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Petition to Stop Vista Residences from Cutting 54 Trees in Baguio City

**UPDATE** Seems like they would push through since Cynthia Villar is the chairperson of the senate of committee on environment and natural resources. And if they do, let us BOYCOTT the services of the business entity. LET EVERYONE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! Rappler Report link:*UPDATE* Our Mayor said that the permit was from DENR Manila and he can't do anything about it. The only thing we can do is BE LOUD. Please

Created: 2020-06-24

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Pickleball Lines on the JGMS Tennis courts in Bedford, MA

Currently there is no dedicated outdoor Pickleball court in Bedford, MA. Last year the town painted pickleball lines on the 2 Tennis courts at the John Glenn Middle School (JGMS). The current configuration is for 1 pickleball court on 1 tennis court, using the same tennis net.This configuration allows people to come play pickleball on a dime, just lower the tennis net and play. However, there are some disadvantages with this configuration: 1. It is not an efficient way of utilizing the tennis co

Created: 2020-06-18

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Keep UC Students, Faculty, Staff, and All East Bay Residents Healthy and Safe

We request that the Berkeley City Council and other East Bay public officials speak up to protect the health and the lives of all Berkeley and East Bay residents, including students, staff and faculty at the University of California at Berkeley: in the fall of 2020, instruction should be conducted entirely online, with the possible exception of activities such as laboratory learning that require campus presence.  In making this request, we are in agreement with the Editorial Staff of the UC Berk

Created: 2020-07-12

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UCScout for SMUHSD Graduation Credit

The possibility of distance learning in the fall is real for SMUHSD students - let's ensure they get a robust, well-designed, high quality curriculum through UC - UCScout. Graded. College Transcripts. Taught by expert teachers skilled and trained in distance learning. Self-paced but with a completion deadline. We ask SMUHSD to approve UCScout courses for SMUHSD graduation credit at least for courses taken during 2019-2021. We want SMUHSD to consider funding UCScout On-Demand for all students at

Created: 2020-06-16

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4120 Kurth St S, Salem, Oregon, Land Use Application

If you are concerned about the application filed with the city of Salem to rezone property located at 4120 Kurth St S, you are urged to sign this petition. While development and use of the property is generally a positive for the neighborhood, the proposal to rezone the property to RM 2, which will allow up to 42 multifamily units, is not acceptable.  The proposed development plan: Is inconsistent with the Sunnyslope Neighborhood Plan that provides that multifamily units shoud be clustered a

Created: 2020-06-16

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Hold Elected Officials Accountable

I have written the following letter and send it to all of my elected officials. A number of people have asked for a way to add their signatures to it. Please add yours and it will be sent to Senators, Representatives and the President of the United States so that our voices may be heard. The letter is below:   To all duly elected officials, As a citizen of the United States of America and a member of what has been called the "Silent Majority", I write this so that my voice is no longer silent. I

Created: 2020-07-04

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In the comment section, please specify if you are a 1. A Burt Township Taxpayer/Registered Voter or 2. A Resident/General Supporter.   If you have already signed a paper petition, please do not participate here   PETITION FOR BURT TOWNSHIP BOARD TO NOT PERMIT THE 2020 GRAND MARAIS MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL. THE COVID-19 VIRUS IS NOT A POLITICAL ISSUE, IT IS A PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE. TOO OFTEN PEOPLE VISITING GRAND MARAIS, AS WELL AS MANY LOCAL RESIDENTS, ARE NOT FOLLOWING MICHIGAN'S COVID

Created: 2020-07-10

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Let's Get a Puppy

Hi Everybody, My brothers and I want to get a dog. We have already done a presentation, but we didn't get a yes. The good thing is we didn't get a no. Please help us turn that to a YES.   Thanks so much!!

Created: 2020-07-05

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This petition is protesting the City of Pearland Planning & Zoning Committees approval of the variance to create irregular shaped lots for 2809 Green Tee Drive

CONSIDERATION AND POSSIBLE ACTION – VARIANCE TO CREATE IRREGULAR SHAPED LOTS VARP 20-00012 A request of Cathy Fontenot of Survey 1, the applicant; on behalf of Kevin Kiran, owner; for approval of Variances Permitted in Section (b) (1) of the Unified Development Code, Ordinance No. 2000-T, from the requirements of Section of the UDC to allow approval of the creation of irregular shaped lots described to wit: Legal Description:A subdivision of 5.367 acres(233,728 sq. ft.) in th

Created: 2020-06-13

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Please sign the petition encouraging the City of Delafield Mayor, Kent Attwell, to appointment Common Councilman and citizen, Wayne Dehn, to the City of Delafield Lake Welfare Committee.

Whereas District Four Alderperson, Wayne Dehn, has served the citizens of the city and district as a community activist, member of the police commission, member of the plan commission, member of the public works department, and chairman of the deer management committee and has great knowledge and skill in public government Whereas Wayne Dehn is an active boater on the Delafield Lakes, conservationist and has great knowledge in both the lake issues and city operations Whereas the City of Delafiel

Created: 2020-07-07

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