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Lockdown in ireland 100k signatures

Petition for the implementation of a nationwide lockdown. A national quarantine, restricting the movement of the population except for necessity, work, and health circumstances, in response to the growing pandemic of COVID-19 in the country. The temporary closure of non-essential shops and businesses - ban of non-essential travellimitation of free movement, except in cases of necessity- ban of public events- closure of commercial and retail businesses, except essential goods sellers and bankssus

Created: 2020-03-22

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 268 262
30 days 268 262

Financial Support for Temporary Visa Holders in Australia - COVID 19

Due to the covid-19 pandemic a lot of temporary visa holders in Australia (visitor visas, student visas, 482 visa holders, working holiday visas), have been left unemployed and stranded in Australia. So far, The Australian Government has done nothing to support temporary visa holders in Australia. It has not provided a clear indication of what, if any financial support will be provided. Temporary visa holders need help and we request the Australian Government provide a clear answer to them.   We

Created: 2020-03-26

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 6661 126
30 days 6660 126

Litter and Dog Dirt build up Wicklow Town

There is a litter and dog dirt build up on the paths of Wicklow town and surrounding areas. The paths to our schools are covered in dog dirt, plastic bags & rubbish. There are no bins along the Hawkstown Road, Friars Hill or The Murrough, Places where our children walk, cycle and scooter. Please sign this petition if you would like to see our paths clean, We need bins and dog dirt bins . Thank you    

Created: 2020-03-23

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 37 37
30 days 37 37

Sign this Virtual Mass Card for Victims of Covid-19 From the Achill Island Community

This is not your regular petition, this is one of prayer. Each day the number of victims and fatalities is increasing here in Ireland and worldwide. Funerals are being held without service or mourners. It is a time unseen before here in Ireland. We here in Achill would like to offer a petition of prayer for all of the grieving families, for all those ill at this time and for those who died because if this pandemic.  This is a non denominational prayer petition and if you are not the praying type

Created: 2020-03-30

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 34 33
30 days 34 33

Ask Eoghan Murphy to stop rent payments during the Covid-19 crisis

As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Eoghan Murphy implemented a moratorium that freezes rents and evictions for the duration of this crisis. However, this is the bare minimum and it is not enough to assist those who have lost their jobs because of the lock downs and who are in a vulnerable position. If landlords get and exemption from paying mortgages, tenants should get an exemption from paying rents. We ask Eoghan Murphy to stop the payment of rents for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis

Created: 2020-03-23

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 28 28
30 days 28 28

Name the NorthConnex Tunnel after Jim Adams.

This petition is to show support for the naming of the NorthConnex Tunnel after Jim Adams who lost his life during the construction of the tunnel on May 23rd 2017. To name this tunnel after a well respected man is a small token of appreciation for both the memory of Jim and his family.

Created: 2020-03-30

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 1107 9
30 days 1107 9

Give Norwegian equal treatment as other airlines in distributing Covid19 aid

We now see time and time again how the Nordic countries governments either change or set stricter terms for Norwegian in relation to other airlines. Norwegian has the same right to aid as the others. Now the various authorities in Sweden, Denmark and Norway are changing the rules of the game with a pretext that Norwegian has put itself in its own crisis. The Corona crisis is extraordinary and no companies are exempt from this crisis. Norway is the leading company with focus on environmentally fr

Created: 2020-03-28

Time period All countries Ireland
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30 days 1639 9

No To 5G in Carrickmacross and Surrounding Areas

We need to ensure the installation of 5G in our town will not be carried out. 5G has been shown to cause detrimental impact on health and is deemed unsafe. We don't need it. Please join me and spread this far and wide

Created: 2020-04-02

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 9 8
30 days 9 8

Lockdown Ireland before it's too late 🇮🇪

I think it's time for Ireland to be on full lockdown, follow the likes of Italy,Spain,France and so on.   Stop this before it stops us. Dont be stupid. Dont gather in parks and beaches. Think of others. Think of every man and woman out there fighting to stop and the spread of Covid19.   Dont be selfish.   The government need to act and fast. Dont let the death count reach those of numbers in Europe and further on. Stay at home and stay safe!   Share share share!      

Created: 2020-03-23

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 9 8
30 days 8 8

Burn the drumstick fam

We are appalled by the disgusting behaviour on TikTok. This should be BURNED!!!!!!!

Created: 2020-04-02

Time period All countries Ireland
All time 7 7
30 days 7 7