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Petycja przeciwko karcie LGBT i działaniom sprzecznym z naturą.

Do Prezydenta Rafała Trzaskowskiego   Wyrażamy sprzeciw wobec działañ demoralizujacych sekseudacją i innych, które nie prowadzą do Boga.  Polska ma korzenie chrzescijanskie i flagę biało- czerwoną. Łączenie jej z tęczową flagą jest kpiną z Polaków, którzy oddali krew za Polskę. Jest kpiną także wmawianie Polakom mowy nienawiści. Nienawiść jest u   tych, którzy stosują aborcję, eutanazję i in vitro. Chcemy obyczajów, które  prowadzą  do Boga. Bo  źródlem wszelkiego dobra jest Bóg. Bez Boga ani  d

Created: 2020-03-13

Time period All countries Poland
All time 24 24
24 hours 3 3

Signatures needed for safe pedestrian crossing in Ngunguru!

We the residents of Ngunguru and the Tutukaka Coast petition the Whangarei District Council and Roading NZ to develop and establish pedestrian zebra crossings at 1983 Ngunguru Road as well as at the intersection of Ngunguru Road and Shoebridge Crescent.  These two crossing points already receive a large amount of pedestrian traffic, particularly at the start and end of the primary school day and require signage and a pedestrian right of way for the safety of our children and community members. A

Created: 2020-07-30

Time period All countries New Zealand
All time 180 179
24 hours 3 3



Created: 2020-07-30

Time period All countries Netherlands
All time 6 3
24 hours 3 3

Berm Seating Permit

Hello people, We are currently trying to find a way to get a permit to have our seats on the berm strip outside Crumb. Getting people to sign a petition is a great step to helping us achieve this, if you want to support then please put your name down! If you have any questions please come in and ask, see you at Crumb!

Created: 2020-07-29

Time period All countries New Zealand
All time 82 82
24 hours 3 3

Cleaners Working in ECCH

We ask for Education City Housing to permit cleaners to return to work in ECCH with urgency. These individuals have been out of work for months and they cannot survive without pay. We ask that you allow residents to use our discretion in employing cleaners in our homes. They will enter with a Green Etheraz app, and a mask, as the rest of us do. Given we are able to go out to eat, to malls, and to hotels, we need to support our entire community by getting our cleaners back to work.  We urge you t

Created: 2020-07-26

Time period All countries Qatar
All time 21 20
24 hours 3 2

Enforce court order by law enforcement

Help support my request for law enforcement to enforce current court orders in my family law case. It's a huge misconception to the majority of people when it comes to court orders through Family Court. Law enforcement does not typically get involved in civil or family court matters even with a current court order. This unfortunate loophole allows abusers to take advantage and disregard any rulings from a judge. While disrespecting court orders, innocent minor children are exposed to multiple fo

Created: 2020-07-25

Time period All countries United States
All time 33 32
24 hours 3 3

Maths3 rewrites request

Online learning was foreign to us, so much struggle we encountered during the E-learning. There are students who never recieved the promised data, they couldn't download any material provided on BB. The department rushed us without any study week, in prepation for the final exams.We were pressurized with load of assignments submissions and online test same time.We reject the 40% they require for a student to qualify for a rewrite, because that normally occur under no interrupted semester.  The s

Created: 2020-07-25

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 56 56
24 hours 3 3

Stop the emerging Wolwespruit informal settlement!

Please assist us by lending your voice, in bringing the emerging Wolwespruit informal settlement to the attention of the Administrator. This informal settlement is located on City of Tshwane property (Cnr Solomon Mahlangu Dr and Delmas Rd).  The area is actually an ecologically sensitive wetland, where the Wolwespruit originates.  The informal settelment is causing untold harm to what should be a protected area. We call on the Administrator to take action and relocate the informal settlement to

Created: 2020-07-16

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 2924 2919
24 hours 3 3

we want the prof Crossbow until the end of the course

viva il prof

Created: 2020-07-15

Time period All countries Italy
All time 5 5
24 hours 3 3


since indian citizens demand a CBI investigation regarding sushant singh case and many of the responsible authorities choose to ignore requests of the people , a petition is the answer , instead of the repeated trends carried on by indian youth for several days signing the petition will actually work as a powerful tool in persuading the govt to must take action sooner

Created: 2020-07-08

Time period All countries India
All time 65 47
24 hours 3 2