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Lessen Nagindas Khandwala College Fees.

PrincipalDr. Ms. Ancy JoseNagindas Khandwala College has processed online admission and the fee structure given by the college is high as the college is conducting only online lectures.Due to this pandemic situation student's parents find it difficult to pay the college fees due to loss in jobs or business.Even due to the online lectures the expenses of the family are increasing may it be of recharge or the electricity bill.Approximate 40-50% of the student's families are facing financial issues

Created: 2020-07-01

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Demand for changes in fees and other things at college

We the students of New Horizon College Of Commerce,Airoli are signing this petition against the college. We have been asked to pay fees of Rs. 32,000/- which is unacceptable to us. Our reasons signing this petition are as follows: 1. The fees that college is asking us to pay is Rs. 32,000/- which includes air conditioner charges, electricity and water charges, semester examination fees and tuition fees,development and infrastructure fees. Since due to lockdown we all are not physically there in

Created: 2020-07-02

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Required to cutoff the school fees on this pandemic

Dear All Parents   As per the pandemic situation we are struggling lots on financially. On today's day school are started the online classes across the Mumbai and on behalf on that they sent circular for paying full fees of academic year of 2020 to 2021. I request to school mgmt to cutoff the school fees by 50% as our students are not using school assets only we are using teacher for 30 min lectures for the day. This is not mean that school can circulate to pay full amount of fees academic year

Created: 2020-06-30

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Animals ( dogs)

  From  Kesar R  First year law student  Saveetha school of law  Poonamallee  Chennai  To  The Chief Justice of India  Sub: Cruelty towards dogs  Honourable Sir ,  Nagaland is a desperate for dogs, few of the pictures where been posted in India TV by Humane Society international in India which were taken from the markets in Kohima and Dimapur, these pictures where of dogs which were horrifying, terrible, pathetic and awful . here in Nagaland dogs are being treated cruelly just for the meat-eat

Created: 2020-07-02

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Terminate Grand VIVA

We all students of class 2020, CSE(B) don't wanted to give Grand VIVA because we not prepared well and also we are not mentally prepared. So, we from CSE B request to our respective Dean Sir to please consider our problems and do favor on us. Regards  CSE( B ) Class 2020

Created: 2020-07-02

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Allow phones for S6 and S7

Please allow Students of S6 and S7 of Modern School Barakhamba to bring mobile phones to school as we have only 2 years of school life left which is the best phase of everybodys life... Therefore kindly allow the students of S6 and S7 only to bring mobile phones, make memories and capture them forever ❤️.  

Created: 2020-07-03

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Voice against killing dogs in Nagaland

People of Nagaland kill and eat dog meat and I was shocked when I saw this post in Facebook in PFA group. As per section 429 it's a crime. So sign this petition and we are going to forward it to Menaka Gandhi to stop this heinous crime against innocent creatures. 

Created: 2020-06-30

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We don't want to deposit our fees during Covid-19 pandemic. This is just a collection of support.

Friends, My appologies for the first petition I have made. This was a little bit troubling. Please sign again this petition who have signed earlier. Firstly, don't fear to sign this petition because we are not going to send this to anyone. It's just a collection of support asking who are with us and others. Please sign this if you face the same problem as us.

Created: 2020-07-06

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Request for review of final year examination of Vidyasagar university

We,the final year undergraduate and post-graduate students of Vidyasagar University in West Bengal, have some confusions about our final examination.About this matter we would like to bring your attention towards the practical issues which are relevant to the situation due to Covid-19 as well as WHO’s guidelines.  DIFFICULTIES:  1) Students having home far away from their College normally stay in mess/ rented houses nearer to college to study. Presently, all the students are at their home due

Created: 2020-06-09

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Cancellation of University Exams 2020

Ministry of Home Affairs has released the orders to conduct University exams amidst the peak of coronavirus pandemic in the country which clearly reflects that conducting exams holds more importance than the lives of students out there. Moreover, the authorities have turned their faces away from the aspect mental health of students in such a difficult situation that might pose a danger to their lives. Who would be responsible if a student turns out to be positive infection hundreds out there? Se

Created: 2020-07-06

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