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proclaim a national day of prayer

Highly esteemed Prime Minister Rutte, Your Majesty King Willem-Alexander, Proclaim a National Prayer Day! The corona crisis has been gripping the Netherlands and other countries for months. The government is putting a lot of effort into controlling the problem and looking for solutions. But you have not yet called for a day of national prayer. Until now, only a social and human message has sounded to do it together. But this is the time for a Biblical call to pray to God as a people. It is true

Created: 2020-04-20

Time period All countries Netherlands
All time 3111 3095
24 hours 5 5

Samantha's Place and Surrounding Optic Fibre Installation

All residents staying in and around the Reeds have been asking for Optic Fibre installation for quite some time now. This petition is to get the relevant parties to prioritize the installation of Optic Fibre in and around The Reeds area. Some complex names would include Samantha's Place, Steven's Place, Olive Marie, Barcelona Complex that have a high demand for Optic Fibre installation.

Created: 2020-04-25

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 23 23
24 hours 5 5

Saad is ZIVIO

Hello mates!!!Hope everything is fine there!🙂I really need your help this time...Somebody has copied my artist name and he is releasing music same as my alias!I had texted him to plz change his name...Because I am ZIVIO from almost 2 yrsAnd he is from 6 months or somethingBut he never repliedReally need ur support mates!!

Created: 2020-04-04

Time period All countries India
All time 5 2
24 hours 5 2

1800 F1 tires should be memorabilia!

Following the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix, Pirelli intend to the scrap the 1800 unused tires as they can't be reused again for they get damaged upon removing em from the rims. For the millions of fans around the world who can't quite afford to buy F1 memorabilia, this might be the perfect opportunity!  Assuming that you are one among em (which you most likely are....), sign the petition and express your support!

Created: 2020-03-18

Time period All countries India
All time 6 6
24 hours 5 5

Ramaiah takes on Corona

            Ramaiah takes on Corona                                As there have been various confirmed cases of Covid-19 (coronavirus) in Bangalore. We students would like to appeal to the higher authorities to shut down the college in this crisis, as our parents are quite worried about the situation. The students have to travel by BMTC, Metro and other public transports, so they are at high risk of catching the virus. And we want to do our part to prevent the virus from spreading. Please supp

Created: 2020-03-12

Time period All countries India
All time 5 5
24 hours 5 5

Cancellation of End semester exams of NIT Patna

In the wake of Covid-19 Endemic, our classes have been suspended and hence syllabi of all the branches and semesters have been left status quo . We , the students of NIT Patna, under no circumstances are ready, both psychologically and academically, for examinations. Hence, we request Honourable Director Dr. P.K. Jain, Dean(Student Welfare) Dr. Prakash Chandra and Dean (Academics) Dr. S.K. Verma, to stand beside us, the students in these traumatising times and cancel any kind of examinations. 

Created: 2020-05-23

Time period All countries India
All time 67 67
24 hours 4 4

Request for fee reduction and online live classes at BSM

1. We request that BSM reduces term three fees of 2019/2020 and next academic year 2020/2021 if the learning is going to be taught online as well, for the following reasons :       1. Since the closure of school from 13 March 2020, operating costs of BSM has reduced. Students and staff are not using the classes, sports facilities, music and dance halls, libraries, theaters and staff rooms. All printers, photocopying machines, stationeries and all class resources are not utilised. Further, the co

Created: 2020-05-19

Time period All countries Oman
All time 184 180
24 hours 4 4

Somerton Ridge Needs An Estate Sign!

As neighbouring estates like Coomera Springs & Coomera Retreat have their own estate sign to demonstrate exclusively in their respected areas, we want to get a sign put up on the corner of Days Road & Nightjar Drive or the corner of Days Road & Bridie Drive to represent and tag the start of the beautiful estate of Somerton Ridge. This sign would go up and say "Somerton Ridge" so residents and visitors would know formerly of this exclusive top end estate in Upper Coomera and the North

Created: 2020-05-13

Time period All countries Australia
All time 70 70
24 hours 4 4

Goldenview Tenants petition

This is signed by Goldenview Tenants in request to meet with the owner of the building in order to discuss issues stipulated in our letter. 

Created: 2020-05-02

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 19 19
24 hours 4 4

The movement of factories from river environments

Rivers since the dawn of time have played a major role in the development of humans. Rivers had initially been places for people to settle due to the rich and fertile land in those areas. There was also a period of time that people worshipped rivers and thanked God for such a beneficial resource. Although today many rivers are not given the same respect and love as they once were given, a great example would be the Musi river in Hyderabad. Musi river or locally known as Musinuru is a tributary o

Created: 2020-04-30

Time period All countries India
All time 9 9
24 hours 4 4