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Removing Neshaminy School District Board Members

Dear Neshaminy Parents,  On 08/24/2021 the Neshaminy School Board held a meeting to debate mandatory masks for grades K through 8. During the meeting the board voted that masks for students K through 8 will be mandatory despite the overwhelming response from parents to have masks optional. Of note, the school board was maskless during the entire meeting. Please consider signing this petition to remove the Neshaminy School board members immediately so that the parents in our community can elect a

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Governors, stand down with the mandates.

To the Governors of ALL STATES within the United States of America:  WE THE PEOPLE STAND UNITED TOGETHER IN UNITY & SOLIDARITY; You are VIOLATING our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS, our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, and the NUREMBURG CODE by imposing a mandate upon us to force us to inject UNKNOWN SUBSTANCES into our bodies without FULL INFORMED VOLUNTEERY CONSENT.  The covid vaccines have not undergone the appropriate trials and peer reviewed studies to ensure that it is safe; however, many of you are still imp

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Cemetery gates stay open and be able to put raised headstones and put items at the graveside.

Cemetery gates stay open and be able to put raised headstones and put items at the graveside.

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Regulation for the Department of Human Services child welfare agencies in their investigations against parents. Parents constitutional rights protected & enforced.

      SIGN PETITION THEN PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR SIGNATURE THROUGH EMAIL CONFIRMATION.    The Department of Human Services child welfare agencies court order jurisdiction gives law enforcement/ The department of human services child welfare investigators regulation and the legal right to commit human rights violation against families and parents (reported, lied on, rumored against) core life actions ("We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by

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Stop the School Mask Mandate for Maine Catholic Schools!

Through this petition, we, the concerned parents of Maine Catholic Schools choose to unite our voices and offer a firm rejection of any mandate that would require our children and/or teachers to wear a face mask or covering during the 2021-2022 school year. We respectfully request that our school officials consider the voices within the Catholic community in making any decision that could affect the physical, social, psychological, mental and intellectual outcome of any child within our Catholic

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Keep land, water, nature and our properties safe from utility solar in Wyandot County OH!

In Tymochtee and part of Sycamore Township, there is an application turned into the Ohio Power Sitting Board to turn 600-1,600 acres of farmland into a solar field. Many local farmers have leased their farmland for this to be made possible. If the application is approved the installation process for the solar fields is about a year.  During installation, there will be poles pounded in the ground. The noise not only offers problems to the people that live close to these fields but can also stress

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Bellbrook parents, we need to be pro-active on our stance to NOT mask our children this year. I know it's our choice right now, but the maskers are fighting it hard. I believe within a few weeks they will be pushed into changing the policy, with more "cases" coming out. We need to make it clear how many parents refuse to mask their children!! Please sign and post to all the parents in Bellbrook that share your opinion. 

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Say no to mask mandate

Aug. 10, 2021To Whom It May Concern:As Covid-19 cases have become more prevalent in our beloved state of Utah, calls for a mask mandate have returned, along with the ever present vaccination efforts by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Federal Government.  The following points should be considered when voting a return to a mask mandate, especially in our schools: The Covid-19 virus has a mortality rate in children less than the seasonal flu.  (Contagionlive, Comparing COVID-19 and Inf

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Help Release Roberta

I need help releasing my girlfriend Roberta Wilborn Malori who is unjustly incarcerated.  She has been charged with a Class C felony over 27 months ago. Her bail is $200,000 She is being held for a mental assessment and has been incarcerated for more than 9 months total. This is cruel, unjust, and a waste of taxpayer money. What happened to a speedy trial? This is over 2-years! How long will it take the court and at what expense to setermine if Roberta is mentally fit to stand trial for a Class

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Love Thy Neighbor/ Full Service Gas Station For The Elderly and Disabled

Hello my name is Juliet Johnson Im advocating  a Petition and I would love to have your support for a cause that is dear to my heart. It would benefit our Elderly and our Disabled Nationwide. When President Obama was in office he supported the ( No Child Should Be Left Behind Act ) Wonderful but what aboiut our Elderly and Disabled it seem as if they have been left behind and forgotten. My Petition Love Thy Neighbor would benefit anyone Elderly and Disabled parents,grandparents, siblings, aunt a

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