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Lift the ban of selling tobacco in South Africa during lockdown

Dear Mr President Please lift the ban of selling cigarettes in South Africa, we are the only country in the world that has this ban. This will cause us as smokers to not have to look for it on the black market currently It is our stress relief will stop crime where people get to the point of they will rob a shop just for cigarettes Family violance as a person that has withdrawal symptoms gets violant Govermant losing alot on taxes Please consider this Mr President as all smokers are suffering no

Created: 2020-04-07

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Calling for the Reopening of schools to prevent suicides & dropouts - EduMe With Sandile November

Please share any Scientific reasoning why schools should remain closed taking into consideration that "it is safe to reopen the economy" with no single court challenge on any sector, except Education. WWhat's the logic of reopening the economy and still leave the schools closed? So please example the logic without being emotional, degrading and attacking me like you did to the Minister of Basic Education. How safe it is or is it guaranteed somehow? That wouldn't be the Father/Uncle who will brin

Created: 2020-06-03

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Demanding of the April and may Stipend from Chippa academy

We as North West security learners from Chippa department, we demand our April and may Stipend from Chippa academy, and also the training that is left behind...

Created: 2020-05-22

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On May 24th, the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa stated that "we will be resuming classes for Grades 7 and 12 learners from the 1st of June". However, on May 26th H2 Primary School management took a decision to reopen the school for Grade 1; 2; 4 and 7s on June 1st 2020. This was in spite of the fact that the Covid-19 infection rate specifically in the province of the Eastern Cape is continously increasing at alarming rates. As parents of H2 learners, we believe reopening the school e

Created: 2020-05-28

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Animal owners and caretakers of RSA petition the government to recognise and permit companion animal behavioural therapy, time-sensitive foundation training and remedial training as essential services

While we all wholeheartedly support the measures our government has put in place to contain the spread of COVID19 in SA the impact of the lockdown regulations is causing havoc in our personal lives and the lives of our companion animals. Job losses, reduced income, home schooling and restricted movement to name but a few are causing abnormal levels of stress in many households. As a result our companion animals are also increasingly struggling to cope with the stressful home environments that m

Created: 2020-05-24

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This is an online petition created by UNISA students who feel unfairly treated by the organization that is NSFAS.   Thousands of students applied to NSFAS in 2015 for funding in 2016 but NSFAS has not dealt with applications efficiently.   * Many UNISA students have not been notified of their application statuses and they are currently unaware whether NSFAS is still going to fund them or not in the 2016 academic year.   * Those who were notified that their applications were successful and that N

Created: 2016-03-22

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Students allowances to be investigated at Ikhala tvet college

we as Ikhala students are facing a problem of not recieving our allowances on monthly basis even after those months we are still not recieving our full allowances others do not recieve their allowances at all and there are also others who get more than they were supposed to recieve all these must be investigated 

Created: 2020-05-19

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NSFAS and GCRA Pending Payments

As the students of South West Gauteng College(Swgc), we find ourselves faced with a tiring and frustrating problem of always having to fight, strike and ask endless questions that go unanswered as to when are we getting our allowances paid from the bursary scheme namely National Student Financial Aid Scheme(NSFAS) and GCRA. In the event of the COVID-19 pandemic the majority of students from Swgc have not received allowances. Some students depend entirely on this bursary and now some find themsel

Created: 2020-05-15

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Ask Fortnite to add an African Server!

Fortnite has become a very popular game in the South African Gaming community and as much as we love the game, the 200+ ping to the European server can be testing at times. We believe the community is big enough for an African server and thus would greatly appreciate your support by signing this petition to raise awareness to Epic Games about how big this community really is and encourage them to get an African Server. 

Created: 2018-01-10

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Retain the BAA, AEA and CCA courses in South Africa

The undersigned persons seek to petition the Honourable National Minister of Health within the Republic of South Africa to retain the current vocational training structure (otherwise referred to as "short courses") of the Basic Ambulance Assistant, Ambulance Emergency Assistant and Critical Care Assistant for the Emergency Medical Services in South Africa. A substantial number of existing emergency medical services staff members have already begun their careers via the vocational training method

Created: 2014-06-11

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