but should have the right to protect themselves as well without repercussion.  This ugly attack on officers from this Michael Brown incident has been a disgust to law enforcement and their families. Sign if you believe officers should have the right to do what is necessary to come home every day or night safely to their families. Sign if you believe

Created: 2014-12-02

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We have a Doctor in Sweden, who has saved a lot of lives, that now has lost his licence. The reason is that he with certain, more difficult cases of tick borne diseases, has prescribed longer and tougher courses of antibiotics, then what is general practice and whats allowed here in Sweden. We need help to organize support for Dr Kenneth Sandström. A doctor's primary mission is to alleviate symptoms and heal disease, which Dr. Sandström did, where other doctors for years failed to make the corr

Created: 2014-11-02

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Locating Ann Marie Burr's Remains

Ann Marie Burr (8) was abducted from her bedroom in the middle of the night on August 31st, 1961, and was never seen or heard from again. On the next day Ann's father saw the family's paperboy (Ted Bundy) staring into an empty concrete foundation (McIntyre Hall) at Puget Sound University. Only a few days later it was filled in with concrete and Puget Sound University & Pierce County Law Enforcement owe this to her family to excavate beneath McIntyre Hall. This is the petition to put pressure

Created: 2014-10-27

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